Social Media Analytics and ROI tracking


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What and how to measure social media marketing efforts.

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Social Media Analytics and ROI tracking

  1. 1. SSocial Media Analyticsand ROI TrackingBrianna Smith | Digital Marketing Specialist
  2. 2. Social Media Analytics and ROITracking AgendaS  Social Media MetricsS  Social Media Measurement ToolsS  Measuring ROI of Social Media EffortsS  Questions
  3. 3. SSocial Media MetricsDetermining what to measure
  4. 4. SSocial MediaMarketing Metrics
  5. 5. Increase in CommunityMembershipS  Facebook page likesS  Twitter followersS  LinkedIn followersS  Google+ likesS  YouTube channel subscribersS  Pinterest followers
  6. 6. Content Mobility &EngagementS  Facebook post likes and sharesS  Tweets directly from contentS  RetweetsS  YouTube video likes, shares, and embedsS  Pinterest repinsS  LinkedIn post likes and shares
  7. 7. Market PerceptionS  Sentiment of social media mentionsS  Number of people who hid Facebook post or mentioned apost in a negative way (can be found in Facebook Insights)S  Keep a monthly total of positive, negative, and neutralmentions to view trendsS  Increase in positive mentionsS  Decrease in negative mentions
  8. 8. Social ConversionsS  Total number of click-throughs to website from each socialmedia sourceS  TwitterS  FacebookS  LinkedInS  PinterestS  YouTubeSocial MediaFollowerWebsiteVisitorLead
  9. 9. SSocial MediaMeasurement Tools
  10. 10. SSocial Media Tools
  11. 11. Hootsuite•  Social Network Management•  Google Analytics•  Twitter Profile Statistics report• Click Statistics•  Google+ Pages Analytics•  Custom Reports•  Team Features•  Monitoring: search by•  Streams•  Mentions•  Hashtag•  Geo-location•  Klout•  Keyword•  Language•  Twitter•  Facebook•  LinkedIn•  Google+•  Foursquare•  Myspace•  Wordpress
  12. 12. SocialBro•  Real time analytics•  Best time to tweet report•  Discover Twitter users and insights•  What your followers talk about•  What your followers influentialFollowers•  Very active friends•  Your influencers•  Who you influence•  Analyze your competitors•  Analyze your lists•  Twitter DM Campaigns•  Accounts comparison•  Benchmark•  Compare accounts of similar size &age•  Geolocated search
  13. 13. GoogleAnalytics•  Create conversion reports•  See how many social mediavisitors complete a goal, suchas a specific page view orcomplete a purchase•  Visualize how visitors flowfrom social networksthrough your site•  See which social networksare sending traffic to yoursite•  Social plugins report showson-site engagement
  14. 14. ShareThisPlugin•  Analytics that shows•  Which social networks drivethe most sharing•  Which content was shared themost•  Measures SQI score – SocialQuality Index or the socialquality of your website•  Integrates with GoogleAnalytics
  15. 15. SproutSocial•  Engagement report tomeasure response rate andaverage response time•  View best time and day forincreased engagement•  Evaluate your engagementand influence against yourcompetition•  Track brand mentions•  Geotargeting•  Monitor competitors•  Mobile app for on-the-gosocial media management
  16. 16. Gremlin•  Schedule, distribute, and analyzeposts on Twitter, Facebook, andLinkedIn and make side-by-sidenetwork comparisons•  Quickly translates social mediamessages for internationalbusinesses•  Uses and linkshortners to track URLs•  Set-up and track up to 15 differenttypes of goals•  Search for brand mentions acrossall three social networks at once•  Social media complianceenforcement for businesses inregulated industries•  Coming Soon: Sentiment analysis
  17. 17. SimplyMeasured
  18. 18. SocialMention•  Searches blogs, microblogs,networks, bookmarks, comments,events, images, news videos, audio,and questions all across the internet•  Measures social media strength –the likelihood that your brand willbe mentioned on social media•  Determines sentiment – the ratio ofgenerally positive mentions to thosethat are negative•  Analyzes passion – the likelihoodthat those talking about your brandwill do so repeatedly•  Other measurements•  Top users•  Top hashtags•  Sources•  Realtime buzz widget•  Set up alerts for brand mentions
  19. 19. SMeasuring ROI ofSocial Media Efforts
  20. 20. SDetermining SocialMedia ROI
  21. 21. Google Analytics EcommerceSales FunnelS  Track ecommerce sales and visitors by adding the Google Analyticsecommerce tracking code to your siteS  Set up goals to determine when a visitor has converted into a customeror leadS  Within the Google Analytics Conversion Report, segment visitors toview the number of transactions completed by social media visitors orby a specific network (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  22. 22. Savings: Social vs. Paid MediaS  Are your social efforts generating more results than whatyou would see with paid media?S  This can be answered by calculating how much it wouldcost to buy the same number of social impressions andactions with paid media as you do organicallyS  To determine actual savings, use the Facebook ads, Twitterpromoted tweets, YouTube promoted videos, and GoogleAdWords PPC advertising prices
  23. 23. Savings: Social vs. Paid MediaValue of SMM effortsCost of SMMROI
  24. 24. Calculating Value of SocialMedia EffortsS  Organic (non-paid) Facebook Impressions x $10.00 CPMS  Clicks from Facebook posts x average cost of PPC clicksS  ((Tweets x # of followers) + (retweets + @mentions) x .25*) x $10.00 CPMS  Clicks from Twitter x average cost of PPC clicksS  Organic YouTube video views x $0.20 per viewS  Blog pageviews x average cost of PPC clicksS  Online brand mentions x average cost of PPC clicksView rate or impressions of a single tweet, as estimated by Twitter
  25. 25. Revenue from Social MediaS  Formula for non-ecommerce sites to determine socialmedia ROIS  Determined by analyzing how views of goal pages, socialmedia visits to goal pages, and average sale are connectedS  Examples of Goal Pages:S  Store Location pagesS  Individual Product pagesS  Contact Us pages
  26. 26. Revenue from Social MediaS  Visitors to Goal Pages / Total Products Sold = Goal Pages per SaleS  Social Traffic to Goal Pages / Goal Pages per Sale = Social SalesS  Revenue from set period / Total Transactions = Average Transaction ValueS  Social Sales X Average Transaction Value = Social RevenueS  (Social Revenue – SMM Cost) / SMM Cost = ROIFor a given period of timeSocial Revenue – SMM CostCost of SMMROI
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