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  1. 1. THE SENSE OF LANDSCAPE 1906-1917 Soria/Antonio Machado
  2. 2. FIRST SPANISH POET TO MAKE THE LANDSCAPE A CENTRAL THEMEMachado is aware of the visualqualities of Castilian Landscape.Great ability to describe and tointerpret the raw beauty of thearid Catilian landscape, the regionmost connected to the legendaryconquest and most central to theSpanish culture.He had a keen sense andappreciation of nature’s cycles andrhythms.
  3. 3. HISTORYHis writing is not Machado believed thataesthetic but historical. Spain has to look far back into its past so thatSense of history in the right values couldwhich the past is judge be readopted:critically in terms of its democracy, socialrelevance to the present. justice, and economic growth.
  4. 4. INTRAHISTORIAA history which is allowed to dominate the presentmust be rejected in the interest of the future. social criticism different from other writters.The most significant part of nation’s life takes placebeneath the surface of historical events. compassion and respect for humble people lives.
  5. 5. PEOPLE’S LANDSCAPEThe collective soul of the people is always bound tothe soul of the landscape.He implored his fellow citizens to nourish the patriaby laboring in the fields and workshops, by diggingin the mines, by replanting trees on deforested lands,and by advancing the national culture.
  6. 6. LA PRENSA DE SORIA 2 MAYO DE 1908“Sabemos que la patria es algo que se hace constatemente yse conserva sólo por la cutura y el trabajo... Sabemos quenos es patria el suelo que se pisa, sino el suelo que se labra;que no basta vivir sobre él: que allí donde no existe huelladel esfuerzo humano no hay patria, ni siquiera región, sinouna tierra estéril, que tanto puede ser nuestra como de losbuitres o de las águilas que sobre ella se ciernen”
  7. 7. GENERATION 98 DISCOVERED AND INVENTED CASTILIAN LANDSCAPEMachado shares withUnamuno a sense ofcentral importance ofCastile in the mouldingof Spanish traditionsand both are haunted bya landscape whosepresent povertyovershadowed by thememory of past
  8. 8. DECLINEThe plane landscapeunveils the death ofSpain’s historicaldecline
  9. 9. RELATIONSHIP PAST-PRESENTMachado shares with Unamuno a sense of centralimportance of Castile in the moulding of Spanishtraditions and both are haunted by a landscapewhose present poverty overshadowed by thememory of past greatness.
  10. 10. A ORILLAS DEL DUERO¡Oh, tierra triste y noble,la de los altos llanos yyermos y roquedas;decrépitas ciudades,caminos sin mesones,y atónitos palurdos sindanzas ni cancionesque aún van,abandonando elmortecino hogar.
  11. 11. PÁRAMOHigh arid or semiaridtablelands. Evenalongside the Duero thelowest elevation isnearly 900 metres above
  12. 12. LA LAGUNA NEGRALos Picos de Urbión2,200 metres above sealevel.