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Mystery murderer


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Mystery murderer

  1. 1. MysterymurderClass 5 discover a mystery Body!
  2. 2. Dougal was our mystery body!
  3. 3. This is when everyone was figuring out the message on the pieces of paper
  4. 4. The clues Help me Can’t breathe Scarf too tight Murderer is………..
  5. 5. We are seeing what strand matches the materialthat the murderer used tostrangle Dougal. Everyone guessed material C.
  6. 6. We found a hair sample and wegot a piece of paper to try and guess which one it was.
  7. 7. Now fingerprints
  8. 8. We found the murderer it was Jamie!
  9. 9. Jamie did a little CPR toget Dougal back to life