Botany power point 2012 annie cloutier


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Botany Plant Science Opening Class

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Botany power point 2012 annie cloutier

  1. 1. BOTANY by A.Cloutier 2012 copyrightAn Introduction to Flora acloutier 2012 botany copyright
  2. 2. What is the source of energy for plant life ?• Solar energy is the primary energy source for radiant energy on Earth• The transfer of heat energy through water on the surface of Earth creates a variety of solar heat energy resources• Can you think of some examples of heat or water movement ? acloutier 2012 botany copyright
  3. 3. Photosynthesis acloutier 2012 botany copyright
  4. 4. The Plant Cell acloutier 2012 botany copyright
  5. 5. Green Solar Cells acloutier 2012 botany copyright
  6. 6. Intelligent design using Nature • Portland , Oregon • 200 foot high building uses plants to keep building cool in summer, and in fall, leaves get dropped, and Sunlight penetrates through glass for Solar radiation inside building.Saving $280,000 in eergy heating and cooling cost per year acloutier 2012 botany copyright
  7. 7. From radiant energy to sugars• Chloroplast are most • Photosynthesis captures light important in photosynthesis energy through the fixation of carbon dioxide from the because they provide the atmosphere into energy-rich means of capturing photons carbon compounds called (a particle of light) and inside carbohydrates the living plant organism.• The transformation of unstable light energy into stable, storable plant cells as carbohydrates provide the primary energy resource for all life organisms in photic zone acloutier 2012 botany copyright
  8. 8. Mitochondrion Structures and Function Around the mitochondria, cell respiration releases energy >oxygen, carbondioxide, water, energy and carbohydrates > energy held within the carbohydrates transferred to ATP energy carrying compounds located in the inner membrane acloutier 2012 botany copyright
  9. 9. Plants are busy when the sun is shines and even when its night time• Photosynthesis occurs within • During daylight hours , green photosynthetic cells only plants liberate more oxygen when light energy is available through photosynthesis than• Respiration is a continuous they require for respiration. process within both • They also take in more photosynthetic and carbon dioxide than they nonphotosynthentic cells release. because life processes • *At night only respiration demand a continual supply occurs and plants use up the of cellular energy oxygen and liberate carbon dioxide thereby drawing upon available atmospheric oxygen acloutier 2012 botany copyright
  10. 10. Take a breath, and thank the plants on Earth for making the oxygen we need to breath acloutier 2012 botany copyright