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Cursus webloggen @ASVA


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Cursus webloggen @ASVA

  1. 1. Cursus webloggen @ASVA Anne Helmond, Universiteit van Amsterdam. 27 oktober 2009 Foto: laughingsquid
  2. 2. wie ben ik?
  3. 3. waarom bloggen?
  4. 4. wat is een blog? boyd, danah. “A Blogger’s Blog: Exploring the Definition of a Medium.” Reconstruction, 6 (4), November 2006.  Walker, Jill Blogging From Inside the Ivory Tower. Peter Lang. 2006. 127-138.
  5. 5. new form of journalism reverse-chronological ordered collection of entries product of blog software diary personal publication tool
  6. 6. geschiedenis van de blog
  7. 7. the personal homepage • Fairly static and closed self-referential environment • Content stored in one place • Based on the unit of the page • Required HTML knowledge
  8. 8. the blog • The blog is a database • The blog is not a closed environment • Based on the unit of the post • Focus on freshness and links • Does not require HTML knowlegde (unless...)
  9. 9. anatomie van een blog Hourihan, Meg. "What We're Doing When We Blog." O'Reilly Network, June 13, 2002,
  10. 10. wat is de blogosphere? The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community (or as a collection of connected communities) or as a social network in which everyday authors can publish their opinions. (Wikipedia)
  11. 11. interconnections: the conversational qualities of blogging (boyd, 2006) software-engine relations (Helmond, 2007)
  12. 12. blogosphere I This a hyperbolic display of blogs using both the WWE and the ICWSM 2007 data sets. © Matthew Hurst
  13. 13. blogosphere II
  14. 14. engines als het startpunt van de blogosphere Blogoscoped
  15. 15. de blogosphere volgens de engines indexing machines
  16. 16. de engines creëren verschillende blogospheren
  17. 17. blog software
  18. 18. blog software zelf hosten elders hosten
  19. 19. micro-blog software
  20. 20. stem je software af op je doel
  21. 21. content toevoegen blogs zijn meer dan tekst: foto’s, video, slideshows etc. 1. plugins 2. widgets 3. embed codes
  22. 22. hoe niet bron: GeenStijl
  23. 23. bron: Engelfriet
  24. 24. hoe wel Creative Commons
  25. 25. hoe wel
  26. 26. hoe wel
  27. 27. categoriseren en taggen