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  1. 1. UNIT -1 1. Explain MIS structure based on oranisational functions? 2. Discuss the various types of decision by management activity? 3. Explain in detail the planning for information system? 4. What do you know about knowledge of out comes? 5. Narrate the organisation functional sub systems their typical users? 6. Discuss about planning for information system? 7. Distinguish between open and close system? 8. Discuss about unstructured nonprogrammable decision? 9. Bring a small note on formal Vs informal information system? 10. Examine the various phases in the decision making process? 11. Bring about different characteristics of classes of decision system? 12. Give the definition of physical information system? 13. Explain about the search for opportunities and problems in intelligence face of decision making 14. Identify the major management systems? 15. Explain the decision of information support system? 16. Describe the information system supporting the major business functions? 17. Describe the cost and value of information? 18. What is electronic data interchange? 19. What do you mean by a system? How do you a open system differs from a closed system? 20. Bring out the features of information system? 21. Explain the information needs in organisational planning process? 22. Explain the principle capabilities of information system? 23. Discuss the sources of information? 24. Discuss the primary characteristics of an open system? 25. Define system? Explain the relation ship between a system and a sub system and illustrate this relation ship with an information system example? 26. Disuses the types of problems that can be solved with the assistance of decision support system? 27. Explain briefly the major elements of a system? 28. Explain briefly the need for system for system classification? 29. What do you men transaction processing? Explain? 30. Discuss the concept of information as a source? 31. Explain the business and technical dimension of information system/ 32. What are the three levels of management that management information system serves? What are the principle differences in support needs as we move up the managerial hierarchy? 33. What is the role of IS manager? 34. Define feedback? 35. What is the meaning of MIS? 36. Write about the component of an organisation planning process? 37. Discuss about management support system? 38. Write about information system resources in detail? 39. List any two sources of information? 40. What are the data resources? 41. List out the features of transaction processing system? 42. What is a sub system? 43. Define economic trends? 44. Write a detailed note on system characteristics? 45. Explain about elements of system?
  2. 2. 46. Discuss about the system classification? 47. Explain the need for MIS in organisation? 48. What is executive information system? Explain? 49. Explain the conceptual model of MIS with reference to an organisation? 50. What is strategic information system? Explain the steps involved in developing strategic information system? 51. What are the different types of information systems? 52. Explain the role of MIS in an organisation? 53. Discuss about the flow of information in an organisation? 54. Explain the different elements of a system? 55. Enumerate the features of information systems? 56. What is adhoc reporting? How information systems help in adhoc reporting? 57. Explain the benefits of expert systems? 58. Briefly explain various types of DSS? 59. Describe the reference of dedicated software? 60. What is executive support system? Explain the benefits of ESS? 61. Bring out the differences in the information needs for organisation? 62. Write a note on transaction processing? 63. "Management decisions often differentiate the information needs"-Discuss? 64. "MIS has evolved into an indispensable part of organisations"-Comment? 65. Bring out the key elements of a system? 66. Write a note on structured programmable decision? 67. Describe management information system as seen by the user? 68. Explain management information system support management activity? 69. Discuss management information structured based on organisational functions? 70. Examine the characteristics of different classes of decision support system? 71. List the activities of an information system manager? 72. Explain the need for information system for a company? 73. Give the important characteristics of open system? 74. Explain about the three levels of information that are related to management? 75. Distinguish formal verses informal system? 76. Explain about organisational function of sub systems? 77. Describe the physical components required for an organisation information system? 78. How will you plan for an information system?
  3. 3. UNIT-2 1. Explain what do you mean by SDLC? Mention the various phases? 2. Give the definition of MIS? 3. Explain MIS Vs Data processing? 4. Explain structured programmable decision? 5. Discuss the function of the basic handwork equipment? 6. Explain the factors determining reliability of planning data? 7. Discuss about physical Vs logical models? 8. Define s physical system/ 9. Explain the management of information system personality? 10. Explain the feasibility study and discuss the steps involved in a feasibility study and discuss the steps involved in a feasibility study? 11. Write a note on CASE? 12. Explain the different functions of system manager and system analyst? 13. Outline the steps involved in feasibility analysis? 14. Explain briefly working aspect of system analyst? 15. Discuss the concern of system analyst during the post implementation review? 16. Why do we test systems? 17. Explain a system manual? 18. Discuss the role of system analyst in a medium size organisation? 19. Give any two characteristics of a system analyst? 20. Write any two methods of data collection? 21. How data planning process is done? 22. Explain the system development life cycle? 23. Define systems design? 24. Discuss about the implementation? 25. Write short notes on system design? 26. Give detailed explanation on system design? 27. What is proto typing? 28. Explain the various stages of system development life cycle? 29. Define the work of a system analyst? 30. List the pitfalls in MIS development? 31. Detail the procedure for evaluating the performance of an information system? 32. Evaluate the impact of information system on the organisation? 33. What are pitfalls in MIS development? 34. Explain the methods of data collection and preparation for system design? 35. Distinguish between initial investigation and feasibility study? 36. Explain about the programmed checks that can be used for testing the data? 37. Explain the different methods of data collection? 38. Explain how to evaluate an MIS? 39. Write a note on online data entry? 40. Discuss about various design methodologies?
  4. 4. UNIT-3 1. Explain decision support system? 2. Explain ERP? 3. Explain how an ERP implementation can help in integrating organisations operations? 4. Examine the information system for operational control/ 5. State the limitations of management information system? 6. Who are the users of production information systems? 7. list out the general characteristics of computer information system? 8. Enumerate the factors that are to be considered while designing information systems in production? 9. Write the detail note on marketing info system? 10. ,explain the benefits of ESS 11. What are the constraints effective MIS? 12. BREIFLY EXPLAIN THE COMPONENTS OF accounting information system? 13. Identify the subsystem of human resource information system that supports management and knowledge work? 14. Explain the importance of MIS? 15. Examine evaluation and maintenances of MIS? 16. Discuss the need for financial info system? 17. Discuss the need for personal info system? 18. Discuss the objectives of each of the market mix subsystems? 19. Explain the problem that could be encountered in implementing a computer based MIS? 20. What is cash management and capital budgeting? 21. Write about the operations of online analytical processing? 22. Describe the online accounting system? 23. List any four financial decisions? 24. Explain in detail on production information system? 25. Explain about financial information system? 26. Explain about marketing information system? 27. List and explain the sub systems of personnel information system? 28. Disuses various types of accounting information system? 29. Explain the functions of a marketing Information system? 30. Discuss about the personnel information system? 31. Briefly explain major decision areas of HR where information systems are needed? 32. “A good and efficient information system will help the HR manager than any other managers in an organisation"- comment? 33. Enumerate the factors that are to be considered while designing information system in production? 34. Write a detailed note on marketing information system? 35. What are the components of marketing information system? Explain internal record system? 36. List the functions of financial information system? 37. Define integrating system?
  5. 5. UNIT-4 1. What are the functions served by an operating system? 2. Explain what do you mean by assembly language? 3. Explain what do you mean by data encryption? 4. Different types of software’s? 5. Different types of DBMS? 6. How will you ensure data security in a DBMS? 7. What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS? 8. Explain the process of developing a DBMS for business application? 9. Explain data mining? 10. What do you understand by network data base management system? 11. Explain briefly distributed data base management system? 12. Give a brief note on procedure oriented language? 13. Define statistical packages? 14. Explain hierarchical data base structure? 15. Give the three phases of data Base design? 16. Examine the objectives of data base& Data base management system? 17. With a block diagram explain the functional components and working of digital computer? 18. What are the categories of software/ 19. Write a note on data base query languages? 20. Explain various parts of a computer system? 21. Explain about computer based user machine system? 22. What do you mean by modeling languages? 23. Explain about relational data structure? 24. What are the common used programming languages? 25. Discuss the role of database administrator? 26. Describe the principle types of database? 27. How secondary storage does differ from a primary storage of computer system? 28. Write a note on input devices? 29. What is a magnetic disk enumerate the various types of magnetic disks? 30. What is a workstation? how it is different from PC? 31. Classify system software? 32. Briefly explain the various operating system environments? 33. Describe the reference of dedicated s/w? 34. Explain the problems in conventional file processing with examples? 35. What are the components of CPU? Explain in brief? 36. What is database? Discuss the types? 37. Explain in detail about database administrator? 38. Compare and contrast the primary methods of outputs? 39. Discuss between manual system and computer system? 40. Design the process of database? 41. Distinguish between system s/w and application software? 42. What is a database? How does it relate to a database management system? 43. What is the role of IS manager? 44. Define DBMS? 45. What is application software? 46. Write on mainframe computer system? 47. What is data dictionary? 48. Write about groupware? 49. Discuss about input technology trends in detail 50. Explain the functions of operation system?
  6. 6. 51. Define data base? 52. What is an operating system? 53. Write in detail on operating system? 54. Explain in detail on programming language? 55. Briefly explain the data base management system? 56. Explain various input devices with examples? 57. What are the advantages of data base approach? 58. Explain the objectives and functions of DBMS? 59. Discuss about the evolution of programming languages? 60. What are the disadvantages of a data base? 61. Explain the role of computers in an IS? 62. What are the operations that can be performed on a DBMS? Explain? 63. Explain the following briefly? 1. Types of computers 2. Operating system? 64. Write a note on ALU? 65. What is system software? 66. Enumerate the function of the operating system? 67. Explain the various storage devices? 68. Describe the various types of printers? 69. Classify system software. State the basis of classification? 70. Write a note on input devices? 71. What is the magnetic disc? Enumerate the various types of magnetic disks? 72. What is work station? How it is differ from PC? 73. Briefly explain the various operating system environment? 74. Write a note on CASE? 75. Explain the problems in conventional file processing with examples? 76. Explain the various types of database? 77. Write a note on operating system? 78. Bring out the design principles of data base? 79. Compare and contrast between manual systems and computer systems? 80. Give short notes on CRT screen? 81. Explain about network structure? 82. Give the problems regarding maintenances of software? 83. Discuss physical verses logical models? 84. Explain the objectives of data base and data base management system? 85. Write a short note on output devises? 86. Define the role of operating system? 87. Explain the structure of data base? 88. What are the components of a database? 89. Explain the following in detail 1. Application software 2. Central processing unit? 90. List the advantages of using a database? 91. Explain about procedure oriented languages? 92. Describe network database structure? 93. Explain the various parts of a computer system?
  7. 7. UNIT-5 1. Explain ERP? 2. Explain an HOW an ERP implementation can help in integrating an organization operation? 3. Discuss about approach in decision making in acquisition of info system? 4. What are the precautions to be considered before selecting a computer system? 5. Discuss the major financial considerations in the selection of computer systems? 6. What are the merits and demerits of acquiring used computers? 7. What is the maintenance of the info system? Why are the costs of maintaining a system usually much higher than cost of developing it? 8. What is ERP? 9. What are facilities management companies? 10. What are the benefits and challenges of ERP? 11. How cost can be satisfied by a customer? 12. Discuses about the ERP? 13. What are the customer requirements? 14. Write in detail on ERP? 15. Explain the procedure for acquiring a small business computer firm? 16. Explain the factors for customer switch-over with customer relation ship management? 17. Discuss the forms of computer leasing and their features? 18. Give the features of ERP module for sales and distribution? 19. What are the sources of acquisition of computers? List down the general guide lines of selection of a computer system? 20. What are time sharing companies? 21. Differentiate the criteria for the choice of computer for small business and large business? 22. Explain the difficulties in implementation of ERP? 23. What are the prerequisites for acquisition of used computers? 24. Write a note on any two software’s used for CRM? 25. What is ERP? 26. What are the factors determining resources allocation for the project?