How to lose stress


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How to lose stress

  1. 1. How to Lose Stress in Few Steps In these days of industrialization and where “time is money“ no one is immune to stress. Stress, also called as “Silent killer” is today’s first rated killer in the world. You get stressed from the moment you wake up, until you fall asleep. People are not giving enough meaning to stress today, as they should. Everything starts from stress, even most dangerous and deadly diseases. So here are few steps everyone should do, to try to keep stress under control. MeditationTo release stress, meditation and deep breathing help. Whenever you start feeling stressedtake a few deep breaths in and then out. It really helps! Many studies have shown that this wayof losing stress is very efficient and probably you will save a “few years of your life“.Enjoy your timeYou can sit down, relax and try doing something that you enjoy, which takes your mind ofthings. For example, watching the tv, listening to music, drawing, reading a book, etc. mightbe calming for you. What is more important you will be able to finally do something to yourself.Your body and your mind will be very thankful.SharingAnother way to get rid of stress, is to talk to someone about certain things that are botheringyou. If you share your feelings and problems with another person, they can help you, maybeyou can help each other out. This stops the stress being bottled up inside of you. If you don’thave anyone to share this to, then share it to yourself. Sit in front of mirror and enjoy somequality time with yourself. Talk to yourself about everything and nothing. Perhaps you will seethat some of your problems look silly. Where there is a will, there is a way.Another way is to write down everything you are stressed/angry and upset about on paper.Smile
  2. 2. And the last step, but very important one is – smile! Always smile! Not everyone is currentlyenjoying life, actually a very low percentage is really enjoying, but enjoyment comes from thestate of mind firstly. “When you are unable to smile at yourself, then it’s time for everyone elseto smile at you”. Never forget this! Smiling is the easiest way to lose stress, and it takes onlyone second. It will look silly, but it will make you happy, and after all it’s all about happiness.So these are for main steps about losing stress, but there are several more, like alwayswatching and being surrounded in bright color (such is this website), dancing, and of coursesport.In next few posts I will speak more about stress, because my intention is to bring this issue tomore people as possible. We all are mostly very unaware about this, but stress is catalyst tomost known or not known diseases, and a number one death cause.