Skills development for CD cover


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Skills development for CD cover

  1. 1. Colour SplashHow to turnimagesblack andwhite.
  2. 2. Choose the colour you want tokeep
  3. 3. Select inverse to pick everythingelse but the colour you havechosen to make the colour standout against the black and white.
  4. 4. To make the colour brighter andmore vivid you can increase thehue, saturation, brightness andcontrast.
  5. 5. Metal front cover- brushes, transform, bevel I changed the background colour to pink as the font I chose was very girly and elegant. I did this1 by selecting the fill button (1) and then chose the colour I wanted (2)2
  6. 6. I got this text from but I had to make the background transparentas it was originally white. I did this by going to select ,colour range, select the whitebackground, clicked ok and then pressed the delete button on my keyboard andthen you are left with same writing but without the background.
  7. 7. I made all the layers visible and put the writing on top so it can be seen. You can useeffects on your text by going to edit, transform and there are many different things tochoose from. I didn’t use and on mine as I liked the way it is normally.
  8. 8. CD coverI selected the photo I wanted to use as I then went on to edit the text that I wantedmy CD front cover and dragged it from on my CD cover. Once again I had to makemy pictures onto the Photoshop the background transparent and I alsodocument and stretched it to the size I wanted to change the colour of the text so itwanted so it would fit the whole cover. would stand out against the dark background. I did this by clicking the fill icon and picking the colour required which in this case was white.
  9. 9. After I had made the text white I made both the layers visible and put the text layer ontop of the image layer so the text would be visible.
  10. 10. CD back cover I selected the photo I wanted to use as my CD front cover and dragged it from my pictures onto the Photoshop document and stretched it to the size I wanted so it would fit the whole back cover. I then put the artists name in the top corner.
  11. 11. I inserted a text box and picked a suitable font for the track listings.I then went online to find arecord companys logo to use onmy back cover. I then inserted itonto my back cover and resized itso it was small and was able to fitinto the bottom corner.
  12. 12. I inserted another text box at the bottom for the credits and rights and regulationsI went online to make my ownbarcode and then inserted it ontothe back cover.