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Truly Amazing Colored Pencil Art


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That can't really be a colored pencil drawing, right??

It is! Here's a small sampling of the stunning colored pencil work found in the book: CP Treasures, Volume 3. The book features over 90 artworks from artists in 16 countries, along with technique and personal stories and insights. It's absolutely a TREASURE.

I promise you'll be amaaaaaazed!

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Truly Amazing Colored Pencil Art

  1. 1. 10 Great Quotes AMAZING DRAWINGS in Masterful work from international colored pencil artists. COLORED PENCIL Selected images & quotes from CP Treasures, Volume 3 – available at
  2. 2. “PRIDE” by Karen Hull - Australia PRIDE Karen Hull – Australia Excerpt from page 39 of CP Treasures, Volume 3 Excerpt from the artist’s page: I have never really been a fan of paper surfaces, preferring to experiment with more unusual surfaces, but smooth mat board is a surface I have come back to time and again because of its ability to take multiple layers and lots of punishment. Recently, I also started combining the… Read More >
  3. 3. Tree of Stories Denise Howard, CPSA, UKCPS, MPAS - USA Excerpt from page 38 of CP Treasures, Volume 3 “Tree of Stories” by Denise Howard - USA Excerpt from the artist’s page: When choosing reference photos, I look for ones with not only a full range of values, but a good composition of those values. If there’s a large light area, there should be either a similarly-sized dark area, or a small but compelling dark area. When in doubt… Read More >
  4. 4. “Schnooty” by Annemieke De Wit The Netherlands SCHNOOTY Annemieke De Wit – The Netherlands Excerpt from page 13 of CP Treasures, Volume 3 Excerpt from the artist’s page: I always draw on coloured paper. If I have to use a lot of white, like in this drawing, I prefer Fawn Stonehenge paper. This colour is also great as a base for skin tones. I really love using my white pencil and being able to see it on my paper. I draw my first sketch in white, including the whiskers, and then I …. Read More >
  5. 5. Magredi Howard Harris - Italy Excerpt from page 35 of CP Treasures, Volume 3 “Magredi” by Howard Harris - Italy Excerpt from the artist’s page: Part of the Magredi del Cellina Reserve is a large dry river bed, the water now flows underground. For centuries the local people used stones from here to build their homes. I love to visit and take lots of photos here. I think the lonely tree with nothing but… Read More >
  6. 6. “At Rest” by Patricia Andril USA AT REST Patricia Andril, CPSA - USA Excerpt from page 2 of CP Treasures Volume II Excerpt from the artist’s page: “At Rest” began with a boat sketch which was then covered with Frisket to save the white area. Then the water was created using watercolor pencil shavings plus water to thoroughly wet it. Next, plastic wrap placed on the wet color was wrinkled to… Read More >
  7. 7. LOOKING OUT FOR ME Helen Bailey, CPSA, AAEA, IEA - USA Excerpt from page 3 of CP Treasures Volume II “Looking Out for Me” by Helen Bailey - USA Excerpt from the artist’s page: I have found that Crescent suede mat board is my surface of choice when I am drawing animals. It has a velvety, soft look and feel that accepts Prismacolor pencil very well. You can still get sharp detail with a sharp pencil point but softer areas like a horse’s muzzle look velvety when drawn with a less… Read More >
  8. 8. “All is Safely Gathered In” by Janie Pirie – U.K. ALL IS SAFELY GATHERED IN Janie Pirie, SBA, GM, UKCPS – The United Kingdom Excerpt from page 64 of CP Treasures Volume II Excerpt from the artist’s page: I started this in the Loire Valley on a wine-tasting trip with my husband John. Unknowingly, it was to be our last holiday together. Just after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I would sit by his bedside and work on the picture. He never saw it finished. I vowed I would never draw again but knew he would be so sad if I didn’t. When I tried to… Read More >
  9. 9. REST STOP Gemma Gylling, CPSA, AFC - USA Page 31 of CP Treasures, Volume 3 “Rest Stop” by Gemma Gylling - USA Excerpt from the artist’s page: I do most of my wildlife art on Suede Matboard over a smooth surface because it allows you to add lighter colors on top of darker colors, which is great for creating those light tips on animal fur. The pencil behaves more… Read More >
  10. 10. MAGPIE STUDY ALAN WOOLLETT – ENGLAND Page 92 of CP Treasures, Volume 3 “Magpie Study” by Alan Woollett – U.K. Excerpt from the artist’s page: I usually start with small thumbnail sketches then develop this into a working sketch which I then transfer to my paper. I transfer my drawing to tracing paper or drafting film and then transfer the image to my paper using the old- fashioned … Read More >
  11. 11. “Reflecting on Spring” by Sherry Smith USA REFLECTING ON SPRING Sherry Smith - USA Excerpt from page 75 of CP Treasures, Volume 3 Excerpt from the artist’s page: I set up outside in the natural sunlight, spreading the fabrics on the deck first then placing the objects on top. I usually stand over the set up and shoot down. The way the shadows fall is also an important element in the composition. I find that early morning and late afternoon produces….. Read More >
  12. 12. “Pose Bucolique” by Patrick Rogelet France POSE BUCOLIQUE Patrick Rogelet - France Excerpt from page 69 of CP Treasures, Volume 3 Excerpt from the artist’s page: My work is primarily focused on creativity. My drawings are almost all in a surrealistic theme. I had the idea of using the peels of the pencil sharpener to make the petals of a flower surrealistic. In order to appreciate the texture of the petals made of wood, I greatly enlarged and played… Read More >
  13. 13. •Over 90 artists from 16 countries. •Stunning Art •Tips & Techniques •Enhance your Art Library Today! Available at