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WRIT 312 Fall 2012


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WRIT 312 Fall 2012

  2. 2. First… Laksamee Putnam Cook Library Reference:  410.704.2462.  IM/email Phone: 410.704.3746. Twitter: @CookLibraryofTU Slides:
  3. 3. Take away… Introduction to Library Resources Biography Basics Finding Books and Articles Citation Help Slides:
  4. 4. Library Homepage Main website  Library Catalog  USMAI Catalog  Cook OneSearch  WorldCat TU Course Gateway  Research -> Course Gateways -> Select a Course (WRIT 312)
  5. 5. Biography Basics Start in “Biography in Context” to read up on your scientist Note their name and possible variations  Charles Darwin  C Darwin, Charles Robert Darwin, CR Darwin
  6. 6. Biography Basics What were your scientist’s affiliations?  Partners? University? What key words are associated with your scientist?  Inventions? Formulas? Field of study? Are there any specific publications mentioned which you could look up?  Books or Journals written about or by your scientist
  7. 7. Finding Books A list of books to help you get started Search in multiple places  Use specific books titles if you know them  Use name variations  Use keywords Request books from other USMAI libraries Interlibrary loan for everything else
  8. 8. Search Tips Boolean “search connectors”  Stephen Hawking AND Physics  seismoscope OR seismometer
  9. 9. Finding Articles Start with Scopus Use Author Search to help locate articles written by your scientist Use your keywords to see if there have been articles written about your author If you have a specific citation to look up, check the Journal List
  10. 10. Finding Articles No luck in Scopus? Try the other databases listed in the WRIT 312 Course Gateway  Science Citation Index, Science Direct, Cook OneSearch If the full text isn’t available look for an SFX or Find It button.
  11. 11. Searching the Web Try different search engines  Google Scholar  Scirus  Vadlo Limit to .gov or .edu  For example, you can usually search “topic” + .gov  “transmission electron microscope”
  12. 12. APA Citing Resources Cook Library – Citing Sources OWL 
  13. 13. Worksheet! Answer the various questions as you:  Find out more about your scientist in Biography in Context  Locate books and articles Ask if you have questions!
  14. 14. Questions? Feel free to contact me:  Laksamee Putnam   410.704.3746.  Twitter: @CookLibraryofTU Or any reference librarian:  Visit Cook Library Reference Desk  410.704.2462.  IM – tucookchat