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Keys To Linked In - Owen Insights 2012


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This presentation was given to Owen MBA, MAcc, and MSF students to help them understand why they should use LinkedIn, how best to use it, and some other tips and tricks I learned while working there.

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Keys To Linked In - Owen Insights 2012

  1. 1. Owen Insights: LinkedIn September 13, 2012 Anne Marie Mills
  2. 2. What we’re going to coverWhy LinkedInYour ProfileYour NetworkYour GroupsHow to Use LinkedIn
  3. 3. Why LinkedIn?Because ALL recruiters use itBecause you can build your professional profile to bemore than just a resumeBecause it can help you find the job you wantBecause it can link you to the people who can helpyou get the jobBecause it can keep you in the know about what’sgoing on for your job
  4. 4. First things first, Your ProfileUpload your resumeUpload a professional photoWrite a compelling summaryInclude keywordsUse all sections available Skills Courses Volunteer Experience & Causes Education
  5. 5. Common MistakesSpelling errors Check once, twice and have a friend check too!Company / School names Use the automatic listings to ensure its correctly linked Watch for errors caused by resume uploadNot including descriptions for each jobNot having a 100% complete profile This includes having a photo (or one that isn’t professional) They even have a tutorial that will take you through this process
  6. 6. Now, Build Your NetworkWho? Coworkers Classmates Professors Alumni Friends & Family But this isn’t Facebook!
  7. 7. A Visualization of Your
  8. 8. Connections – Use them!You can customize the information related to thatperson using the Contact Information box.You can also export your Connections.
  9. 9. Groups - what are these?LinkedIn Groups can be found for anything Owen has a group HOP has a group Geographic areas an be a group Undergrad programs probably have groups too!But why join? Build your network Informative Articles Find a job
  10. 10. Group Example
  11. 11. But Why Keep Using LinkedIn?Stay up to date with LinkedIn TodayBuild your professional brand through your activitiesLearn about industries & companiesFind a job or help others find a jobUse it for research before interviewsKeep your profile up to dateContinue to build your network
  12. 12. What if I want to know moreI have a weekly blog on OwenBloggers with tips everyweek – check it out!There are also lots of resources on LinkedIn throughthe HelpCenter
  13. 13. Thanks!!Any Questions?
  14. 14. Resources