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Constructive alignment


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Constructive alignment

  1. 1. In Business MathsAnn Flanagan Kelly
  2. 2. Learner Guide Dr Liam Boyle, November 2012
  3. 3. Bachelor of Business in culinaryarts Programme The Learning outcomes for the programme were designedlearning outcomes in consultation with industry and Programme Board Module learning Learning outcomes for the Module are clearly aligned with Outcomes the Programme learning outcomesModule assessment Assessment is designed clearly to assess each module learning outcome
  4. 4. Module – Business mathsLearning OutcomesOn successful completion of this module the learnerwill/should be able to…1. Apply problem solving skills in a business context.2. Understand established computational theories.3. Apply mathematical functions and equations inthe solving of business problems.4. Calculate statistical data and represent thisdiagrammatically.5. Apply relevant calculations to business operations.6. Have sufficient knowledge of mathematical andstatistical problem solving skills to contributeeffectively in a business context.
  5. 5. Assessment Strategy Formative All assessment criterion referenced while Summative motivated learners employ ipsative 60% techniques. 40% Worksheets Examined by class Written in class test Mock Budget tests Group work Analysis of industry standards Feedback given Feedback given on overall within 12 hours via achievement as this leads to Moodle accounting module in semester 2 All relate specifically to the relevant industry and are also aligned with other modules. Supporting IT Module (budgeting)Supporting food studies module (food costing) Supporting Introduction to Accounting
  6. 6. Critique Students readiness to learn a critical issue Communication across modules vital Must show relevance of topic to engage students Feedback of vital importance to motivate learners Feedback process is time consuming with larger groups Dealing with mixed abilities a challenge Critical analysis and learner feedback is vital in improving module each year.