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SPX FLL robotics team information final 2015


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SPX First Lego League Robotics 2015

Published in: Education
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SPX FLL robotics team information final 2015

  1. 1. St. Pius X FLLR Informational Presentation
  2. 2. Theme of 2015 Finding better ways to manage our trash Mission description will be rolled out on website August 25th , 12:00…then the competition is on! Trash Trek Trailer
  3. 3. My Background Engineer Coaches Weekend Training @ McKendree College 2014 Coach of Illinois team, Regional Core Value Award Winner, made it to State Competition NXT, EV3 Mindstorms owner Mom to sons Matt & Nate - Current SPX 7th graders on previous team Robo Sadrz Contact Info: Amy Stehlin, Cell 618-616-3193
  4. 4. FLL Robotics Description Build & Program LEGO MS EV3 to perform missions on the field in specific time period to gain points. Real world problem to solve. 2015 Theme is Trash Trek. Solve a problem we come up with regarding Theme and present it to the judges in a timed speech with Q&A session. Follow Core Values during the season and document usage for presentation before judges.
  5. 5. Meeting Info Two meetings per week for 1.5 hours each in SPX classroom. One meeting right after school and one meeting in an evening to accommodate working parents. Flexible floating time due to other SPX activity conflicts. Weekend Meetings possible when we fall behind or need to work thru something…maybe 1-2 per month.
  6. 6. Meeting Info Flexible commitment. Need to get to certain benchmarks by certain times. Home tasks to make up for missed meetings so we can accomplish what needs to get done for the week. Technology usage awareness. Examples: Internet/youtube to view other team’s robot construction. Emailing. Directions on building mission models. Checking FLL site for updates and tips. Facetiming into meetings or mentor teams to help solve a problem. Safety. Coach oversight and team member’s identity and safety will always be in the forefront with anything we do online. Logbook to keep track of 5W’s.
  7. 7. Schedule Highlights Some meetings over the summer to introduce programming and get to know each other. Weekly meetings will start in August. Scrimages normally held at other schools in October. Parent Performance or school performance as rehearsal for Regional Qualifier in early November. Qualifier choices are usually late November or early December. Will know firm dates around September and then will need to know conflict s ASAP.
  8. 8. Cost Currently $100 per team member. Payable to SPX. Write FLL Robotics note on check. Other area teams comparison were at least twice this amount. This will still not completely cover the operating expenses of the team. We will need sponsors or donors. Cost breakdown available if requested. Sponsorships. Logo/name on shirt, banner, correspondence. Template that team members will revise and send out. Please contact me if you know a company interested in sponsoring us!
  9. 9. Parent Involvement Open Meeting. Parents always welcome! Snacks. Need Snack Volunteer to set up schedule. Usually I set 10 minute break time halfway thru meeting. Kids choice. NO EATING or DRINKING anywhere near robot or field. Mentoring. We need mentors! Requesting any assistance from parents, relatives, friends, co workers that have expertise in marketing, public speaking, presenting in front of audiences, IT programming, any engineering, teaching, TRASH, RECYCLING, photography, building, etc. All goes towards points at our presentation to the judges.
  10. 10. Coaches Roles & Responsibilities Assist not Do. Guide thru problems. Create safe, fun atmosphere to problem solve. Bring in mentors. Promote Core Values and STEM/STEAM. NEED VOLUNTEERS to Coach. Kids do the work. Coaches do not need to have any scientific or computer background. Example: I have never touched the team computer to program anything ever. Kids are in charge of saving (or forgetting to save) the files, testing the robot, etc. Will also have a teacher act as School Representative.
  11. 11. Team Members Roles & Responsibilities Refer as Team Members. They will learn how to work as members of a problem solving team. Always conduct themselves as Gracious Professionals and work towards this goal with Core Values in mind. Will learn all aspects of the process but will have certain specific responsibilities that they alone are the “Master” of. Examples: Master Timekeeper, Ruler, Chief Programmer, Marketing Coordinator, Photographer, Field Guru, Guest Relations, etc.
  12. 12. Needs & Questions Needs If interested, contact Need parent contact info. Email, cell phone. Team Member task: Start thinking of team name ideas and or logos. Go online and learn about FLLR. Parent volunteers to make this an awesome rookie year for our kids!
  13. 13. Thanks Contact Amy Stehlin or Ann Flynt with any questions or concerns THANKS!