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Beginner nef workbook key

  1. 1. Clive Oxenden Christina Latham-Koenig withfaneHudson New Beginner Workbook withkeyPaul Seligsonand Clive Oxenden are the original co-authors of OXTORDEnglkh File 1 (plub. 1996) and English File 2 (pub. 1997). IINIVERSITY PRESS
  2. 2. OXTORD ACI(NOWLEDGEMENTSI-/NIVERSITY PRESS The authors would like to thank all those at Oxford UniversityPress whoGreat ClarendonStreet.Oxford oxz 6tp have contributed their skills and ideas to producing this course.Oxford University Pressis a department of the University of Oxford. Very special thanks from Clive to Maria Angeles, Lucia, and Eric, and fiomIt furthers the Universitys objective of excellencein research,scholarship, Christina to Cristina, for all their help and encouragement. Christina wouldand education by publishing worldwide in also like to thank her childrenJoaquin, Marco, and Krysia for their constantOxford NewYork inspiration.Auckland CapeTown Dares Salaam HongKong Karachi ThePublisher wouldliketo thankthe followingfor theirpermissiontoreproduceKuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City Nairobi photographs: Alamy pp 22 (TirrHill/sugar lumps, Jennie Hart/ryclist, Eyebyte/NewDelhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto old lady), 25 (MBl/woman in flower shop, Roger Bamber/factoryworker, Mediacolours/teacher), (Bubbles/nurse); 28 CatherineBlackiepp 13 (photos);With offices in Getty Imagespp 8 (HansPeterMerten), 12 (Siri Staffiord/book), (DK Images/ 13Argentina Austria Brazil Chile Czech Republic France Greece London taxil,22 (Iconicafom Grillmeat, Martin Mistretta/beer, Stone/Smari/Guatemala Hungary Italy Japan Poland Portugal Singapore bread, StockFood Creative/LllrikeSchmid/rice),24(Osaka), (Mark Scott/ 25South I(orea Switzerland Thailand Tirrkey Ukraine Vietnam Administrator), 37 (BridgemanArtLibrary), 38 (Aurorafi]Milford), 39 (Travelpix/oxFoRD and oxrono ENGLTsH registeredtrade marks of are Central Park, Image Ban(Jeff Spielman/Chinatown),47 (National Geographic/Oxford University Pressin the UK and in certain other countries PeterV. Bianchi), 50 (Film Magic/BruceGlikas/Britney Spears, AFP/YuriCortezl Iron Maiden, Wirelmage/Shirlaine Forrest/Sting,Live 8/REM,Wirelmage/Don@Oxford University Press2oo9 Arnold/Rod Stewart, Kevin Winter[J2, AFP/AndrewAlvarez, Wirelmage/The moral rights of the author have been asserted Kevin Mazur/Radiohead,Frazer Harrison/Coldplay), 51 (Wirelmage/MarkDatabaseright Oxford University Press(maker) Venema/Coldplay), (ImageBank/JohnLund);Istockphoto pp 12 (table), 57 13 (laptop, credit cards),35, 43, 53 (Man painting); OL]P 12 (coat)13 (USA ppFirst published zoog taxi), 19 (woman in call centre and woman on phone),22 (coffee), (Oscar 292Oa3 2072 2071 zOaO2OOg and Daisy),39 (Empire StateBuilding), 53 (camping);PAPhotosp 25 (lawyer);1 0 9 8 7 6 s 4 3 2 1 Photolibrary.compp 10 (ImageSourcePink), 21 (Rubberball), (FreshFood 22No unauthorized photocopying Images/cornflakes/cheese, Photodisc/youngwoman fbofl , 2a (Photodisc/AII rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced, woman), 25 (ImageSourceBlack/Doctor, waiter, DigitalVision/nurse),26stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, (ImageSourcePink/clock)34 (SomosImages),53 (Westend6l/Cycling);without the prior permission in writing of Oxford University Press, Punchstockp 22 (DigitalVision/Simon Brown/wine),25 (DigitalVision/studenr);or as expresslypermitted by law, or under terms agreedwith the appropriate Science Photo Library p 33 (NASA)reprographics rights organization. Enquiries concerning reproduction Commissionedphotograplryby: Gareth Boden p 12 (glasses)outside the scope of the above should be sent to the ELTRights Department, Illustrationsby: Cartoonstock/Ian Baker pp 5, 14 (left), 49; Mark Duffin pp 32Oxford University Press,at the addressabove (left),3a,44,45,55 (noticeboard),59; Hand MadeMapspp 6,46,57, 58;JoannaYou must not circulate this book in any other binding or cover Kerr pp 17,20,22,54:Meildejohnlllustration/PeterEllis pp26,29,39; Ellisandyou must impose this samecondition on any acquirer Nadler - Pronunciation symbols;GeorgeOnions pp 14 (right),77,37; Gawn pp Reece 16;Mark Rufflepp 38, 56;Colin Shelbourn 13, 18,28, 33,40, 55; ppAnywebsites referred to in this publication are in the public domain and Kath Walker Illustrationpp 4,6,12,75,24,30,31, 32 (rightl,47,48;Annabeltheir addressesare provided by Oxford University Pressfor information only. Wright p 52Oxford University Pressdisclaims any responsibility for the content Pictureresearch illustrations and commissionedby: Cathy BlackieIsnu: 978 o t9 459466o Workbook with key (book) Designed Bryony Newhouse by:Isnu: 978 o 19 45t8734 Workbook with key (pack) Editedby: Clare Nielsen-MarshPrinted in China
  3. 3. A3_l Hello! 4 ll^ Before were they famous... v-l 56A Whereare you from? 6 A A perfect day?E-l ry 58A WerefromtheUSA. Were American. I A It changed life my9_1 S-1i- 40A, Thealphabet PnRcllcRL Erucusn l, A Whats datetoday? the Pnncncnr Erucusn 42A Whats yourbag?w in t2 4-l Onanisland Scotland in 44A, Family friends and 6E_r l4 €_l Dream town? 46A A mans or a womans car car? 20 A Strangers a train on9_l 91 48 Personal information PnncncRl. Etcusn 18 A- What youthinkof it? do PRRclcRL Errcl-lsn 50a A badhairday4_1 20 A Whatdoyoulikedoing? v-/ 52E-l Whatdo youhave breakfast? for 22 i^ Tripof a lifetime 54 q,lA9_r Hespeaks English work at 24 a 9_/, Whafsgoing happen? to 56A What timeis it? PnncrcnlErucusn 26 il ls there bank a near here? PnRclcnlErucusn 58A Doyoulikemornings? 28 f,evirionquizzes 604_1 Answeikey 64A Lifeat thetop of theworldry 50A Youcantparkhere !29_1A. Howmuch it? is PnRcncnl Erucusn 54
  4. 4. You Coodbye, I say say and Hello, From song the Hello, GoodbyetheBeotles byt G RAM MAR verb I and be: you c Complete the dialogues.a Rewrite the sentenceswith contractions. 1 I am Anna. Im Anna. 2 You are not in Room 2. You arent in Room 2. 3 I am not a teacher. Excuse me. Are you Angela? 2 FJ:ello.Im Brad. No, Im not . Im Sarah. Hi. I,M Lucy. Nice to 4 You are in Room 6. meetyou. 5 I am Ben. 6 You are not in Room 3. 7 I am not Katie. Hi._ fessica. 8 You are late. Are you Oliver? Yes, . Im David. No, _. Im fames. Write negative sentences or ! questions f. 1 Im late. E Im not late. 2 YoureEngtish. fl Areyou English? 3 Im Olivia. lrl 5 H e Excuseme. in Room 5? Yes No, . Youre in Room 6. 4 Yourein Room 10.lil 5 Im late.E 6 YoureRobert.f 7 Yourea teacher. [I 7 Hi. Emily. 8 Hello. Dan? Hi. Sam. Yes, . Nice to meet 8 Im in a taxi. ! you. @ Bookp.t8 Grammor tA Students Bnnk
  5. 5. VOCABUTARY numbers 0-10 Words phrases learn and to a Order the letters to make numbers. a Complete the dialogues. 1VEFI fi, I A AmIinRoom8? 2 NEO one B Nq.Youre in Room 6. 2 AWhatsyourname? 3 NET B Charlie. 4 WOT 3 A Hi. Im Lewis. 5 GEHIT B H_ _. I m Grace. 6 REHET 4 A Youre in Room 1. 7 INEN B OK. Th_ _ _ you. 5 A Hi. Im Toby Logan. 8 VENES B Hello. Im Chloe lones. N to meet you. 9 UROF 6 A Im Malgorzata. 10 REZO B S_ ? Whatsyour name? 7A AmIinRoomT?b Complete the series. B Y_ _, you are. 1 one two three four 8A Sorry.AmIl __? 2 eight six four two B Yes,you are.Whatsyour name? 3 six seven eight b Complete the spaces with Sorry?,Sorry,or Excuseme. 4 one three five 5 eight seven six 6 seven five three a two four six 8 nlne seven flve -*r.-T*T --t--)- ) -rfffiD Students p.to2 Boolr --:-- r--i1 ..----- Vocabularv Bsnk @ PRONUNCIATION srress; word lhl, leal, and lol Underlinethe stressed syllableand complete chart.Practise the saylng the words. excuse hel+e hotel late nice fte photo seven soffyb Go to the Sound Bank on the MultiROM. Listen and repeat the words and the lr,;;: tistento the dialogues the MultiROM. on sounds for house,phone, and clock. I A Excuseme. Are you Tom? 2 A Hello. Are you Tom? B No, Im not. C Yes,I am.sffifiil!ffi Students p.tIT sook A Oh. Sorry. A Hi. Im Emma. Nice Sound Bonk to meet you. ,i,i ruow listen repeat. thefiythm. and Copy
  6. 6. and England America twocountries are by language. separateda common George Bernord Show, dronotist lrish VOCAB IARY countries U GRAMMAR verb he,she, be: it Complete the crossword. Complete the sentences. CIues across t L She from the 2 lts from Italy. United States. from Russia. from England. 5 r from Spain. from |apan. Complete the sentences with a country. 1 Hes from Beijing. Hes from China 2 Theyrefrom Rio. Theyrefrom Brazil 3 Im from New York. Im from 4 Shesfrom Madrid. Shesfrom 5 Were from Moscow Were from 6 Hes from Warsaw. Hes from 7 Youre from Cancun. Youre from from China. from Mexico. 8 Theyrefrom Istanbul.Theyrefrom@} Students p.tor vacabulary Book Bsnk
  7. 7. Complete the dialogueswith s,is, PRONUNCIATION and trt tart or isnt. 1 A Is Matt in our class? Go to the sound Bank on the MultiRoM. Listenand repeat B No, he isnt the wordsand the soundsforfsh andbike. . He3 in class B. 2 A the teacher from the Circlethe word with a differentsound. United States? B No, she . She A England. 3 A Where Osaka? A Brazl @ Italy in ]apan? &V h i l i t B Yes,it @ 4 A --=--- your nameAndrew? B No, it A Write the questions.Then answer with A six nine Mexico the information in brackets. EV I Fernando Alonso/ Spain? Oviedo) (/ @ England five nice Is FernqndoAlonsofrom Spain? Yes. is.Hefrom Oviedo. he A 2 Acapulco Brazil?(X Mexico) I A Liverpool in hi Is Acapulco Brazil? in No it isnt. Itsin Mexico. 3 MichaelPhelps the United States? / @@ Studenfs Bookp.n7 Sound Bank (z Baltimore) Words phrases learn and to Match the questions to the answers. 4 Istanbul/ Hungary?(X Turkey) 1 Where areyou from? n a Its in Mexico. 2 Wherein Russia? |l b Het from Liverpool. 3 Where is Guadalajara? - c No, he isnt. 5 the Colosseum ltaIy?(r Rome) I 4 Wheres from? she I d Yes,its fantastic. 5 Is he from Turkey? tr e No, Im not. 6 Is it good? I f Im from Russia. 7 Areyou from Poland? I g Im from Moscow. 6 Kate Moss / England? (/ London) 8 Wheres from? he n h Shesfrom Brazll. 7 Gdansk/ Russia? Poland) (f tri$ tisten thedialogues theMultiROM. to on I A Where are you from? 8 Kyoto/ the United States? Japan) (x B Im from the USA. A Where in the USA? B Im from California. 2 A Wheres Maria from?lTl!|ll|ffiD Students p.B8 Book B Shesfrom Mexico. Grsmmar Bankt B 3 A Is Alex from Poland? B No, he isnt. Hes from Hungary. Nowlisten repeat. theftythm. and Copy
  8. 8. Americaa large is friendly ina small dog room. ArnoldToynbee, English historianI V O C A B U T A Rnationalities Y be: you, GRAMMARverb we, they; negatives (allpersons)Completethe puzzle.Whatsthe mysteryword? Write positive sentences. Use contractions. I they / from Italy Thqtrefromltabt. 2IlinRoomT Im in Room7. 3 he lBrazilian 4 we llate 5 you / in ClassA 6 I I ateacher 7 Millie / from England 8 they / in Room 10 b Completethe sentences with the negatle of be. I No,Im not from Spain. 2 No, she lsnf late. a J No, we Mexican. 4 No, they American. 5 No, he a teacher. I Miguels from Spain. Hes_. 6 No, you in Room 7. 7 2 Yoshikasfrom |apan. Shes_. No, it in Hungary. 3 Fabiosfrom Italy. Hes _. 8 No, I Polish. 4 Paolosfrom Brazil. Hes 5 Dorotas from Poland. Shes Order the wordsto makequestions. 6 fiaos from China. Shes_. I Andrei / Is / Russia from / 7 Edvards from Hungary. Hes _. Is Andreifrom Russia? 8 George is from England. Hes_. 2 American / Are I they 9 Mikaelds from Mexico. Shes 10 Karensfrom Britain. Shes Are thevAmerican? 11 Fatimas from Tirrkey. Shes_. 3 three I we I Are I room / in 12 Leannesfrom the United States.Shes 13 Antons from Russia. Hes s/from/Where/she@ffiJ Studenfs p.105 Book Vocobulary Bonk
  9. 9. 5 you llapan / from I Are VOCABUTARY numbers lt-20, 6 Brazilian / Isabella / Is Complete missingvowels. the 1 trS thirte en 19 n-n_t_ _n 7 in I Florence / Is / Italv 2 n n eleven $.S --ght--n 8 namels lyour / What 3 14 l_rt _n 8 3 S f ft n 4 $p tw_lv e * f f i tw_nty Match the answersto the questions in c. s g6 s_xt__n 1 0l v s v n t n a Yes, are. we : b |oshua. b Write the numbers. c Shes from Mexico. . 1 six + five = eleven 5 eight + nine = d Yes, is. it T 2 eight+ six = fourteen 6 six + seven = e No, Im not. T f Yes, is. g Yes, he they are. tr l, 3 nine + ten = 4 four+eight=_ / Seven+ nlne = 8 ten+ten= l o l h No, sheisnt. T Students p.Iot Vocobulary Book @J Bank@ Studenfs Bookp.8BGrammar tC Bonk Words phrases learn and to PRONUNCIATION stress; word lel,litl,and l:l Match the sentencesto the responses. Underline stressed the syllable. Which word is different? 1 Youreinroom476. @ 1 China sorry 6@ ____ seven 2 Am I late? 2 lapan qTgD hotel goodbye 3 When is breaKast? 3 Brazil photo Turkey breakfast 4 Wereon holiday. - 5 Im Nicoleandthis is Steve. 4 goodbye English hello Chinese ===- 6 Goodbye. 5 Italy holiday Mexican fantastic 7 Is the hotel good? - 6 Hungarian American fapanese BrazIIian a ByeStuart. Havea niceday. 7 Russia England Turkish thirteen b Yes, fantastic. its c Hi. Nice to meetyou. Go to the Sound Bank on the MultiROM. d Is it a doubleroom? Listen and repeat the words and the sounds for egg, e Were holidaytoo. on tree, and shower. f Yes, you are.Hurry up! g Itsfto- 8 to 10. Write the words under the correct sound. American Spanish Chinese fifteen English seven meet nationality twentv ffi hr V I A Are you American? a=q B No, we arent. Were English. A Where are you from? B Were from London. 2 A Where are Luis and Angela?Are they in room 2? B No, they arent. Theyrein room 5. A Oh, thanks. listen repeat. thegythm. i+].*tUow and Copy@lED Studenfs p.lt7 Sound Book Bsnk
  10. 10. T H EA T P H A B E TComplete chartwith the lettersfrom the list. the b Circle the letter with a different sound. ffi k"/ RW @. l AtgH K W &K sq V @ ffie 2 t9F L s A B F 7 8 9 l0 3 G J P TH C L Y a 4 O a U -I D 5 W 5 A H J Y2 E N 6 D E I V J P 6 X #frcIJK T s A E M F M X S Z 4 V Z M O R S T U s[fi@ studentsBoo p.t17Sound BankSPEttING OUR AME Y NComplete dialogue the with the wordsfrom the list. A RyanCotton. B How do you 6_your 7 A C-O-T-T-O-N. B OK. 8_ you, Mr Cotton. Yourein e 15. A Thank to Write questions. 1.yoursurname How do you spellyour surname 2 your first name 3 your city 4 vour countrv a tge€d you room morning sorry? name spellreserva+ien surname thank Spellthe answers b. toA r Good morning. I have a2 reservation. IB Goodr . Whats your 4_, please? 2A RyanCotton. 3B s 4
  11. 11. VOCABUIARY classroom language Label the pictures. Dont forget that your MultiROMand websitehavelots of exercises and activities. MultiROM ,/ Grammar Quiz File I T Vocabulary Banks Numbers I Countries and nationalities T Things T Sound Bank T Practical English File I tr Wbrds and phrases File 1 Tb Complete the instructions. go l.eok open sit down stand Look at the board, please. the door. your books. ile/beti nner ishf to page 20. up. , please. tr Grammar File I verb be: I and you verb be: he, she, it T trffi stmdem€s p.8ffi4 ffimmfis E/seersasfmry #mm/r verb be: we, yotr, they, negatives T Vocabulary File I Numbers T Listen the dialogue the MultiROM. to on Countries and nationalities T A Goodmorning. Things T B Hello.I havea reservation. A Whatsyour name? Pronunciation I B Dan Brett. A How do you spellyour surname? Practical English File I T B B-R-E-double T. A Yourein room seventeen. ...and more activities and games. B Thankyou. Goodbye. A Bye.Havea nice day. Nowlistenandrepeat. Copy ftythm. the
  12. 12. Own whatyoucancarry you. only with Alexonder Solzhenitsyn, outhor RussionI VOCAB tARY small U things 2 GRAMMARsingular plural and nouns;f an,the oComplete crossword. the a Write a or an. Clues actoss I q pen 6 _identity card ) 2 an umbrella 7 watch 3 _chair 8 _country 4 _dictionary 9 _email 5_ key 10 _ holiday b Write the plurals of the words in a. I pens 6 2 7 a 1 8 4 9 5 10 c Write questions and answers. I What is it? Itsa book. What are they? Thqtre glasses.GEffiD Studenfs p.t04Vocabulory Book Bank
  13. 13. Words phrases learn and to Complete dialogues. the AWh a f isit? 2 A Whatsi_ your bag? B Sit down and open it. B Pensanda laptop.ffi sftmdemts p.$& ffimmk Grsmmsr zA ffisnk PRONUNCIATION and tzt tst,plural endings Go to the Sound Bank on the MultiROM. Listen and repeat the words and the sounds for zebra and snake. 3 A What a_ _ they? A Thedoor isnt open. Practisesayingtheseplural words. B Theyre glasses. B No problem. Ih _ __akey. % q# fizt names books glasses windows laptops watches ffi Usten thedialogues theMultiROM. to on keys clocks pleces I A Whats yourbag? in holidays coats classes B I havepens, books,anda mobilephone. 2 A What is it?ffi stnrdemffs p"g{? ffiomk Sn*rmd #snk B I think itsan umbrella. 3 A What arethey? B Theyre photosof my holiday. iijii* ruow Gopy gythm. listenandrepeat. the
  14. 14. George Burns, American comedionI G R A M M A R your,his, my, her,etc. people family 2 VOCABUTARY anda Complete a comPlete singular plural the chart. the chart boy t boys girlsb Complete sentences. the b Complete the sentences.I Thats laptop! 2 Are they keys? Gr,once3 Whats M BnN fecr = Gnecr5 This is house. 1 Eves my mother 5 2 Graceis my 6 3 Charlottes _. my 77 Thats chair. 8 Lookat bags. 4 Bens _. my Studenfs p.90Grsmmar zB Book Bank @tsJ Students p.tos Vacobulory Book Bank@D
  15. 15. PRONUNCIATION t,rt,and l6t, tet Words phrases learn and to Go to the Sound Bank on the MultiROM. Complete the dialogueswith the phrasesin the list. Listen and repeatthe words and the sounds for mother, up, and computer. there Thanks. I cant remember. Whos this? over there Thats Practisesayingthesewords. 1 A Wheres bag? my B Its there - on the chair. that mother woman brother umbrella remember there Hungary daughter Its my daughter. Her names Elizabeth.ffi Studenf,s p.m? sook Sound Bnnk GRAMMAR possessive s 3 A Wheres your boyfriend? B Hesin the Complete the sentences. car I David is Victorias husband. Victoria is David wife 4 A Whats your teachersname? 2 lon is Angelinasfather. B John?fack? Angelina is 3 fulio is Enriques father. Enrique is 4 Helena is Tims wife. Tim is 5 |anet is Michaels sister. Michael is ru 5 A my pen! B No, it isnt. Your pensin your book! 6 Apple is Gwyneths daughter. A Heresyour coffee. Gwyneth is B 7 Daniel is Natashas brother. Natasha is 8 Stella is Paulsdaughter. Paul is ifiii Lirt.nto thedialogues theMultiROM. on Look at the sin the sentence. A Whats your sonsname? Write A (possessive) B (is). or B His namesAdam. 1 Amys husband fapanese. tr is A Whos Paul? 2 Its afantasticfilm. tr B Hesmy sistershusband. 3 Dylans on holiday. I A Whos this? 4 Thisis my sisters room. tr B Its Rebecca.Shes brothers girlfriend. my 5 Mollys daughter six. is I A Is Katie your wife? 6 Whatt in your bag? I B No, shesmy daughter. 7 Emmaslate. I 8 TheboysareMatts friends. I ;t:i fUow Copy gythm. listenandrepeat. the
  16. 16. A bigyellow took taxi away oldman. my Fronthe Big song Yellow byloniMitchell ToxiVOCABUTARY colours and c Complete the words.common adjectivesRewrite the sentenceswith the colour.1 My penis ULBE. Mtt pen is blue2 Jamies mobileis DRE.3 Yourglasses NEREG. are Your umbrella is fantastic t 2 Havean day!4 Zodsbagis TEHIW.5 My fathers umbrellais KLBAC.6 Theircaris WELOYL.7 Her coat is ENO GRA. Her bofriend is very My brotheris very o - l b8 His watch is WBORN.Complete opposite the sentences.1 Their house big. isnt Its small2 His mobile isnt old. It,S wl feisb 6 This film is very q3 My girlfriend isnt short. Shes @} Bookp.tc6 Vocabulary Studenfs Bank.4 Thatbook isnt very good. Itsvery 2 GRAMMARadjectives5 Harveys laptop isnt cheap. It,S a Right (,t) or wrong (rX Correctthe wrongsentences.6 Their car isnt slow. 1 Its a big bag. ./ Its 2 Shesa woman beautiful. X Shes beautiful woman. a7 My coatisnt short. 3 Its an uinbrella cheap. It,S 4 theyre terribles boys. 5 Its an orange mobile. 6 Shesa mother good. 7 Oscarsa nice person. 8 The windows are olds.
  17. 17. r: :.-i-rtrtethe sentences. Words phrases learn and to . -:. rlan is good-looking. , H.s tt good-lookingman Complete the dialogueswith a word from the list. - le pens are red. di#er*lt favourite French popular German dangerous Ther-re red pBlts The people are fantastic! ) i ne- re I A Are you learning Chinese? lhe dictionary is good. B Yes,I am but its very l 1t 5 : dificult The rvatchesare expensive. T1r o.".o The girl is nice. 2 A Is Marta Shet B No, shes The coat is yellow. Shes from Berlin. Its E The cars are fast. Theyre ($ffi s€nedemftsp.#ffi ffimmk 3 A I have a new motorbike. ffirmmrmsr #arn#:ff B I think motorbikes are very PRONUNCIATION tert, tnt, ts:t, and lc:l Go to the Sound Bank on the MultiROM. 4 A Whatsyour cat? Listen and repeatthe words and the B A Mini. sounds for cat, train, car, and horse.b Circle the word with a different sound. 1 black Uug @ 2 table card same 3 taxi 5 A Whosthat? football bug 4 thanks name B Its Sue. Shes very paper 5 are car board 6 small family tall 7 father stand nationality 8 late day fantasticffi $€sxdesx€s p.TTp ffimm$q #msaft "$m#d?d ni:l, l-istento the dialogueson the MultiROM. 1 A What colours your car? B Its a blue Passat. 2 A Whats your dream car? B Its a Mini. Its small and its easyto park. 3 A Whos your favourite person? B My sister.Shes beautiful and shes very nice. +i:il ttowlisten repeat. thegythm. and Copy
  18. 18. INTRODUCINGOPTE PE VOCAB IARY phone U numbers, 21-100Complete dialogues. the Put the dialogue in the correct order. I Your homenumber. L__lSorry,canyou saythat again? L__lYes, 01752336384. its El Whatsyour phonenumber? L__l0r7s2 336384. L__lMy homenumberor my mobile? Write the phonenumbers. I eight two seven double three oh 827330 2 five six two three double two 3 nine double one five six three 4 double seven three oh eight two A Hi lake.How A SorryMax. Im in a 5 four nine six seven double eight are you? h 6 double two nine double oh four B Fine, t B OK.S you Complete the numbers. And you? soon. r 20 tw enty s ffi€3 si-t- 29O ni t 6 ffiffi ei--t- 3 40 fo-t 7 ffiffi L_t_ 4 1OO r 8 ffiffi th--t- "h" Write the numbers. 1 seventv-four 74 2 sixty-eight 3 eighry-nine a fifty-six3AT ls my AHowo sister. you? 5 forty-three B W her B I 6 twenty-seven name( twenty-one. 7 seventy-five 8 thirty-twoMatch the sentences.I Hello. tr a No,Imnot. Book Studenfs p.t02 Vocobulary Bank2 How areyou? b Bye. @| I3 This is my sister. I cHi.4 Whatsyour name? I d Nice to meetyou.5 Are you married? tr e Anna.6 How old areyou? I f Fine,thanks.7 tyVhats phonenumber? tr your g Im twenty-four.8 Seeyou soon. I h Its655B5gr25.
  19. 19. 3 P E R S O N AN F O R M A T I O N ITComplete the questions. t p.60 Grammar and Vocabulary revisionquiz Dont forget that your MultiROM and website have lots of exercisesand activities. MultiROM ,/ Grammar Quiz File 2 T Vocabulary Banks Things T Peopleand family A I Whatsyour name? T Adjectives B My namet Keira Richards. T Numbers tt L I A Thank you.2 Sound Bank are B Im English. Im from Manchester. from? T Practical English File 2 A Whats /our 3 T Words and phrases File 2 B Its 31 Kippax Street. T A 4 postcode? B ItsM14 6JG. A s old you? B Im twenty-five. A 6 married? B No, Im not. A Whats four 7 number? B My home number or my mobile number? A Your home number. B Its 061 903882. wuuw.ou ishfile/begi nner glA 8 mobile number? Grammar File 2B Its 07730 389273. singularand plural nouns;a I an, the llA Whats/our e address? my,your, his,her,etc.possessive I s B k.richards@hotmail. com. adjectives f Vocabulary File 2 Things I Peopleand family I listen to the dialogueon the MultiROM. Adjectives f Hello. Whats your name? , Numbers Hello. Im David Green. Whats your address? Its 45 North Road. Pronunciation T Whats your home phone number? Practical English File 2 I Its 883065. Whats your email address? Its dgreen@hotmail. ...and more activities and games. com. Nowlisten repeat. and Copy ftythm. the
  20. 20. Some theworst of mistakesmylifehave of been haircuts. lin Morrison, Americon sinqer rockGRAMMAR present simple: you I and c Complete the dialogue with do or dont. A Hi, |essica. This is my new boyfriendMax.Complete the sentences. Use eachverb once. B Hello,Max. Nice to meetyou. c Hi.drink have like live want BtDo you live near here, Max? C No,I2 . I live in the centre. I I live B 3 you have a car? the city centre. f C Y e sI,a A s you want a coffee,Jessica? B Yes, please. A And you Max? C No, thanks.I o drink coffee. a new car. f A Oh. Do you want a tea? C No thanks. I z like tea. A OK. What s you want? C I want a water, please. coffee. E A Fine. @ Bookp.92 Grsmrnsr sA Students Bank 4 I football.E VOCABUTARY common I verbs Write the verbs. 5 I wa+€h study want live drink like listen to eat six children.EWrite the questions.1 A I dont hav ea l a p to p . B Do )tou have a computer?2 A I dont live in the centre. B near here?3 A I dont want a beer. 1 I watch TV in the evening. B a Coke? 2 I a new bike.4 A I dont like Chinese food. 3 I pop music. B Mexican 4 I in a house. food? 5 I tea.5 A I dont drink tea. 6 I history. B coffee? 7 I cats. 8 I a lot of chocolate.
  21. 21. b Complete the sentences. 4 PRONUNCIATION twt,and tu:t, tvt I I listen to classical music. 2 I dont Go to the sound Bank on the MultiRoM. Listen and beer. repeat the words and the sounds for boot, witch, and, 3 Do you in a bank? vase. 4 I Englishwith my teacher. 5 I dont a newspaper. Circle the six words with the boot sound. 6 Do you CNN? hotel 7 I two brothers and a sister. w9 sorry 8 A Doyou football excuse you study a coffee? B Yes, please. hurry beautiful good newspaperW Students p.tor Vacabulary Book Bsnk Studenfs Book ffi$ Bank READIG N Words phrases learn and to Read the interview and write the questions in the Complete the dialogues. correct space. 1 A Do you want a coffee? Whereareyou from? Do you like it? B Yesplease Do you havechildren? Wheredo you work? 2 AA _youOK? @ Areyoumarried? B No, Im not. 3 A I haveten children. Interview with a B R ?Ten! hairdresser 4 A Whatsher name? Whats B Idontk your name? 5 A Sorrylmlate.My namesAnastazia, B Dont w . Sitdown.Annafor short. 6 A Do you want a drink?) B Nothlm fro m W ar s aw. s a b i g c i ty ,b u t I l i k ei t. lt 7 A Itslate.Are you ready?? B No Im not. W 8 A Whatsthe pr.---.-?Y e s , a m . M y h u s b a n ds R u s s i a n . i sn a m ei s l v a n . I i HHe s from Moscow. B I dont like dogs.Yes, do.We have littleboy. name David. we a His isHes two. $,t tistento the dialogues theMultiROM. on5 1 A Do you listen to the radio?Iwo rk i n a hair dr es s er sth e c i tyc e n tre . t,sa v e ry B Yes,I do. I listen to Radio 4. in lgood hairdressers, itsverysmall. 2 A Do you live near here? but6 B No, I dont. I live in the centre. 3 A Do you drink coffee?Ye s,I d o . I wor k wit h m y fri e n d s n d I s p e a k a l o t o f : B No, I dont. I drink tea. I dont like coffee. a tonewpeopte every day. s veryinteresting. lt ilil ruo*listen repeat. theftythm. and Copy Look at the highlightedwordsandphrases. What do you think theymean? Checkwith your dictionary.
  22. 22. Eat breakfast a king, like lunch a prince, dinner a poor like and like man. Adelle Dovis, nutritionist VOCABUTARY food Complete crossword. the Clues -> acrossb What do they havefor lunch?Complete words. the PRON UNCIATION word stress; It|, ld3l, and lgl Underline the stressedsyllable and then complete the chart. Practise saying the words. beautiful sausages expensive fantastic important petatees hamburger remember difficult umbrella vege$f€s terrible I s a I a d 4 a s h 2 fr u i t 5 c e 3 o e J _ 6 m vegetables Go to the SoundBankon the MultiROM. Listenand repeatthe wordsand the 7 p 10f jazz, andgirl. soundsfor chess, 8 e l1 v 9 w 12t a@! Studenf,s p.tosVocabulary Book Bank
  23. 23. c Circle the word with a different sound. 6 A economics? I Hungary hamburger B No, they studyhistory. @ ,2 Germany cheese lunch 7 A in a school? 3 vegetables sugar juice B Yes, they do. Theyreteachers. 4 dangerous girl bug 5 cheap eggs French 8 A dogs? 6 fapanese Chinese children B Yes, do. We love dogs! we students p.t Soand Book tz Bank @[ Students Bookp.92 Grommor JB Bank{$$ilruf GRAMMAR present simple: you, we, they Words phrases learn and to Write sentences. the verbsfrom the list. Complete the interview. Use Interviewer What do you eat everyday,Ryan? drink have listen to live read { rant wat€h work Ryan Well, t for breakfast I have coffee and cereal.At the zw I have bacon and I W e / a n e w f l a tE eggs. Wewant a newflqL Interviewer What do you have for lunch? 2 lack and Anne / TV in the evening E Ryan It 3d_ . When Im at +h Iack and Anne dont watch TV in the evening. I have a salad.When Im at sw 3 You / a saladfor lunch lJl I have a sandwich with my friends. Interviewer Do you eat meat or fish for dinner? 4 My children/ tea f Ryan I like meat or fish, but I eat a 6l of vegetablestoo. I like vegetables. We / classical music lT.l Interviewer Do you have dinner at home? 6 YouI in abank lrl Ryan Yes,I do. I live with my wife, Marcia, so we always have dinner 7t_. 7 We / a newspaper! 8 My brothersand sisters nearhere f / ffi Hsten thediatogues theMultiROM. to on 1 A What do you have for breakfast? Complete questions. the B We have cereal and orangejuice. 1 A Do they live in France? 2 A Do your brothers and sistersdrink tea? B No, they dont. Th.y drink coffee. B No, they live in Germany. 3 A Do you eat a lot of fruit? 2 A children? B Yes,we do. We like fruit. B Yeswe do - two boys and a girl. Nowlisten repeat. thegythm. and Copy 3 A English? B Yes, they do. TheirEnglishis very good. 4 A coffeefor breakfast? B Yes, do - coffeewith milk. we 5 A a new car? B Yes,our car is very old.
  24. 24. People work who down more people work sitting earn than who standing up. Ogden Nosh, poet Americon GRAMMAR present simple: she, he, it Look at the chart and completethe sentences. 1 Ben doesntread novels. 2He beer. 3 He sport on TV. 4 He languages. 5 He big cities. x ,/ 6 Sarah novels. .7 ,/ x She beer. ,/ x 8 She sport on TV. 9 She Ianguages. x ,/ 1 0 She big cities. ,/ xb Complete text. the c Complete the dialogue with do, does,dont, or doesnt. Brad Hello.Im Brad. E m m a i s a n E n g l i s h e a c h e irn J a p a n . c Molly Hi. Im Molly. Shet lives ( l i v e )i n O s a k aa n d s h e Brad What t do you do, Molly? Molly Im a doctor. (w o rk ) i n a l a n g u a g e Brad 2_you havebrothersand sisters, Molly? s c h o o lt h e r e .T h e s c h o o l Molly Yes,I havea brother. (not open)at the weekend nd Emma a Brad What: he do? (go) to seefriendsin Kyoto. Mollv Hes a student. s Brad 4 he live at home? Emma (like)Japan ut b u Molly No, he s_. He lives in a student flat. she (not speak)Japanese 7 Brad Where 6_your mother and father live, Molly? v e r yw e l l . S h e ( have) Molly Th.y have a house near here. I live there too. a J a p a n e s e l a s si n t h e m o r n i n ga n d s h e c 7_you Brad like it? 8 (s tu d y ) i n th e e v e n i n g t a Molly No, I 8 I want aflat for me. n h o m e .S h e (not watch) TV bec aus e he s to (not @il@ Students p.92Grsmmar sC Book Bank understandthe programmes! ) P R O N U N C I A T I Or d p e r s o s lN -n Go to the Sound Bank on the MultiROM. Listen and repeat the words and the sounds for zebra and snake. Circle the 3rd person verbs that end in lrul. I . 1 qlosgy orlnKs finishes goes likes teaches listens opens watches works @ Studenfs Bookp.ur Sound Bsnk
  25. 25. jobs placeswork! VOCABUTARY and of c Complete the sentences with at, in, or for. 1 My father works ln an office.a Look at the picturesand completethepuzzle. Whatsthe mysterv 2 |essicas university. word? 3 I dont work in an office. I work home. 4 A policeman works the street. 5 My boyfriend works a hospital. 6 Thechildrenare school. 7 Graceworks Vodafone. 8 Mv sisterworks a shop. @J Bookp.t09 Vocabulary Studenfs Bank Words phrases Iearn and to Complete dialogues. the 1 A W heredovou work ? B I work i_ an office in the city centre. 2 A Does your boyfriend speak English? B Yes, speaks he Englishv w ffi :: : t 3 A Wheredoesyour companyhaveoffices? B We haveofficesall over t w l;:€F 4 A what do y--. d-? t&, B Imalawyer. 5 A Do you like your job? B Yes, like it v I m 6 A Do you sp_ on the phonea lot? B Yes, do. I fistento thedialogues theMultiROM. Xi"liu on I A Whut does your brother do? B Hes at university. Hes a student. 2 A Where does your sister work? B She works in an office in the city centre. Complete the sentenceswith a place of work. 3 A Does Martin like his job? B Yes,he does. He likes it very much. 1 A nurseworksrn ahospital ;:!;4i: 2 Ateacherworks in a s ;i,:.!iNowlistenandrepeat. Copy $ythm. the 3 A waiter works in a r 4 My brotherworks in a f 5 A policeman works in the s 6 A shop assistantworks in a s 7 Alav,ryer works in an o 8 My sister works at h
  26. 26. I T E T L I N T H ET I M E G b Complete the dialogues.a Complete times. the 2 Its four. 3 Itt 4 It,S eight. eleven. 5 Its 6 Its seven five. 8 It,S ten.