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Q1 - Evaluation of Final Cut


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Q1 - Evaluation of Final Cut

  1. 1. Q1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Annie Scholfield
  2. 2. Goodwin’s Theory • Professor Goodwin is known in the media world for his perspective on his views on social arguments that occur, in particular Music Videos and key conventions that occur. Goodwin’s 6 points: • • • • • • Music videos demonstrate characteristics to the artists specific genre(e.g. stage performance in metal video, dance routine for boy/girl band). There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals (either illustrative, amplifying, contradicting). There is a relationship between music and visuals (either illustrative, amplifying, contradicting). The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs which recur across their work (a visual style). There is frequently reference to notion of looking (screens within screens, telescopes, etc) and particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body. There is often intertextual reference (to films, tv programmes, other music videos etc)
  3. 3. Conventions of an Indie/Rock music video MISE-EN-SCENE/SHOT TYPES • One of the main convention of Indie/Rock or even just Rock is the dominant presence of the band throughout the music video. Most Rock videos show off the ‘musicianship’ of the band – this always features the main singer, wide shots used to represent the band as a whole, and to show their performance as a band and close-up and extreme close-up shots used on the various band members to emphasize their musical talents. • Another convention is a variety of contrasting shots to the band shots that portray a storyline which has some connection to the lyrics. • The clothing for Rock videos are almost always the same – Casual and plain, jeans and a simple t-shirt type look. EDITING/LIGHTING •A lot of Rock music videos include a strong connection between the music and the shots/editing speed – this is especially effective in fast paced rock music as there is a prominent drum beat or guitar rhythm which the cuts are set in-time to. • The lighting is usually dark and low also creating shadows or to highlight the band members in a particular way.
  4. 4. Conventions used in our music video: Goo Goo Dolls, One Night We used most of these conventions in our music video. This, I think, was the strongest part of our music video and the conventions we used work really well giving a strong connection between our shots and our genre.
  5. 5. Convention 1: Shots of lead singer lip-syncing
  6. 6. Clear lip-syncing from lead singer giving a strong connection between the lyrics and visuals Shadow behind lead singer created by lighting – A convention used in many Rock music videos. Clothing is casual – another convention used in rock music videos
  7. 7. We also decided to use this particular shot of our lead singer as one of the sides of our digipak. This is not necessary a convention used by only Rock bands but a lot of artists from all different styles feature the artist on their album cover and we thought it would be appropriate for ours.
  8. 8. Examples of this in other music v Foo Fighters – The Pretender
  10. 10. We also used a similar shot to this on our digipak as well as the individual shots of the lead singer. Wide shot showing the band altogether – This conventions shows the band member’s talent/musicianship and also give a strong link between the music and the visuals. Band members also each wearing casual clothing.
  11. 11. The lighting plays a huge part in our music video. We used the lighting to create shadows – this is a convention as many rock videos use lighting to create an abstract effect in their shots.
  12. 12. Examples of this in other music v Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication Queen – Somebody To Love
  14. 14. Casual clothing convention again Musicianship of the member showed from close-up Keeping up with the convention of abstract lighting – Shadow effect Another lighting effect we used was by placing this light source behind the musician creating a white silhouette out-lining the shape of the instrument also
  15. 15. Shadow/silhouette convention We decided that in this shot we wouldn’t include the whole drum kit but instead only a part of if to create a different and interesting angle/shot
  16. 16. This shot is another convention used in rock music videos – A close-up of the instrument making this guitar and musicians skill the main focus of the shot. We chose to have this particular shot at this section of the video as the guitar solo is most prominent in this certain section.
  17. 17. Other examples of close-up outlining the musicians talent
  18. 18. Examples of this in other music v Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  19. 19. OUR MAG AD The design is the same as the digipak to show the target market what the digipak is like. Shows retails that have this album in stock. It’s typical of the artist’s magazine advert to advertise other singles/hits included in the album. Ratings from critics is popular to include on mag ads – makes the album more appealing. Conventional to involve the band’s website.
  20. 20. OUR DIGIPAK This image is taken from one of our shots in the music video – it’s conventional for artists to feature themselves on their own album cover. This image is the whole band playing together, it is also a convention to include picture of the band on the album art. We decided on bold font to contrast with the dark colours of the starry sky – This makes the “GOO GOO DOLLS” stand out.