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Ann devlin edld5352

  1. 1. Ann Devlin Technology Plan and Action Plan Assistant Superintendent, Technology & Information Services (Dr Doug Brubaker): Address all areas of technology systems to improve the management reporting and instructional operation in the district; provide overall coordination and direction for technology services in effective utilization of resources to accomplish established goals. Director of Technology Operations (Teretha Patterson): Direct the development and implementation of district’s technology programs, especially those that enable and augment professional development of educators and paraprofessionals. Develop and enable the support and service relationships which enhance the delivery of instructional technology to schools. Principal: Facilitates use & integration of technology, telecommunications, and information Director of Instructional Technology(Jan North): systems to enhance learning. Facilitate effective use of technology in learning and He models use of technology & provides teaching district wide; coordinate, implement, develop, and professional development to teachers that meet the support district wide staff development and initiatives. needs of a 21st century learner. He meets with the TIS’s to assess the needs of the campus. He reviews data to assess campus improvement andTechnology Instructional Specialist (Cody Cannon): based coordinators with the responsibility ofoverseeing infrastructure, equipment, purchases andintegration. Their role is empowering teachers to use the Department Heads: Monitors the use oftechnology integration for student learning. They provide technology in the classroom. Provide resourcesprofessional development to help teachers integrate and collaboration time for teachers to plan lessonstechnology. to incorporate technology. Teacher: Plans and delivers lessons integrating technology.
  2. 2. Based upon the data gathered on the technology needs from week 3, an area ofprofessional devlopment needed on the campus is educator preparedness. Theprofessional development will reflect the Campus Improvement Plans for increasedstudent achievement as well. The first step of the plan will be an overall assessment ofcampus technology implementation in the classrooms. This will be determined throughteacher and student surveys as well as data form the librarian on computer lab usage. Thenext step will provide teachers with direct instruction and assistance in incorporatingtechnology into their classrooms. Teachers will be trained on using technology resourcesand be provided time and coaches to guide the process. Finally, the third portion willfocus on the continued improvement of technology at the campus and the aspects of theCampus Improvement Plan these factors are related to in the goals.In the first session teachers will be provided an overview on the campus STaR chart data.This will explain where the campus is rated in terms of technology and implementation.Many of the teachers are unaware of the technology TEKS and the applications of thesestandards in their curriculum. At this point in the professional development, teachers willbe asked for suggestions and evaluations of the campus needs in relation to the surveys,STaR chart data, and Campus Improvement Plan.In the second part of the plan, teachers will be provided specific training in small groupsessions to address individual needs for implementation. The sessions will pair teacherswith peers to guide them through the process and develop lessons collaboratively. Thecampus will also offer training on technology tools such as blogs, wikis, and dropboxesto use in the classroom. As teachers receive the training on the availalble web tools, theywill feel competant incorporating these into their lessons.In the final portion of the plan, teachers will be given to opportunity to provide feedbackon how the training has impacted their classrooms and what areas are still in need ofimprovement. Teachers will be asked to rate the needs of the campus and relate the needsto the CIP goals. Through the direct application of technology and campus goals futureprofessional development should continue to meet the needs of the students at ourcampus.
  3. 3. Summit Jaguar Technology Action PlanGoal: To enhance the integration and effective implementation of technology effectively intocurriculum and instruction.Based upon data analysis, the primary focus of the development will be the need for teachers to betrained and have time to collaborate with other staff on how to incorporate technology into lessons. Tasks/Action Steps Responsibilities Monitoring/Evaluating What will be done? Who will do it? How will progress be monitored?Compile STaR chart data for the • Principals Development of trainingcampus and interest survey • Technology PLC sessions to meet the needs of theresults to present to faculty. faculty. Develop schedule of relevant • Principal / Assistant Assess technology readiness ofprofessional development Principal teachers and organize them intoprograms based upon skills and • Technology PLC groups designed to advanceneeds assessment of teachers. • Teachers individuals. Teachers will choose interest • Instructional Technology Professional developmentand need based sessions on the Coordinator attendanceincorporation of technology and • PrincipalsWeb 2.0 tools into the • Technology PLCcurriculum.Continued trainings will be • Instructional Technology Development of lessonsconducted to incorporate higher Coordinator incorporating technologylevel usage based upon teacher’s • Principals applicationsareas taught and projects. • Technology PLCTeachers will include at least • Teachers: Integrate Lesson plans will be reviewedone of the existing technology technology into weekly weekly.resources into their classroom a lesson planningminimum of two times per Walk-throughs will be done inlesson plan cycle. • Principal: Check lesson each classroom. plans. Conduct walk-throughsIn early May, teachers will take • Teachers: Complete online Survey Resultsthe district technology survey.
  4. 4. survey• Principal: Present results of survey to SBDM for Campus Action Plan