How to get rid of bags under eyes


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How to get rid of bags under eyes

  1. 1. How To Get Rid Of Bags Under EyesIf you want to know how to get rid of bags under eyes(remove bags under eyes) first you need to know the causes and treatment. Bcan be a consequence of the current state of the organism or chronic problem,treatments they can be mitigated or eliminated. Bags under eyes causes are uconsequence of fatigue, tobacco and sleepless nights and with the removal ofdisappear from the face. However, in certain people are bags under eyes are cand the reasons for this are many and varied: kidney disease, thyroid gland, hogenetics, allergies, dermatitis constantly congested nose (due to which the supbpost nasal drip). So, here are the bags under eyes causes which youshould be aware of, before you would like to find out how to get rid of bags undBags Under Eyes Causes● If you bags under eyes suddenly appeared, it can be a symptom of an allergic reactionor kidney infection. If you feel some other symptoms such as fever, rash, or difficultybreathing, contact your doctor. In the case of an allergy, you should discover on whichfood you are allergic and throw it out of the menu. Allergy can be caused by cosmeticproducts such as mascara or cream.● If your eyes are often swollen, check whether it has to do with your menstrual cycle.If you are experiencing swelling a few days before menstruation, it may be one of thesigns of PMS. Try to use natural diuretics such as green tea and throw out salty foods.● Pigmentation after childbirth or side effects of some drugs – this hyper pigmentation inthe eye area will look like bags under eyes.● One of bags under eyes causes is in heritage. You can inherit bags under eyes,particularly when we get older. Look at your mother or grandmother, if they have bagsunder eyes it is likely you have inherited them and the only thing you can do is to correctthe with corrector.● Often, swollen eyes show that your body lacks protein, essential fats, B vitamins andfolic acid. Change your diet (we recommend Selena Gomez Diet Plan).● If you want to get rid of bags under eyes you must know that it is often caused byinsomnia, stress, long work in front of the computer, watching television, or being tootired. For this is the best solution to get a good night sleep and rest.Bags Under Eyes TreatmentPart of the skin around the eyes is extremely gentle and sensitive, so it requires special care,or the use of Antirid instead of the usual face cream. However, people who have extreme bagsunder eyes, beauticians advise you to apply vitamins C and K. Among the laity can often beheard advice that the anti-hemorrhoid cream is very effective treatment if you want to removebags under eyes, but it’s still better to avoid, because it can further dry out the skin and causeredness. We also recommend as one of the bags under eyes treatment the therapy in whichis combined gel and capsules, but the gel acts locally and aims to encourage microcirculationin regions under the eyes, and a capsule based on plant extracts promote detoxification of the
  2. 2. body and act from the inside. This bags under eyes treatment is applied to about one month andafter that period expected effects are visible.If you do not want or are not able to apply some of these treatments, we also recommend thenatural ones: compress of chamomile or fresh cucumber rings to which you should hold on yourunder eye region for fifteen minutes. Occasionally you can put on the eyes “ice” masks, but theyshould be kept only as long as you are feeling comfortable.As you could notice one of the main bags under eyes causes, beside genes, is insomnia andstress. So the best way if you want to know how to get rid of bags under eyes is to get a muchneeded sleep and find best ways to relieve stress.Copyright by All rights reserved.