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Twitter Tools: Friendorfollow


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How to maintain your twitter following with

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Twitter Tools: Friendorfollow

  1. 1. Anne Hornyak, GoSeeTell Network How to maintain your twitter following with FriendorFollow
  2. 2. Friend or Follow
  3. 3. Friend or Follow Go beyond the basics of twitter by maintaining your twitter followers. This is especially important if you’re trying to increase your followers and you’re stuck around the 2,000 mark. (Twitter only allows you to follow 2,000 people until you have a similar amount of followers.) FriendorFollow is a great tool to see 1. Follows: who you’re following that are not following you back 2. Fans: who is following you but you are not following back 3. Friends: mutual followings This tool also allows you to export your follows, fans and friends which provides follower location data.
  4. 4. Friend or Follow Log into and connect with your twitter account.
  5. 5. Friend or Follow Mouse over an avatar for the easy-to-use pop-up box. You can follow/unfollow right from here! Click “more” to see their bio.
  6. 6. Friend or Follow Take advantage of the sorting options. Sort by: -Username (twitter name) -Name (real name) -Location (location they provided in their bio) -Followers (amount) -Following (amount) -Last Tweet (many followers may be inactive) -Account Age
  7. 7. Friend or Follow For those who love to analyze things…. Export CSV will provide a spreadsheet of your followers, fans or friends. Why is this important?
  8. 8. Friend or Follow The spreadsheet provides all the information that is included in a twitter bio such as the name, username, location, bio description, amount of followers/friends and profile image (URL). It also includes the date the account was created, the twitter ID number and the date of their last tweet. So…why is this important?
  9. 9. Friend or Follow Most CVBs (Convention & Visitors Bureaus) market to specific locations, targeting non-locals to visit the area. Use this export to see where your twitter following is from by sorting the location column in the spreadsheet. Twitter users can enter anything as their location, including GPS coordinates, so this will only be as accurate as the information they provide.
  10. 10. Friend or Follow As important as it is to target non-locals, remember to consider the power of the “ambassadors” for your city, whether local or non-local. These are people who will retweet your message and promote your city in their normal tweets. Never underestimate the power of your local followers.
  11. 11. Thank You! Anne Hornyak Social Media Strategist GoSeeTell Network [email_address] 219.743.5392 Twitter: @WhosYourAnnie Facebook: annehornyak AIM: anneh632