Establishing an Audit Framework


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If you're an Internet marketer and have to do any kind of site audits, you may benefit from this presentation. It culminates in a Google Doc with 300+ audit checkpoints.

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  • intimidating – current audit three passeschaoticmy goal: reduce the chaos by providing a framework
  • I’m going to talk about some of the more expensive mistakes we see to provide some context – and hit on solutions.I’m not going to go into deep detail on the solutions b/c you’ll get that in the document I’ll share at the end.
  • if your site has multiple subdomains (www, blog, reviews, etc.) AND you use GA, there’s a filter that’s CRITICAL.if you don’t include this filter the traffic for all your subdomains will be blended into blob.biggest victim: homepage of your main domain b/c each subdomain’s homepage is going to be dumped into the homepage, sabotaging all your homepage also won’t be able to segment by subdomain.
  • CLICKclick on admin > select your profile >
  • CLICKborked internal linking:common to find links to non-canonical pages in navigation, breadcrumbs, and even the results:links to search results instead of the static page.parameters:sort, color, type, size, etc.both gwt and bwt give you a list of parameters they find in your site.for large ecommerce sites these parameters can result in literally millions of pages of low-quality duplicate content.faceted navigation:these are filters that help users pare down paginated results.if they use parameters, they can add to the malaise.
  • CLICKit used to be you had to enter to see how many pages google has indexed. now gwt gives you a historical view of your indexed pages.
  • CLICKwhen i looked at their organic traffic for that month, I saw this …47,225this number is MUCH higher than reality
  • CLICKwhen i looked at their organic traffic for that month, I saw this …47,225this number is MUCH higher than reality
  • CLICKwhen i looked at their organic traffic for that month, I saw this …47,225this number is MUCH higher than reality
  • Sr Product Manager for Bing Webmaster Tools
  • bing is such a girl
  • CLICK302s:One client had more than 20,000 links to their homepage from high-authority sites. They never built a single link - were all natural.Martha Stewart, MSNBC, CNN, etc. All b/c they were featured in a movie.They changed their CMS and redirected / to /home.Equivalent of packaging all of your links into one link.404:Recently client had 404 pages with links from high-authority news sites and even the house of of our associates, ethan, found these and is doing link reclamation, which can be infinitely more valuable for high-authority sites than link building!
  • tabs along the bottom
  • tabs along the bottom
  • make a note about how to use ahrefs but noticed that the page had a lot of charts on it, so I included a screenshot of the chart you want to look for.
  • you’ll see this notation a lot.>’s mean drill down
  • Establishing an Audit Framework

    1. 1. establishing an audit frameworkannie cushingseer interactive @anniecushing
    2. 2. do you approach audits this way?seer interactive @anniecushing
    3. 3. most expensive mistakes we see regularly
    4. 4. 1. subdomain reporting errors in GA @anniecushing
    5. 5. @anniecushing
    6. 6. pro tips to minimize chaos add an annotation to analytics change in beginning of month concatenate in excelseer interactive @anniecushing
    7. 7. 2. index bloatseer interactive @anniecushing
    8. 8. causes of bloat borked internal linking search results pages ecommerce parameters faceted navigationseer interactive @anniecushing
    9. 9. 5.8 million pages indexed! @anniecushing
    10. 10. @anniecushing
    11. 11. @anniecushing
    12. 12. That’s a reduction of 10k+ visits!Custom GA Report: @anniecushing
    13. 13. let’s do some math 5.8 million pages indexed in Google 37k pages received organic traffic 645 drove revenue for Feb .6% of pages indexed received traffic .01% of pages indexed generated revenue
    14. 14. seer interactive @anniecushing
    15. 15. 3. ppc traffic reporting in organicseer interactive @anniecushing
    16. 16. totally random aside @anniecushing
    17. 17. I wasn’t the only one fooled @anniecushing
    18. 18. others:PPCCPC @anniecushing
    19. 19. or use this advanced segment @anniecushing
    20. 20. 4. dirty sitemaps “Your sitemaps need to be clean. We have a 1% allowance for dirt in a sitemap. Examples of dirt are if we click on a URL and we see a redirect, a 404 or a 500 code. If we see more than a 1% level of dirt, we begin losing trust in the sitemap”. — Duane Forrester
    21. 21. seer interactive @anniecushing
    22. 22. 5. sitemap hasn’t been submitted FACT: Sitemaps are so easy to submit, surely everyone does it.seer interactive @anniecushing
    23. 23. since caffeine in june 2010, google has an easier time finding sites’ pagesseer interactive @anniecushing
    24. 24. but bing has a harder time and is more dependent on sitemaps to find sites’ pagesseer interactive @anniecushing
    25. 25. 6. loss of valuable links homepage that 302s pages with links that 404 pages that 500seer interactive @anniecushing
    26. 26. a potential solution a checklist of 300+ checkpoints google doc for ease of updatingseer interactive @anniecushing
    27. 27. organization of google doc
    28. 28. find tabs quickly
    29. 29. include screenshot urls in observations More: @anniecushing
    30. 30. seer interactive @anniecushing
    31. 31. seer interactive @anniecushing
    32. 32. seer interactive @anniecushing
    33. 33. seer interactive @anniecushing
    34. 34. seer interactive @anniecushing
    35. 35. seer interactive @anniecushing
    36. 36. tools google doc @anniecushing
    37. 37. links to these google docs interactive @anniecushing
    38. 38. extras in the post tips on how to structure and format audit in word link to both google docs @anniecushing