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Graphic novel


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Graphic novel

  1. 1. READING SHAKESPEARE A Midsummers Night‟s Dream Annie Davis
  2. 2. CLASS GRAPHIC NOVELThe class will bemaking a graphicnovel for“A midsummernight‟s dream”
  3. 3. TASK• There are two parts to this task:1. Read• In groups you will be given a selected chapter to read as a group.• Each group member needs to read a part of the play.2. Graphic novel• Your group will make a part of the graphic novel for the chapter that you have read.
  4. 4. READEach member of the group needs apart in the play to read.Try to read the play with as muchexpression as possible.When your group has completedreading the play you must discuss…1. What has taken place in the chapter you have read?2. What are the most important parts/ quotes in the chapter?
  5. 5. CHARACTER POSTERMake a poster of all the charactersthat are part of your scene.Your poster needs to include.- A photo of each group member who is reading the part/ a photo of the figure playing the part.- - The name of the character. Puck
  6. 6. GRAPHIC NOVEL• Write down which important scenes will be included in your group’s section of the graphic novel.• Divide the scenes up amongst your group.• Each group member will be responsible for two frames of the graphic novel.• You will need to work as a group to get the photos required for your graphic novel.• It is up to the individual to edit their two photos they are responsible for.• One person in the group needs to be responsible for putting the frames together and adding transitions.
  7. 7. TWO FRAMES EACHYour frame needs to include. -A picture of the Thou art as wise characters acting out the as thou art beautiful . part. Use a photo of group members/figures. -A speech bubble including what is being said. -An explanation box Titania declares her love for Bottom. explaining what is happening in the frame.
  8. 8. SUBMISSION• This is to be done in Powerpoint or Keynote.• Each group member needs to email their two frames to the leader of the group.• The leader is responsible for putting the frames in order and putting transitions in to make sure the graphic novel plays smoothly.• The final copy needs to be emailed to Miss Davis who will put the story in order and make the final graphic novel available for the whole class.
  9. 9. PARTSPage 10-13 Page 14-15 Page 16-19 Page 20- 21 Page 22-23 Page 24- 25Egeus Quince Oberon Titania Puck QuniceTheseus Bottom Titania Attendants Demetrius BottomHermia Flute Puck Oberon Helena StarvelingDemetrius Snug Demetrius Lysander Lysander SnoutLysander Helena Hermia Hermia PuckPage 26- 29 Page 30 -33 Page 34-36 Page 37- 39 Page 39-41 Page 43- 48Bottom Puck Puck Theseus Bottom PhilostrateQuince Oberon Bottom Hippolyta Quince TheseusFlute Hermia Titania„ Egeus Starveling QuinceTitania Demetrius Oberon Demetrius Flute Bottom Lysander Hermia Snug Flute Helena Helena Hippolyta Hippolyta Lysander Theseus Demetrius Oberon Titania