Innovatie in health seminar saartje van den brande & heleen borleffs - insites consulting


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Innovatie in health seminar saartje van den brande & heleen borleffs - insites consulting

  1. 1. The power tools of the E4-patientHeleen Borleffs How toeCare strategie & implementatie Equip & Enable the Engaged & Empowered patient Ghent I Rotterdam I London I Timisoara I New York
  2. 2. Nice to meet you! Heleen Borleffs, Program manager Concept 2 completion in eCare Honored to replace Saartje van den Branden and proud of working with Insites as the best research agency of the Netherlands . We both are passionate about connecting (with) patients, passionate HCPs and forward thinking health companies, to bring health to the next level together Living in Amsterdam and love to travel to meet people of all nations to explore & implement eCare solutions together. Just back from inspirational eHealth “moments” in California
  3. 3. Patients have stepped forwardto actively participate in theconversations about their health Empowered patients are a FACT today
  4. 4. 1 2 3 A third globally impactful movement in history
  5. 5. e-Patient Dave @ePatientDave “Gimme my damn data” Diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer 2007 Took an active role in his treatment & survived Inspiration for Novartis Current job: healthcare consultant! Who is this guy?
  6. 6. 83%already used the internet… to look for information on healthrelated topics.The internet enables them to look forinformation themselves.Dr. Google is their guide in theirsearch.Source: “How to engage in the conversation with empowered patients” by InSites Consulting - 2010
  7. 7. 43% Monthly Less than monthly Male 38% Male 62% Female 47% Female 53%even looks for online 18-24 47% 18-24 53%health info every 25-34 45% 25-34 55% 35-44 43% 35-44 57%month 45-54 38% 45-54 62% 55-64 40% 55-64 60% 65+ 42% 65+ 58% Empowered patients Source: “How to engage in the conversation with empowered patients” by InSites Consulting - 2010 are a FACT today 10
  8. 8. Patients with the more % of patients with disorder ... who looked for online info on that disorderPREVALENT DISORDERS Hairloss 39%use the Internet MOST Menopause symptoms Arthritis Bladder infection 33% 31% 37% Libido impairment 30% Erectile dysfunction 29% Obesity 29% Depression 29% Heart problems 29% Stress 27% Anxiety 26% Fungal infection Hairloss 25% Sleep disorder 25% High blood pressure 24% Menopause Influenza Migraine 24% 24% Stomach problems Arthritis Warts 24% 24% Allergy 24% Bladder infection Chronic pain High cholesterol 23% 22% Bronchial infection 22% Libido impairment Diabetes 21% Sinusitis 21% Erectile dysfunction Gastroesophageal reflux disease 21% Itch 20% Muscle ache 19% Obesity Intestinal problem 19% Herpes labialis 19% Depression Headache 19% Heartburn 17% Source: “How to engage in the conversation with empowered patients” Asthma Opportunities 16% for Diabetes OTC companies 11 N total = min 30 / Filter 2010within people with that disorder by InSites Consulting - = %
  9. 9. of patients says60% info found online affects decision about treatments Online information is impactful. 56% says it changed their overall approach to maintaining their health or the health of someone they help take care of. 53% says it leads to ask a doctor a new question or to get a second opinion from another doctor. Source: epatients-providence-st-joseph-medical-centerpptx
  10. 10. Healthcare providers (finally) start to realize! Patient power tools are more than a marketing vehicle. It is a business strategy Healthcare isSource: Social media integration study – the Conversation Manager 2011 lagging
  11. 11. Patient powertool: personalinformationAn opportunity for theindustry to join or facilitatethe patient conversation! General information ≠ Personal information
  12. 12. Manual Automaticlogbook logbook Internet Logbook app logbook Evolution of logbooks
  13. 13. If patients (have to)track information, they appreciate help. Convenience iskey, they already suffer enough.
  14. 14. #What’sInIt4HealthCareProviders “Pharma companies would do well to provide tools that help patients help themselves. Even if they’re not promoting your product, they can offer it as a service of their company. Then people who are swimming around in the current talking to each other say good things about the company because “ it helped them.” E-Patient Dave Healthcare consultant Boosting patient conversation
  15. 15. #What’sInIt4HealthCareProvidersApps: think B2B2C Life Science & health industry Patients Physicians
  16. 16. Higher or Lower than % ? What is the % of smartphone owners in EU?
  17. 17. % What is the % of Source: “Social media around the world” smartphone by InSites Consulting - 2011 owners in EU?
  18. 18. 25installed 12 in use Apps are Source: “Social media around the world” selected by InSites Consulting - 2011 carefully
  19. 19. 1. Apps for practical purposes2. Apps for entertainment3. Apps for connecting with othersRoom for healthcare apps: 17% in 2012  30% in 2015! 17% today uses Source: “Social media around the world” by InSites Consulting - 2011 health apps
  20. 20. Appsthroughout thepatient journeyFrom prevention to insulin remindersApps are definitely not restricted tomedication reminders.Different apps have already beendeveloped for patients in differentdisease stages.Let’s take a look at different apps in thediabetes patient journey.
  21. 21. Warning: patientfocus only GPs & specialists Nurses Pharmacists PATIENTS Insurers …
  22. 22. Case studyApps in diabetes… equipment which is enabling &empowering the engaged chronicpatient!to calculate the risk for a disease (prevention)to find info about a diseaseto keep track of what one consumesto support in changing lifestyleto create logbooks… Equipped diabetic patients
  23. 23. Prevention tools CSR opportunities 31 2 App example
  24. 24. Patients  news!Health generalinformationBroadTherapy AreaDiseasespecific App example
  25. 25. Nutrition coach Supporting (newly diagnosed) patients in their struggle with the disease or connect with people on a diet Daily totals for Carbs & Cals Store a Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + 3 Snacks/day Calendar function to store and view past meals for“ up to 2 years For diabetic patients made by diabetes experts (extended usage opportunities: non-patients) App example
  26. 26. Financialcoach!Making (chronic) patientsconscious about healthcareexpenses360° view of health (insurance)spendingOverview of: total health care expense out-of-pocket expenses paid versus unpaid bills breakdown by family member App example
  27. 27. Glucose buddy – free appRanked the #1 diabetes iPhone app (for free) by Manny Hernandez(founder of with calory trackenter glucose numbers,keeping track of carbohydrate consumption,insulin dosages &activities. App example
  28. 28. Gamification: a relevant trend forpatient servicesNutritional coach app for kids: carb counting with LennyCarb values for many basic foodsCustomize the food Guide by adding your own foodsFun, interactive games to test knowledgeCompete for game high scores against players acrossthe nation. Gamification for kids – boosting motivation
  29. 29. “A very well designed idea. It combines lifestyle and mental health and is expandable to broader groups. We love the idea to embed this game in a care group. Interesting that it uses a proven concept.” The Future of Health JuryHeartVilleWinner of 2012 Future ofHealth Award Gamification also for adults…
  30. 30. AppdevelopmentDifferent potential players• Pharma companies• Patient organisations• Governments• Hospitals• Health insurers• HCPs• Social Media companies• …
  31. 31. Pharma companies startinvesting in apps as wellThey like to focus on the relation patient – health care providerBy Merck & Co.Integration of different aspects of diseasemanagement.Guiding the (newly) diagnosed patient tochange his life – Blood glucose monitoring – Activity tracking – Nutrition tracking – Weight loss (in cooperation with doctor) – Medication tracking – Progress charts Apps by pharma companies
  32. 32. Pharma companies embracegamificationSyrum game Gamification by pharma companies
  33. 33. Facebook supports donor campaignof Belgian government with “app” Apps by government
  34. 34. Hospitals offer online services Hospitals
  35. 35. Health insurer supports nursingstaff with mobile app Mobile app leads to • increased efficiency • increased flexibility • smoother planning of visits • simplified administration for nurses. Why not provide similar apps to patients? Health insurers
  36. 36. Don’t forget to involve patient organisations as well! “It’s hard to love or promote something you do not know yet.”Hartstichting (NL) released mobile app Hartstichting on track!
  37. 37. More apps & mobile contactmeansless offline contactless visitsless incomeAnother way to look at thephenomenon from a physicianpoint of view Are apps a threat for physician income?
  38. 38. considered the other way around…A combination of face-2-face & mobile/onlinecontact with patients, enables the physician toenlarge his/her ‘patient base’ and serve theneed of newly diagnosed patients. Apps can release the burden…
  39. 39. Manual Automaticlogbook logbook Internet Logbook app logbook Evolution of logbooks
  40. 40. Manual Automaticlogbook logbook THE FUTURE - WHAT’S NEXT? Internet Logbook app logbook “It would be nice to have an app where all you would have to do is plug in your meter and it would take your results, and you wouldn’t have to do any more entering of info.” Patti Ruggiero Future of logbooks
  41. 41. Start creating your own app is NOT the take away of this presentation Let’s not go too fast!
  42. 42. Just 1 example,many more, so let’s not go too fast!
  43. 43. Listening to whatthe patient needsApps for patients are only successful if they fill inan existing need of a patient & if they take intoaccount existing barriers (practical, emotional,physical…).Connecting with the patient in an ongoing wayis the key to success. Observe, get inspired & then act
  44. 44. ………………………………………..……..…CollaborationInvolve customers inEVERYTHING you do.………………………………………..……..… Structural partnerships
  45. 45. “Participatory medicine is not about patients taking over. Far from it – I’m fond of sayingthat I’d be in sorry shape if I’d had to dream up the high-dosageInterleukin-2 treatment that saved my life.” E-patient Dave Dave is no threat for physicians
  46. 46. Many Thanks! Questions? Heleen Borleffs Programma manager en eigenaar tangible- result +31 6 3865 6000
  47. 47. Thanks! Questions? +32 479 611 878 @Saartje_VDB Contact