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KCB101 Advertisement Storyboard


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Annie Chong On Yee 7676425
Hiu Tung Jenna Yu 7679858

Published in: Business, Art & Photos
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KCB101 Advertisement Storyboard

  1. 1. Team Members: Annie On Yee Chong 7676425 Hiu Tung Jenna Yu 7679858
  2. 2. Film:Will first met Jess at school.
  3. 3. Film:Will is secretly in loved withJess.
  4. 4. Film:Will writes Jess an loveletter.
  5. 5. Film:He puts that on hertable.
  6. 6. Film:Jess turns Will downbecause of his uglyhandwriting.
  7. 7. Film:Will buys a new pen and rewritesthe love letter.
  8. 8. Film:His handwriting is perfect.
  9. 9. Film:Will confidently presentshis love letter to Jessagain.
  10. 10. Film:Jess is happy about thatand they are happily inlove.