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Copywriting 101


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Copywriting for Beginners. Do you have a website that is not converting visitors into customers or even worse results in high bounce rates (people quickly leaving your site)? Then your writing could be at fault. Copywriting 101 is an introduction to writing for your website designed with the beginner in mind.

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Copywriting 101

  1. 1. Copywriting 101By Anne PerezYour Internet Marketing Guide
  2. 2. Want to Sell More, But Hate Hype?• “Discover How to Write Sales-Producing Copythat Creates More Satisfied Customers WhoWill Buy from You Over and Over Again”
  3. 3. What is CopywritingCopywriting is the art of writing persuasive text.It is a special type of writing used topersuade, motivate and sell.
  4. 4. Why Do You Need Copywriting?• Copywriting is what you use to get yourcustomers and potential customers to take aparticular action. For example:• Place an order• Sign up for your mailing list• Refer a friend to your business
  5. 5. Why Do You Need Copywriting?• When people visit your website, you aren’tthere to answer their questions or to convincethem how great your product is. Your wordsneed to do that for you. In other words, youneed effective copywriting
  6. 6. Headlines• All good copy has an attention-gettingheadline• A clear, benefit-oriented headline can helpyou do this.• Be Specific
  7. 7. Good Headline Example 1“Who Else Wants to ___ "• This is an easy way to start; relate to youraudience.• An example: “Who Else Wants to Save Up to50% on Their Phone Bill? Try Our RatesCalculator to Find the Best Deals on LongDistance. “
  8. 8. Good Headlines Example 2“How __ Made me __ and It Can Help You Too”• An example: “How X-Brand Weight-Loss ShakeMade Me Lose 37 Pounds in 7 Weeks”
  9. 9. Good Headlines Example 3“The Secrets to____”Everybody loves secrets…tell them about yours.An example: “The Secrets to Rekindling theRomance with Your Husband”
  10. 10. Subheadlines• Sub-headlines are additional headlines in yoursales copy• Subheadlines help break up your copy to makeit easier to read.• Use sub-headlines to draw attention toimportant sections of your copy every coupleof paragraphs
  11. 11. Good Subheadlines Examples• Here’s What’s Included in Your FreeSubscription to XXXXX• Claim Your Free Subscription by Completingthe Simple Form Below
  12. 12. Use Testimonials• A testimonial is positive feedback fromsomeone who has used your products orservices• A testimonial should include concrete andbelievable detail– information about how your customer used theproduct and the specific results she achieved.– information about the testimonial provider
  13. 13. Create a Call-to-action:• Your call-to-action is what you ask you readerto do once they read your promotional copyExamples– Click a link to place an order– Call a 1-800 number to place an order– Call a number to hear a recorded message– Fill in a form to enter a sweepstakes– Enter a name and email address to subscribe
  14. 14. Make an OfferAn offer is simply what you are selling/giving toyour readersExamples• Your product or service• A Free Subscription
  15. 15. Tips for Writing Great Copy• Speak to Your Audience• Avoid Excessive Adjectives• Be Specific• Don’t Worry So Much about Grammar• Keep it Simple• Be Succinct & Edit• Create a Sense of Urgency to Buy Now• Include a Call to Action
  16. 16. For More Copywriting Tips andStrategiesvisithttp://www.yourinternetmarketingguide/copywritingAnne PerezYour Internet Marketing Guide