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Raidundant Storage Solutions

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE<br />2011-2012<br />
  2. 2. ABOUT US<br />EXPERIENCED PEOPLE. EXPERT STORAGE.<br />Raidundant is an innovative storage technology company focused on providing affordable enterprise level data solutions to all sized organizations. <br />FOUNDED: 2010 by a team of storage experts with 20+ years of industry experience.<br /> HEADQUARTERS:Los Angeles, CA USA<br />STABILITY: Financially sound company backed by USA based investors.<br />CHANNEL FOCUS: Raidundant sells 100% of product through its strategic partners. <br />
  4. 4. SALES STRUCTURE<br />CHAIN OF COMMAND<br />Annie Parkhurst<br />CHANNEL SALES & MARKETING MGR <br />Storage Specialist EAST<br />Storage Specialist SOUTH<br />Storage Specialist WEST<br />Storage Specialist NORTH<br />INSIDE<br />INSIDE<br />INSIDE<br />INSIDE<br />
  5. 5. R.A.I.D. PARTNERS<br />RAIDUNDANT AUTHORIZED INDEPENDENT DEALER<br />Raidundant is a 100% IT channel focused company providing strategic partners, VARs, integrators and service companies the opportunity to empower their clients with affordable enterprise <br />level storage solutions. <br />Based on territory, relationship and support needs end users work directly with our hands on partner’s sales and support teams for a consultative approach to selling Raidundant storage solutions.<br />R.A.I.D. Partners enjoy a variety of benefits including:<br /><ul><li>Lead generation and protection
  6. 6. Large margin potential
  7. 7. Increased pre-sale & post-sale services
  8. 8. No Tiered pricing (level playing field for all R.A.I.D. Partners)
  9. 9. Solution based selling tools and training
  10. 10. Quarterly spiff and bonus incentive programs
  11. 11. Marketing funds for strategic events, opportunities…and more</li></li></ul><li>R.A.I.D. FORUM<br />COMMUNITY INNOVATION<br />Raidundant’s Forum brings together storage users, valued partners and industry experts for an ongoing discussion and dialogue about solving the storage issues for businesses both large and small. <br />These storage community conversations drive Raidundant’s vision to create proactive solutions based on need, features and flexibility currently sought in the technology market place today. <br />R.A.I.D. Forum participants receive:<br /><ul><li>Top secret product information
  12. 12. Tradeshow and Industry event VIP
  13. 13. BETA products for testing and review
  14. 14. High level networking opportunities
  15. 15. First access to evaluation and demo units</li></ul>R.A.I.D. Forum meetings are conducted quarterly. <br />
  16. 16. MORE SOLUTIONS<br />BEST IN CLASS FOR ALL.<br />ENTERPRISE<br />MID-LARGE<br />ENTRY LEVEL <br />Robust and intelligent data storage solutions and features designed for heavy-duty use. <br />Maximize speed, functionality & flexibility. Increased ROI & decreased headaches. <br />Pay-As-You-Grow technology allows users to add more when ready. <br />DATA CENTER<br />CO-LOCATIONS<br />CLOUD PROVIDER<br />NON-PROFIT<br />SCHOOL / COLLEGE<br />FORTURE 500<br />LEGAL OFFICES<br />RETAIL <br />STATE / LOCAL GOV<br />
  17. 17. NERONAS<br />NETWORK ATTACHED STORAGE<br />EXPAND<br />REPLICATE<br />CUSTOMIZE<br />STORE<br />NeroNAScan easily support 4TB up to 126TB in a single unit <br />One size never fits all. Customize the flexible NeroNAS to fit your unique specifications.<br />Optional mirroring between multiple NeroNAS units perfect for co-location and replication needs.<br />NeroNAS connects up to 4 more devices for over 500TB of storage potential.<br /><ul><li>NAS-to-NAS Mirroring & Auto-Failover over LAN
  18. 18. Active/Active Shared Clustering
  19. 19. iSCSITarget Capable
  20. 20. Fibre Channel Target Capable</li></ul>ADDITIONAL <br />FEATURES<br />
  21. 21. FELIX SAN<br />SCALABILITY & PERFORMCE<br />The Felix SAN RDZ-Series is affordable enterprise level storage. Manage any combination of hardware with shared pooled storage <br /><ul><li>Unlimited snapshots & clones
  22. 22. Unlimited file size
  23. 23. Block and file based replication
  24. 24. End to end data integrity
  25. 25. Thin provisioning
  26. 26. Integrated search
  27. 27. Hybrid storage pools
  28. 28. Virtualization management
  29. 29. Cloud ready storage capabilities
  30. 30. In-line Deduplication
  31. 31. iSCSI Target Capable</li></ul>SCALE<br />PERFORM<br />VIRTUALIZE<br />Enabled thin provisioning improves performance via I/O pooling. When you add more disks or systems to RDZ-Series the overall solution accelerates.<br />Go beyond 1PB (petabyte)+ of storage capacity, managed in one single Z-RAID array using Raidundant’s enterprise class external storage. <br />RDZ-Series protects your organization's data with features and capabilities ranging from the most granular, per transaction data integrity checks to higher level backup and disaster recovery capabilities.<br />
  32. 32. ADD - ON<br />PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS.<br />Raidundant also gives multi-vendor users the opportunity to scale their storage easily and affordably using our Felix storage series. A single external storage solution from Raidundant can add 126TB or more to any Dell, HP, EMC or other network hardware. <br /><ul><li>Optional iSCSI, SAS and FC connections
  33. 33. More than 40% add on storage cost savings
  34. 34. Instantly add storage into existing volumes</li></li></ul><li>THANK YOU<br /><br />