My ancestors


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where I come from

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My ancestors

  1. 1. The story of my family Anzani`s genealogy
  2. 2. My Italian ancestors come from thevillage of Brescia, Lombardia, Italy.
  3. 3. My grandfather`s grandfather, MiguelAnzani, traveled from Genoa, Italy toBuenos Aires in 1893. He came to livewith his friend, Francesco Ianuzzi,who had immigrated to Buenos Airesin December of 1890. So he hadsomeone in the new city and was ableto communicate, learn the culture, finda job, and also meet others from thesame background.
  4. 4. When Miguel arrived, Francesco tookhim to work in the railway companywith him. They lived together, andsaved money in order to bring theirfamilies.
  5. 5. Miguel Anzani married Anna Bulattain Buenos Aires and had threeChildren: Miguel Angel, Antonio andFrancesca. Miguel Anzani and Anna Bulatta
  6. 6. Miguel Angel Anzani was my greatgrandfather. He married JacintaAvalos in 1929 and had two sons:Luis and Segundo Miguel and Jacinta
  7. 7. Segundo is my grandfather and ismarried to Ana Mercedes Gomez, theyhave three sons and three daughters,one of them is my mother, Gladis. Ana and Segundo
  8. 8. My mother Gladis Anzani married myfather, Hector and have two children:my brother ezequiel who is elevenyears old and me. My mother and me.