Personal	  branding	  workshop	                                               What	  to	  expect?	                        ...
 	  What	  is	  a	  brand?	                        	  
 “A	  brand	  is	  more	  than	  a	  promise,	  	      it’s	  a	  commitment	  to	  create	              a	  unique	  expe...
 	  What	  is	  a	  	  personal	  brand?	                  	  
“A	  personal	  brand	  	  is	  more	  than	  a	  promise,	  	  	  it’s	  a	  commitment	  to	  create	  a	  unique	  prop...
 What	  you	  say	  is	  not	   necessarily	  what	  they	   hear	  	    §  It	  is	  not	  only	  about	  	        “what...
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Your	  posi@oning	  pitch	  can	  be	  miles	  away	  from	  their	  percep@on	   	  §  On	  average,	  people	         	...
Main	  challenges	  in	  	  personal	  branding	                       	  
Building	  your	  brand	  takes	  @me	  and	  perseverance	  §  Maintaining	  and	  growing	  your	      brand	  takes	  ...
 Why	  would	  you	  bother	  to	  	  invest	  in	  personal	  branding?	                        	  
          “Because	  the	  only	                 organiza=on	  	                you	  belong	  to,	  	         you	  are	 ...
What	  are	  the	  takeaways	  of	  the	  personal	  branding	  workshop?	  	                     	  
Discovering	  your	  personal	  building	  blocks	  	         Keep	         W Remedy	     S                               ...
Building	  your	  unique	  profile	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  Copyright:	  Personal	  profile	  builder	  is	  an	  intellect...
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Personal branding: workshop introduction


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This workshop will show you how you can develop your own strategy in order to stand out of the crowd when considering your next career move or challenge. You will discover how to link your personal set of brand attributes (business expertise, competences and personality) to your own vision, mission and values, in such a way that you can differentiate yourself from others in a way you never have thought of before. So, it is not about writing the ideal CV or how to search for work. It is a branding approach that will show you how to position yourself in the market place in a way that is unique for each individual.

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Personal branding: workshop introduction

  1. 1. Personal  branding  workshop   What  to  expect?   Consultants  in  strategic  marke@ng  ©  2011  
  2. 2.    What  is  a  brand?  
  3. 3.  “A  brand  is  more  than  a  promise,     it’s  a  commitment  to  create   a  unique  experience   for  your  customers”     Ann  Galland  
  4. 4.    What  is  a    personal  brand?  
  5. 5. “A  personal  brand    is  more  than  a  promise,      it’s  a  commitment  to  create  a  unique  proposi=on    for  your  customers,    your  employers  and    anyone  else  crossing  your  path”  
  6. 6.  What  you  say  is  not   necessarily  what  they   hear     §  It  is  not  only  about     “what  you  say”,     but  also,  and  even  more  so   about  “how  you  say  it”   §  Social  interac7on  success   §  Words  7%   §  Voice  and  intona7on  38%   §  Body  language  and  facial   expressions  55%.  
  7. 7. ©dlhdmb13  (flickr)  7  
  8. 8. Your  posi@oning  pitch  can  be  miles  away  from  their  percep@on    §  On  average,  people     remember  only  three     things  about  you    §  Make  sure  they     remember  exactly  what   you  want  them  to     remember   
  9. 9. Main  challenges  in    personal  branding  
  10. 10. Building  your  brand  takes  @me  and  perseverance  §  Maintaining  and  growing  your   brand  takes  pa@ence  and   discipline  §  Obtaining  brand  equity  requires   consistent  communica@on  efforts  §  Be  “at  all  7mes”  convinced  that  it   is  an  investment  in  the  successful   future  of  “you”  
  11. 11.  Why  would  you  bother  to    invest  in  personal  branding?  
  12. 12.   “Because  the  only   organiza=on     you  belong  to,     you  are  commiDed  to    for  life,  is  …YOU”  
  13. 13. What  are  the  takeaways  of  the  personal  branding  workshop?  
  14. 14. Discovering  your  personal  building  blocks     Keep   W Remedy   S Personality   Vision   Build   Management   Mission   Capitalize   skills   O Priori@ze   T Face   Op@mize   Business   Iden@ty   Values   Exper@se   Image  
  15. 15. Building  your  unique  profile                  Copyright:  Personal  profile  builder  is  an  intellectual  property  of  
  16. 16. STO P  SH OUT ING  !  
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