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  1. 1. Gamophobia, Fear of MarriageWhat is Gamophobia?Gamophobia (from the Greek word gamos – wedding andphobos – fear) is a phobic fear of entering into marriage andweddings. Some people have a fear of the weddingceremony, while others have a fear of marriage or of both.Men, more often than women, are unaware of the fear ofintimacy, which is an obstacle to marriage. This fear arises inearly childhood, as a consequence of unresolved conflicts(similar to pedophobia, obsessive compulsive personalitydisorder and avoidant personality disorder – AvoidantPersonality Disorder Test we wrote about before).Intimate attachment to another person is perceived asdangerous, because it marks the separation from the mother.In another case, intimacy is equated with the desire to achieve a close relationship with theoedipal object, which also scares. There are opinions that the fear of intimacy is a form ofdevelopmental delay that occurs in people who have not built a basic trust in their parents, thefirst closest beings, and remain unable to trust others.In such situations, partners can be successful in unobligated sexual relationship, until theintimacy comes near the border that they can bear. Thinking of a marriage or a discussionabout it leads to unsuccessful sexual behavior. Gamophobia may be also conscious state thatarises as a consequence of adverse emotional experiences in the primary family where theparents because of their disagreements created an aversion to marriage in child. Then peopleconsciously avoid situations in which they find a possible marriage.Gamophobia Treatment, Fear of MarriageFear of marriage in the last fifteen years, according topsychologists, has reached a very high yield in the world andespecially among men. According to international experts,today more and more young men are declared asgamophobic. Psychologists believe that the fear of marriage isa real phobia, much more serious than just fear, while theopinions of sociologists is that the low rate of marriage amongyoung people is the result of entering into community lifebefore the fateful legal saying “Yes.” However, regardless ofgamophobia, marriage much more benefits to men. One studydiscovered that married men, compared with single people orunmarried, are 135 times more likely to say they are very satisfied with their lives. When thepercentage of married women is half the size.Gamophobia treatment, like other phobias, can be overcome with psychotherapeutictechniques.
  2. 2. The most efficient method proved are cognitive-behavioral psychotherapeutic methods, suchas REBT, transactional, and gestalt psychotherapy, which is working to change the beliefs andmeanings that bind people to the situation of marriage. However to understand gamophobia,we must understand the true causes and they are sometimes well hidden in childhood. Thechild may also develop a fear. Therefore, gamophobia is also known as a fear of marriage. Werecommend an amazing article from our doctor Jonathan Samson on this subject – how to helpa child. There a many family psychotherapists in United States and around the world, which canhelp people overcome gamophobia.