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TSEM Fall 2012 McArthur Class 2a


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TSEM Fall 2012 McArthur Class 2a

  1. 1. TSEM 102Laksamee Putnamlputnam@towson.eduResearch & Instruction LibrarianSlides:
  2. 2. First… Laksamee Putnam Cook Library Reference:  410.704.2462.  IM/email Phone: 410.704.3746. Twitter: @CookLibraryofTU Albert S. Cook facebook profile! Slides:
  3. 3. Agenda Discuss “readings” Quick review of last class Finding Books Finding Articles Research time
  4. 4. Real research is complicated  Can you think of any other examples of a “magical database” with all the answers?  Where do you find books/articles for your classes here at Towson University?  How many places doSlackerz web comic. 2007. you look? Library Instructional Videos. Scholarly vs  Why are scholarlyPopular. articles important for your assignment?
  5. 5. Review Keywords AND OR NOT Check for CRAP  Currency  Reliability  Authority  Purpose/POV
  6. 6. Putting it all together… What are some ways elementary teachers can assess whether a certain technology solution is effective? teach* assess* technolog* instruct* evaluate* comput* method* test* [software name] learn* teach* OR instruct* OR method* OR learn* AND assess* OR evaluate* OR test* AND technolog* OR comput* OR kidspiration
  7. 7. Finding Books Plenty of relevant information in print Use broad keywords Multiple places to search  Cook OneSearch  Library Catalog  USMAI Libraries
  8. 8. Finding Books
  9. 9. Finding Books
  10. 10. Finding Articles Scholarly – Peer Reviewed Usespecific keywords Utilized advanced search features Card Catalogue. [Photographer]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest.
  11. 11. Finding Articles
  12. 12. Finding Articles Content providers you should use:  Academic Search Premier  Education Research Complete  ERIC  SocINDEX  ScienceDirect  Social Sciences Abstracts  PsycINFO
  13. 13. Finding Articles Features to remember  Yellow Findit button  Citation creations  Email yourself Also as you are searching  Take a look at the article citations  Make note of additional keywords
  14. 14. Research time! Go find books and articles on your topic Fill in this worksheet:   Email yourself anything you want to remember Next library session:  Two readings and discussion questions  Discussion on plagiarism and citation style
  15. 15. Questions? Feel free to contact me:  Laksamee Putnam   410.704.3746.  Twitter: @CookLibraryofTU Or any reference librarian:  Visit Cook Library Reference Desk  410.704.2462.  IM – tucookchat