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Gov5 javelosa jeannie

  1. 1. Jeannie E. Javelosa Co-Founder & Director, ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle Trustee & President, ECHOsi Foundation
  2. 2. The ECHO DNA Environment Community Hope Organization Empowering Communities with Hope and Opportunities through Sustainable Initiatives
  3. 3. Green fair trade community-made products / Natural, fresh sustainable farm produce or community food Tri-Concept: An ECHOsystem
  4. 4. The Twin Combination Retail & Development Upstream & Downstream (Products ) (BID Services) Opening other Markets
  5. 5. Sustainability PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTION Serendra • Podium Centris Mall,QC• Davao Salcedo,Makati E-Commerce • Export Other Retail Partners
  6. 6. Why Empower Women? ECHOstore Women-owned, operated, led 89% of suppliers are women micro-entreps or small businesses 90% of customers are women International Connection International Trade Center: Global Platform for the Sourcing from Women Vendors WEConnect International represents about 45 international corporations with a buying power exceeding $700 million annually
  7. 7. • 70% of the worlds poor are women • women have a disproportionally positive impact on poverty • income streams concentrated in the hands of women have very positive impacts on children compared to men; women reinvest up to 90% of earnings in family wellbeing, breaking cycles of intergenerational poverty (women take out business loans, men buy cars) • 100% payback on microfinancing loans Women and Poverty Alleviation
  8. 8. Business Opportunities • Estimated earnings of $18 trillion by 2014, more than double GDP of India and China combined. • 72% of private sector executives report increased profits/ indicate expectation that their profits will increase as a result of efforts to empower women in developing countries • Increased competition leads to greater efficiency
  9. 9. Gaps Identified Product Design and Creation, Variants Packaging Certifications Branding Linking stakeholders Market Access and Opening Microfinancing
  10. 10. Women Helping Women up the Value Chain The Platform: GREAT -Gender Responsive Economic Action for the Transformation of Women The Brand:
  11. 11. Level 2 Level 2 Completed Assignments Production Capacities Level 3 Great Women Brand Level 1 Initial Assessment Assignments Level 4 Designers/Chefs/Co- branding Alignments Level 5 Certifications The ECHOsi Challenge (Development)
  12. 12. The ECHOsi Direction: Inclusion (Stakeholder Inclusion for Development) •NGOs •Cooperatives •Private sector–companies •Local Government Units (LGUs) •Government Agencies •International Funding Institutions
  13. 13. The ECHOsi Direction: Longtail (Stakeholder Inclusion for Markets) •Women in Media •Retail (Pop-Up Stores and Gondolas) •E-commerce •Export (NY Now Artisan Resource and International Food Expo –IFEX) •Corporate Sales •Co-Branding Alignments (store in store)
  14. 14. Sustainability of Production Pricing competitiveness Sustainability of production processes Certifications Capacity for expansion Financial access to capital (micro-finance, MSME loans) Continuing R & D Market Testing
  15. 15. ECHO Integrated Platform Non Profit Social Enterprise Licensing Marketing Partnerships With other retailers and markets Backroom Hub Consolidation Process for Markets Coordinates with Communities and SMEs Development Program Services and Products Food and Design Lab Funding Agencies Licensing the Program Licensing the Brand Certification GWB (for supplier) Co-Branding Certification Friends of GWB (multinationals) Policy Structural Framework APEC ASEAN
  16. 16. Women Micro Entreps SME Global Platform for the Sourcing from Women Vendors / E- commerce Online / Export
  17. 17. In 2013, under the GREAT Women program the ECHOsi Foundation posted an impact reach of approximately 500 women, with around 900 additional beneficiaries through cascade workshops, impacting 28,500 women (women x 5 family members x direct impacts of women neighbor) and household members. Social Impact: