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20 ways to use LinkedIn for business


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Annmarie Hanlon's presentation on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads of business with tips and information from the #HeadzUpBusiness social media conference. 20 ways to use LinkedIn as a sales tool for businesses.

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20 ways to use LinkedIn for business

  1. 1. leads within LinkedIn @AnnmarieHanlon 20 Tips for Generating
  3. 3. @AnnmarieHanlon #1 Don’t use the app to connect The LinkedIn app is hopeless It doesn’t facilitate templates So one click and the invite you didn’t mean to send…is sent Equally you may connect to someone with whom you didn’t mean to share your contacts…
  4. 4. @AnnmarieHanlon #2 Wear your invisibility cloak • Temporarily hide updates while you’re updating your profile, as ALL updates will be shared • Over-sharing isn’t valued
  5. 5. @AnnmarieHanlon #3 Sort out your profile Proper sentences (spell-checked) Decent photo Good descriptions with plenty of keywords And school doesn’t mean school in the UK Review and refresh your profile each year
  6. 6. @AnnmarieHanlon #4 Keep your network updated • Share latest company blog updates • Or share updates from company page • Post status updates when you attend a conference or exhibition • Add photographs from an event • Post a PowerPoint presentation you have delivered
  8. 8. #5 LinkedIn is a giant database of SEARCHABLE content Add your relevant content Consider keywords and keyphrases Think about variations of your skill set or product area e.g. if you’re in PR, say ‘corporate communications’, ‘public relations’, ‘online press relations’, ‘reputation management’ Use the available word counts; type in Word and copy and paste @AnnmarieHanlon
  9. 9. @AnnmarieHanlon #6 Strategically connect • Don’t be a LinkedIn raider! • LinkedIn can be a great icebreaker if you've met someone at an event and wish to continue a business conversation • Most contacts are easily searchable if you didn't have the chance to get their details • Connecting on LinkedIn rather than by email can be seen as less formal • It gives the person the opportunity to see your background more closely
  10. 10. @AnnmarieHanlon #7 Who are your customers? New customers often look like existing customers Connect to your existing customers Identify their connections Do any look like a possible customer? Pick up the phone and ask for an introduction
  11. 11. #8 Join or help with LinkedIn groups LinkedIn groups are a useful way to position yourself as an industry spokesperson Becoming an admin of an industry related group allows you to foster a platform for discussion It is a good way to strategically feed your content to a receptive audience Your position as admin puts you in control of proceedings, making sure that no infiltrators try and 'spam' the group @AnnmarieHanlon
  12. 12. @AnnmarieHanlon #9 Join the right groups • Look at the groups to which your customers belong • Join the group • Listen before shouting • Don’t join too many groups
  13. 13. @AnnmarieHanlon #10 Adopt group Etiquette • Don’t spam groups • Don’t over-sell • Listen first • Advise don’t sell • Set aside one hour a month to visit the group
  14. 14. #11 If you are seeking new customers in new markets Build a digital persona Add some detail; name, age, digital profile, job role, location, needs See Search the job role / location in LinkedIn And also Google Identify the degrees of separation @AnnmarieHanlon
  15. 15. @AnnmarieHanlon #12 Mine your network
  16. 16. @AnnmarieHanlon #13 Connecting to new people • Connect with care • Use the desktop (not the app) version • Read the person’s profile • Check if they say ‘how to connect’ • Always add a message, not the default template • And say why you’d like to connect
  17. 17. #14 People you may know • Is a dangerous area! • There may be some connections in common • They may not be relevant • They may be competitors! • It’s not a business card competition • So don’t automatically click on ‘connect’ @AnnmarieHanlon
  18. 18. @AnnmarieHanlon #15 In-mails You can use In-mails with a premium account But you are rated! Use with care
  19. 19. @AnnmarieHanlon #16 Create a LinkedIn company page • LinkedIn pages are a great way to extend your website • And populate it! • Think of it as a giant SEO machine • Schedule regular and relevant updates that showcase your company’s expertise • Add rich media
  20. 20. #17 Identify other companies Find customer and potential customer LinkedIn pages and follow them To get noticed, professionally share their relevant content Review degrees of separation @AnnmarieHanlon
  22. 22. @AnnmarieHanlon #18 Join the dots Add the LinkedIn button to your website and ensure it connects to the company page Add your personal profile LinkedIn URL to emails when introducing yourself or mailing for the first time
  23. 23. @AnnmarieHanlon #19 It’s ok to use the templates Ensure the templates are personalized Change the subject headings as well as the content No spell check in LinkedIn – Use WORD to prepare your content
  24. 24. @AnnmarieHanlon #20 Remember the 4Ps of LinkedIn PROFESSIONAL It’s a workspace and communications can be saved! PROFESSIONAL It’s a workspace and communications can be saved! POLITE Respond to enquiries, even if it’s a ‘no’ POLITE Respond to enquiries, even if it’s a ‘no’ PROUD Share your achievements PROUD Share your achievements PRIORITISE Connect with care to relevant people PRIORITISE Connect with care to relevant people
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