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Content creation and Branding (How content sells brands).


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A brief tutorial on how content marketing is the best way to go when presenting your brand to potential customers and how to create that attention grabbing content.

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Content creation and Branding (How content sells brands).

  2. 2. Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Content Marketing • content marketing is for a brand website — whether it be a branded URL or a microsite for a brand’s specific product. Social networks are vital to the success of content marketing efforts, but they are used primarily as a distributor of links back to the content on the brand’s website — not as containers of the content itself. • content marketing, the context of websites permits much longer forms of content. • content marketing’s website- based center of gravity enables it to focus more on demand generation. Social Media Marketing • Social media marketing is located within the social networks themselves. As they produce content, they place it inside of these networks. • media marketing, content is built to fit the context of the chosen social platform • social media marketing generally tends to focus on two main objectives. First, it is used for brand awareness — generating activity and discussion around the brand. Secondly, it is used for customer retention/ satisfaction
  3. 3. There is No money in Content Creation! • So why do it? Until you figure out that there is value in creating great content, you will have a hard time getting the results you hope to achieve with just-content-to- put-out-there-thinking. © 2006-2010 Valeria Maltoni.
  4. 4. You need to have a content strategy because: • Content allows you to build an audience, attract customers and create advocates on behalf of your business or brand. • In addition to planning for those business milestones, you will need to plan content for each phase of the audience/consumer's journey.
  5. 5. The Different Phases Of your Audience/Consumers’ Journey So you have to treat your content like a product because of the end result you have in mind.
  6. 6. Branded content Vs. content branding. Branded Content Content Branding. Building a Content brand is about putting the needs of the audience first and using telling to promote your brand. A Branded Content is an egocentric content that is focused on extolling the virtues of and reasons for sticking to that brand. People first need to believe, then they can support that belief with their behavior before finally becoming your brand ambassador to help draw in prospective clients/audiences to your brand be it service/product. © 2006-2010 Valeria Maltoni.
  7. 7. Keys to Outstanding Content • What really makes content stand out and leads to increased loyalty and brand boost is Originality. • Another way to make an impact with your audience and potential consumers of your product/services is to create a People-centered content • How to create a people centered content
  8. 8. Creating Compelling Content • You need to create content around what will be of value to your audience, helps you tell your brand story and feels natural to them especially when it comes from an influencer’s point of view. • This you can do using storytelling –testimonials, Fiction, Q&A, Reviews, incorporating facts into stories people can relate to, etc – to establish an emotional connection. • You also need to believe in what you are writing because honesty builds credibility, trust , authenticity and all these confers on you the status of authority.
  9. 9. Thank You Born in Nigeria in the early 80s, Ann Esievoadje, a graduate of Computer Engineering from University of Benin, is the Creative Head at Track Unusual Publication. She runs her own blog She lives in Benin City with her husband and son. The Quilt is her first published book.