The impact of american rule


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The impact of american rule

  1. 1.  United states improved the economy and system of government where Filipinos have greater political participation and more economic gains.  Filipino agrees that public health and sanitation and transportation and communication, education and literally greatly improved by American rule.  It is the realm values and culture that has more negative effects appear to be strong and evident.  American rule caused great marks of “colonial mentality” and materialistics and individualistics ways among Filipinos.
  2. 2.  Public school system-America’s greatest achievement in the Philippines.  Public school to secular in orientation and not a system based on idea of life after death.  Public school emphasized honesty, consciousness, cooperation with government and its work of advancing welfare of people, mutual help, love of labor and advancement of learning.  Thomasine's-American teachers were more successful in campaign to educate Filipino.  Public school system increased number of Filipinos knew how to read and write.
  3. 3. Public health and welfare- was next to America’s greatest achievement in Philippines. The steps taken by Americans board of health became a bureau. American’s taught of Filipino nutrition. Filipinos became healthier and taller.
  4. 4. Free trade relation meant Filipino products emering us were not taxed and American products enter Philippines were free of duty. In industry Philippines prospered under Americans. More laborer employed and Filipino capital small and formed began invested in industries.
  5. 5. American’s improved various means of transportation and communication. The Manila Dagupan Railway line was extended. The Manila Dagupan Railway during Spanish period was acquired by government and became Manila Railroad company.
  6. 6.  McKinley's principle in American policy toward Philippines has the recognition of human rights as foundation in democratic system.  The American region recognized equality of men and right of every man to all freedoms -freedom of religion, speech, press, complain, and freedom of change in one’s domicile.  The Malolos constitution provide a bill of rights which recognized human dignity and freedom.
  7. 7. One of system of American institution are political parties and election. Political platform-Filipinos learned from the Americans. Political parties were increase in knowledge of government machinery and government affairs by wealthy and educated Filipinos.
  8. 8. McKinley-ordered English language as medium of instruction in an public schools. The contact between Filipino and English language resulted in adoption of English words and phrases in major Philippines language.
  9. 9.  The free trade relations between Philippines and U.S. resulted the development of commerce trade, industry, transportation and communication, Philippines became dependent in U.S. to continue prosper economically.  American occupation was “brainwashing” of Filipinos through education system.  Colonial mentality were Filipinos students admire everything coming from U.S.  A materialistic of life has weakened Filipinos communal spirit towards individualistic and consumerist way of life.