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How to Use Technology to Be a Forward-Looking Agile Marketer


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Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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How to Use Technology to Be a Forward-Looking Agile Marketer

  1. 1. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   How  to  Use  Technology  to  Be  a   Forward-­‐looking,  Agile  Marketer   Mark  Ba7aglia,  CEO  
  2. 2. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   CMO
  3. 3. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Chief MARKETING Officer
  4. 4. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Chief COMMUNICATIONS Officer
  5. 5. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Chief CUSTOMER Officer
  6. 6. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Chief ANALYTICS Officer
  7. 7. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Chief GROWTH Officer
  8. 8. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   CGO
  9. 9. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Consumers are more diverse.
  10. 10. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   People consume media and purchase products in many different ways.
  11. 11. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   There is no one, simple “path-to-purchase.”
  12. 12. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages.
  13. 13. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Marketers have many options ofwhere, when and how much to spend.
  14. 14. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Marketers are being held accountable based on sales and ROI.
  15. 15. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   The pace of change is accelerating.
  16. 16. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   What’s a CGOto do?
  17. 17. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   It all starts with your customer.
  18. 18. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   The cadence of marketing must match the just-in-time cadence of consumers. - Joel Rubinson
  19. 19. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   To win, you must use data, analytics and technology in new ways.
  20. 20. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   •  Chief  Martec  Technology  Landscape  here  
  21. 21. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   What about planning?
  22. 22. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Marketing Planning “Cycles” •  Strategic •  Annual/Budgeting •  Mid-course corrections •  Ad Hoc
  23. 23. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Strategy must be prediction-led and optimization must move at near real-time speed. - Joel Rubinson
  24. 24. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Today’s planning is designed for comfort, not speed. In mid-2013, 69% of marketers told Forrester Research that even annual planning is challenging due to the pace of change.
  25. 25. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Using data and analytics for execution has become “table stakes.” The next generation of competitive advantage is using them for planning.
  26. 26. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   It’s time for Agile Marketing Planning
  27. 27. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   • A systematic, holistic approach to improve results • Aligns with business objectives • Optimizes all marketing (eliminates silos) • Is consumer-focused, objective and predictive • Supports all four planning “cycles” • Everyone (staff & agencies) can use the software • Everyone works with the same assumptions • Everyone gets relevant, timely, actionable info Agile Marketing Planning 27  
  28. 28. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   How  Agile  Planning  Can  Help  With  Strategy   •  Understand  what  drives  your  business.   •  Decide  which  consumer  groups  to  target  with  your  markeJng  and   what  organizaJon/ecosystem  capabiliJes  you  need  to  execute   the  types  of  markeJng  you  need  to  do  to  drive  sales.   •  Develop  mulJ-­‐year  sales  forecasts  that  incorporate  markeJng   strategy  and  quanJfy  the  effects  of  markeJng  plan  opJons.  
  29. 29. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   How  Agile  Planning  Can  Help  With  Annual  Planning/BudgeBng   •  Develop  accurate  one-­‐year  forecasts  and  change  the  dialogue   about  the  “right”  level  of  investment  markeJng.   •  Begin  the  conversaJon  with  objecJve,  reliable  forecasts.   •  If  the  number  gets  “handed  down”  from  Finance,  determine  if   you  have  the  markeJng  budget  needed  to  meet  the  sales  target.     •  Once  you  have  the  final  budget,  find  the  mix  that  best  meets  short-­‐   and  long-­‐term  goals.   •  Share  forecasts  with  other  departments  to  improve  alignment.  
  30. 30. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   How  Agile  Planning  Can  Help  With  Mid-­‐course  CorrecBons   •  Quickly  analyze  results  versus  plans  and  forecasts  (variance   analysis)  so  you  can  confidently  make  changes.   •  Discover  emerging  opportuniJes  for  addiJonal  growth.     •  Forecast  the  effects  of  changes  to  the  plan  using  updated  info.  
  31. 31. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   How  Agile  Planning  Can  Help  With  Ad  Hoc  Planning   •  Quickly  respond  to  changes  in  external  factors,  compeJJve   markeJng  and  budget  changes.   •  Be  responsive  to  C-­‐Suite  decision  cycles.   •  Easily  and  objecJvely  quanJfy  the  likely  effect  of  each  idea  on  this   year  and  next.   •  Respond  to  organizaJonal  changes,  new  research,  etc.,  while   maintaining  historical  perspecJve.  
  32. 32. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   ThinkVine’s  SoluBon  is  “Sim  City  for  CMOs”                                                             32   •  Soware-­‐based  marketplace  where  simulated  people  consume  media  and   purchase  products  the  way  real  people  do,  plus  expert  Advisory  Services.   •  Includes  all  on  and  offline  markeJng  across  all  consumer  groups.   •  Anyone  can  quickly  run  opJmizaJons  or  What  Ifs  that  produce  accurate   forecasts  with  the  acJonable  informaJon  needed  to  improve  business  results.   Sales  Forecasts  “What  If?”  Plans   Simulated  Marketplace  
  33. 33. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   External  Factors   Copy  Quality   Geographies   Marketers  Can  Pull  Many  Levers  and  Get  MulB-­‐Dimensional  Info   33   TacBcs   Timing   Targets   Spend   DistribuBon   Price  
  34. 34. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   34   MORE  ACTIONABLE   Consumer-­‐focused   More  granular  informaBon   MORE  ACCURATE   Includes  all  markeBng   Forecasts  within  1-­‐2%   MORE  AGILE   Any  marketer  anyBme   CollaboraBve  workflow   ThinkVine  is  Transforming  MarkeBng  Mix  to  Improve  Results  
  35. 35. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Understand   ROI  of  All   MarkeBng   IdenBfy   Key   ObjecBves   Discover   OpBmal   Budget   Level   Create                     Plans   Simulate  &   Forecast   Execute  &   Evaluate   Results   You  Get  Agile,  ObjecBve  Analysis,  Planning,  TargeBng  &  ForecasBng   MarkeBng  OpBmizaBon     via  So_ware-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service     •  Data  collecJon,  validaJon   and  processing   •  Custom  marketplace     •  Historical  insights  and   forward-­‐looking  guidance   •  Soware  training   •  Unlimited  soware  use     •  Soware  support   •  Ongoing  data  updates   •  Forecast  accuracy  reviews,   updates  if  needed     •  Ongoing  Advisory  Services   35  
  36. 36. ©  ThinkVine.    All  Rights  Reserved.   See  a  2  minute  video  overview  at   or  call  +1  (513)  842-­‐5900   Get better results from your marketing mix.