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  • Lot’s of ways to keep in touch on campus. How to know what is going on with your class, what events are happening on campus and stay connected with your new TU community.
  • Blackboard is a centralized place for you to find information on the courses you are enrolled in. It’s a “website” for your class.Depending on your class, some of your professors will use Blackboard a ton, others not so much.Discussion boards, announcements, quizzes, and more.You should at least be able to find a course syllabus for your class.
  • Email, a 21st century skill. Check it everyday, use it to contact professors.WebDisk – H:Drive storage
  • One email you will receive regularly is the T3. It can contain a lot of information, but it keeps you updated on current events around campus.
  • Another way to find out what’s happening around campus is to check the TU Calendars. You can even login and say you are attending any events listed. The academic calendar lists important dates, such as when campus holidays are and add/drop deadlines.
  • Check out what’s going on in the next few weeks.Labor Stay next weekend: A hypnotist, movies (Hunger Games), a bus trip to DC.
  • There are TU mobile apps! Look up a campus map, check events, put money on your OneCard, check a sports score!
  • Check to see if there is a Facebook page for various TU affiliates. The library, Doc, most student associations, will have a page. Be careful, sometimes it’s not someone official running the page.
  • The library even has a YouTube channel with
  • Tu communications fye2013

    1. 1. How do we stay in touch? And how do we know what is going on around campus? Slides: http://slidesha.re/19PntLV
    2. 2.  Login to Blackboard  NetID and password  View your courses  Find a syllabus!  Fill out the Semester-at-a-Glance
    3. 3.  September  4(T)- English,Topics proposal due  13(Th)- Meet with advisor  28(F)- Math,Test #1  October  6(T)- English, Paper Outline due  14(T)- Group meeting with advisor  27(M)- Math,Test #2  November  5(Th)- English, First draft due  10(T)- Individual advisor meeting, plan Spring semester  24(F)- Math,Test #3  December  1(T)- English, Final paper due  15(Th)- Email checkin with advisor  16(F)- Math, Final exam
    4. 4.  TU Mobile, OneCard, Sports
    5. 5. happy reading!
    6. 6. Laksamee Putnam, FYE 2013 Advisor Research & Instruction Librarian Cook Library,Towson University lputnam@towson.edu Created Fall, 2013 (Images from www.towson.edu, Facebook & YouTube.)