19 hilarioanne 10 Step Marketing Plan


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19 hilarioanne 10 Step Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Marketing Plan for Carefree Anne Hilario 08June13
  2. 2. Daily Freshness for the Women andTeens...
  3. 3. Carefree’s primary target market are women who wants to have that everyday panty fresh feeling. • 13 - 50 yo Class AB and C • Teens / Women (students, working, professionals, moms, sisters) • Teens / Women who loves outdoor activities, who are active, who spend most of their time outside their homes. • Teens / Women who prefer to use a super thin pad on the light flow of their period.
  4. 4. Needs,Wants & Demand • Women need to feel clean, fresh, and dry to be confident in every activity that they do. • Women prefer to use carefree due to its dry & odor control capability, trusted brand, packaging, color, and promise of Fresh feeling everyday. • Women demand comfort and dry feeling everyday.
  5. 5. Competitors
  6. 6. Product benefit positioning “Only Carefree, the #1 liner, gives you that everyday fresh panty feeling” • Carefree® Breathable gives you daily breathable comfort in a thicker liner. • Carefree® Healthy Fresh has tea tree extracts for unbeatable 8-hour odor control. • Carefree® Barely There™ is made of a cloth-like cover that you'll think it's part of your underwear. • Carefree® Super Dry gives you extra protection from wetness on heavy discharge days. • Carefree® Super Dry Longs has 20% extra coverage for maximum confidence. • Acti-Fresh™ liners provide 2x more breathability and quickly absorbs 3x more fluid than regular ultra thin liners
  7. 7. CarefreeVariants
  8. 8. Differentiation from competitor • Carefree is the only liner with Odor Control that gives Instant Freshness for up to 6 hours
  9. 9. Addressable market Despite the competitor's strategy on recruitment by addressing price barrier, penetration still holds low percentage at 66% and there is still room to further grow the Category.
  10. 10. Carefree Market size Carefree remains to be the dominant market leader in the growing Liner Category at 46% Market share. 5% 6% 27% 16% 46% LinersMarketShare
  11. 11. BTL efforts Total Women’s Health Category Management
  12. 12. BTL Efforts
  13. 13. Campaigns & Events http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT99FQxChsY
  14. 14. Competitor efforts top 2 only • Lower Pricing • Aggressive TVC’s
  15. 15. Carefree Distribution Channels • Supermarket • Groceries • Drugstores • Sari-sari Stores • Department Stores
  16. 16. Challenges for carefree moving forward • Liner usage still holds low penetration rate at 66%, moreso, a lower percentage of everyday usage since women especially teens still use liners only on their pre/post menstrual period. Awareness and relevance of everyday usage still holds a big opportunity. • Carefree being the market leader, can address these barriers via effective TVC and in store merchanidisng.
  17. 17. Reference • http://www.corinthian.co.id/products/detail/2010-07.pdf • http://www.carefreeliners.com/faqs • https://www.facebook.com/CarefreePH