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Overview of class for the USPCA Conference -
August 3, 2012 Washington, DC
Class name: How the Internet Applies to You

One line tag: How a social media toolkit can help you grow your business and create community.

Instructor: Anne-Marie Nichols

Day of class: Saturday, August 4

Time of class: 8:00-9:30 am

Duration of class: 90 minutes

Have you been told you need to post, tweet, like and pin to attract more clients, but haven’t a clue what it all means? Or maybe you’ve been hearing how blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and more can help you grow an online community, but don’t know how to use social media to market yourself and gain more clients?

Whatever the case may be, please join us for this interactive breakfast discussion about building a social media toolkit. You’ll learn about the various social media platforms, and which ones are right for you and your business. You’ll also see how social media tools can help you improve the relationship with your current clients and find new ones.

We’ll also discuss the advantages of growing a community with social media and how your toolkit can help you get the attention of local or national media, book publishers, and culinary companies.

Finally, you’ll learn how to use social media effectively. We’ll discuss setting goals and time limits, understanding the boundaries between the personal and the professional, and how to find expert help so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

The talk will conclude with a Q&A session.

What you will take away from this class:
• A basic understanding of social media tools like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube and more.
• How to use social media to build client lists and online community.
• How social media tools can help you build a marketing platform to connect and find work with traditional media, book publishers, culinary brands, and more.
• How to use social media without going crazy by setting goals and boundaries, and bringing in expert help.

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How the internet applies to you

  1. 1. How the Internet Applies to You How a social media toolkit can help you grow your business and create communitySaturday, August 4 - 8:30-9:30 am Instructor: Anne-Marie Nichols
  2. 2. What could be in yoursocial media tool box? • A website or blog • Twitter ( • Facebook ( • Google+ ( • LinkedIn ( • Pinterest ( • Instagram ( • Flickr ( • YouTube ( • Vimeo ( • Tumblr (
  3. 3. Social media tools you can’t do without • A website or blog • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn
  4. 4. Website or blog?Your blog/website is your home base
  5. 5. TwitterClient audience: working professionals, specialinterest eaters (gluten free, fitness, weightloss, allergies, illness related), foodies,collegues, etc.Twitter can help you attract the attention ofbrands, PR agencies, and book publishers. Twitter is easy to use but a total time suck.
  6. 6. FacebookClient audience: moms and dads and “just folks”Facebook is easy to use but a time suck, too. LinkedInClient Audience: executives, colleagues, PRagencies, and publishersSet it up and forget about it.
  7. 7. Optional tools for your social media kit Google+ - fuhgeddaboudit … this weekPicture based tools:• Pinterest – idea boards, inspiration, sharing• Instagram - smart phone app (recently bought by Facebook) for photo sharing• Flickr – photo sharing and storage
  8. 8. Even your tools have tools!• Aweber ( to build an enewsletter list for your blog• SocialOomph (SocialOomph) to automate updates and tweets• TweetAdder ( to grow your Twitter following (software)• TweetGrid ( to help you manage Twitter chats and parties• Twitterfeed ( to automatically tweet your blog’s RSS feed• TweetDeck ( helps you manage your Twitter stream• Webstagram ( online Instagram viewer• Klout ( to measure your social media influence
  9. 9. Bottom line: why do you need to use social media?To build an online community - It’s just a way tocreate a mailing list.• Find and attract potential clients• Communicate with current clientsTo build a marketing platform to connect with:• Traditional mainstream media• Book publishers• Food brands (recipe development)• TV producers
  10. 10. How to use social media without going crazy• Set goals – weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.• Set boundaries – privacy issues (what’s personal and what’s professional) and time limits.• Bringing in expert help – hire a social media consultant!
  11. 11. Questions? Feel free to contact me at You can also find me at:• This Mama Cooks! On a Diet™ -• Twitter -• Facebook - &• LinkedIn -• Google+ - &• Pinterest -• Instagram – amnichols• Flickr -