How to get rid of weevils


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How to get rid of weevils

  1. 1. How to Get Rid of Weevils?In further text we will explain in details how to get rid ofweevils and why do weevils occur in rice, vine, and flour.Adult insect is dark brown to black in color, size 3 to 4.5 mm.There is only one pair of wings and can fly. Elytra ismonochromatic. The development cycle is going indevelopmental stages (egg, larva, m puppies and adultinsect). Weevil female lays eggs in a grain of wheat, where ita drills a pear-shaped hole which, after laying eggs, closeswith gelatinous secretion which hardens quickly. Egg stagelasts from 3.5 to 20 days depending on temperature.Pupal stage is ended after 4-23 days. Development of ageneration is completed in 26-30 days at a temperature of30 ° C and in 56-79 days at temperature of 20 ° C. Therefore, the number of generations duringthe year varies. Adult weevil bugs live 150-300 days, while they live in summers shorter, thanduring winders. When the temperature is -18 ° C weevils die after 5 hours. Grain weevil isfound primarily in grain storage silos, starting from the largest to the attic of the individualproducer.How to Get Rid of Weevil?First you have to find a source of this infestation. There is a place in your home, harden, farm,warehouse which you have completely forgotten. Weevil bugs mostly hide there and that is theplace where they reproduce. Conduct a proper search for that place. It is mostly well hiddenand moist, which is perfect for them. Also, the source of weevils is mostly near a place whereyou can see the biggest amount of them. You will probably hear them eating a wood, flour orsome other nutrition. Good advice is to use stethoscope to find them.After you succeed, there are several ways to get rid of them, but we recommend Safer Brand5118 Insect Killing Soap. You can find it on Amazon at a cheapest price. It is very useful andyou will see them running around in a minute. Unfortunately, there are no natural ways to getrid of them, and you must use a preparation made of chemical composition. Please write to us ifthis article was useful to you. Also, if you wanted to know how to get rid of weevil, perhaps youwould like to know also what is Bed Bug Registry and How to Get Rid of Chiggers. Below aresome pictures of weevils: