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Using Moodle for Program Administration (Joint)


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Joint Presentation with Alan Bessette
The Second National Moodle Teachers and Developers Conference. Future University, Hakodate. 13-14 February 2010. Using Moodle for Program Administration.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Using Moodle for Program Administration (Joint)

  1. 1. JALTCALL - 2010Using Moodle forProgram AdministrationPoole Gakuin UniversityAlan Bessette( Tanahashi(
  2. 2. Goals of our show & tell• Describe how English classes are integrated and administered in our Moodle site at ▫
  3. 3. Purpose of website• For teachers ▫ To share information about students and classes ▫ To create their own webpages for blended learning• For students ▫ As a resource ▫ Self-study
  4. 4. Core English classes L&S CALL R&W
  5. 5. Teachers sharing information• Communication between teachers is essential ▫ What happened & what to do next ▫ What was assigned ▫ Who was absent ▫ Who is having problems and difficulties
  6. 6. Teachers’ page• Links to class materials, manual, resources, etc.• Links to attendance (Google apps)• Forums for sharing information• Tutorials for using the site
  7. 7. Student resources• Links to resources and websites ▫ Class websites, e.g., LEI ▫ Supplementary websites, e.g., ▫ Textbook resources, e.g., Weaving It Together• Syllabuses & schedules• Class handouts and homework• Forums ▫ Asking questions about classes ▫ Homework announcements
  8. 8. Self-study• Narrow listening site with a library of 40+ listenings and quizzes for self-study
  9. 9. Blended learning• Sheltered course on Britain• Aim ▫ Provide students with an introduction to British life and culture ▫ Enhance English skills
  10. 10. Why use blended learning?• Students ▫ From different departments ▫ Wide range of ability ▫ Large number• Can enhance and extend learning opportunities for all students ▫ Provide unit related documents ▫ Provide practice for quizzes ▫ Distribute and collect homework online ▫ Provide regular assessment and feedback
  11. 11. Conclusion• Place to communicate ▫ Between teachers ▫ Between teachers and students• Organize class materials, links, handouts, etc.