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Home remediesforfleasnaturalremediesforfleas

  1. 1. Home Remedies for Fleas, NaturalRemedies for FleasHome Remedies for FleasAfter a big interest in our article about flea bites on humans,we decided to explain what are home remedies for fleas.Fleas are very common problem in world and there areseveral ways to get rid of them, some more efficient someless. So, what are natural flea remedies?This year, all dog and cat owners wage a “great war” againstfleas (ticks are still currently off and deviated). We must warnyou that fleas do not live on the dog or cat – they dwell onthem occasionally and when they feed, while biting the host(dog) even 24-36 hours after a blood meal. Natural flearemedies (home remedies for fleas) are very popular thesedays, and if you have a dog or cat then you came to the rightplace.Most dog owners are familiar with this terrible enemy, and many succumb to the temptationto “bomb” their pet to try to reduce or destroy the invading army of fleas. Since the vast arrayof chemical sprays, flea dips and smelly flea control collars are readily available, many peopleassume that chemical solutions must be effective. Unfortunately, most people do not realize theextent of chemical weapons in which they participate in dog fur and skin. You can control fleasnaturally and effectively.Natural Remedies for FleasLike in bed bugs problem (how to get rid of bed bugs),vacuum your house from top to bottom, even under carpets,rugs, sofa pillows, cushions, mattresses, and everywhere!Then immediately get rid of the vacuum bag by sealing it in aplastic bag or burning. If not, fleas will be “trapped” with lots oftasty fast food because they live in dust and feed until theybecome adult fleas – you will have helped the enemy rather
  2. 2. than to destroyed it. Follow up with a light dusting of naturalpyrethrum flea powder or wherever Fido likes to relax. That isone of the fastest home remedies for fleas on dogs.Outside sprinkle garden with diatomaceous earth over thelawn, under bushes or wherever you’ve got shady places.When diatomaceous earth gets fleas, it dehydrates and killsthem. After a week or so, plant pyrethrum around the yard.This plant as a ground cover plant is easy to grow andnaturally deters fleas. It is one of the best home remedies forfleas.Next, bathe your puppy occasionally with natural dog soapcontaining essential oils such as pennyroyal, eucalyptus,citronella, rosemary and wormwood. If you leave the lather onfor several minutes, the fleas will not have a chance!Buy a flea comb. It is the most important home remedy forfleas in the management of fleas and to eliminate adult ones,larvae and eggs that may be in your dog’s fur.Reinforce your strategies with herbal or natural flea collarspray that contains essential oils. Make sure to check withyour veterinarian before using herbal collar, if your dog ispregnant or lactating. This is an important step in order tomaintain a flea free puppy, especially if you are frequent inpublic parks, dog parks, and other areas that have a lot of other pets present.One of the another great home remedies to get rid of fleas isto use a natural supplement that contains garlic, brewer’syeast or zinc, all of which helps to keep fleas away. Do notever feed your dog with straight doses of garlic, because toomuch can be toxic. Of course, nutritious, natural diet is alsoessential to help keep fleas away as pests tend to bother lesshealthy animals.One more amazing home remedy for fleas is a tonic. Tonicagainst fleas: Slice a whole lemon into thin slices with skin on.Add in half a liter of nearly boiling water and leave to soakovernight. Next day, squeeze liquid on dog skin and allow it todry. Can be used every serious skin problems including fleas.Our best pick for getting rid of fleas is Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs andPuppies, and Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens.So, this article explains that keeping your dog, or cat as well as your home healthy is the mostinportant step, but it also explains all about home remedies for fleas and if you have any morequestions please write to staff@feelgoodtime.net