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  • TSEM 102 Sp 2012

    1. 1. TSEM 102: Current Issues in Education:Living and Learning in a Digital Society LAKSAMEE PUTNAM LPUTNAM@TOWSON.EDU RESEARCH & INSTRUCTION LIBRARIAN
    2. 2. First… Laksamee Putnam lputnam@towson.edu Cook Library Reference:  410.704.2462.  IM/email Phone: 410.704.3746. Twitter: @CookLibraryofTU Albert S. Cook facebook profile!
    3. 3. Agenda Review of last class Finding Books: Searching the Library Catalog Finding Articles: Searching the databases
    4. 4. Putting it all together… What are some ways elementary teachers can assess whether a certain technology solution is effective? teach* assess* technolog* instruct* evaluate* comput* method* test* [software name] learn* teach* OR instruct* OR method* OR learn* AND assess* OR evaluate* OR test* AND technolog* OR comput* OR kidspiration
    5. 5. Check for CRAP Currency Reliability Authority Purpose/Point of View
    6. 6. Research is complicated
    7. 7. Finding Books Plenty of relevant information in print Use broad keywords Multiple places to search  Towson Library  USMAI Libraries Catalog vs WorldCat TU
    8. 8. Finding Books
    9. 9. Finding BooksFinding the appropriate subject wordsor “subject tags” that describe yoursearch topic is essential. These subjecttags apply in database indexes too.Keep track of any good words you find;you will use them later when yousearch for scholarly journal articles inthe databases.
    10. 10. Finding Books
    11. 11. Finding Books
    12. 12. Finding Books
    13. 13. Finding Books
    14. 14. Finding Books
    15. 15. Finding Books
    16. 16. Finding Books If Cook Library and USMAI does not have a copy of the book you want, you can request it thru InterLibrary Loan
    17. 17. Finding Articles Looking for specific research about your topic The library subscribes to thousands of journals (but not all of them) Databases help you search through multiple journals Use subject specific databases to help narrow your article search
    18. 18. Finding Articles
    19. 19. Finding Articles Database Demo  Choose Databases  Choose Advanced Search  Peer Reviewed articles
    20. 20. Finding Articles
    21. 21. Finding Articles Database Demo  Alter the time frame  Notice Subject terms  View Similar Results  Click full text pdf or Find It
    22. 22. Finding Articles Database Demo  After clicking Find It  If we do not have an electronic copy, be sure to check to see if we have a print copy  If Cook Library does not have a print or electronic copy you can request article thru InterLibrary Loan (Iliad)
    23. 23. Let’s start searching! Find a book on your topic  Try to find one available here at Towson and another located elsewhere Find an article on your topic  Use various combinations of your keywords Fill out this form: http://bit.ly/2TSEM
    24. 24. Questions? Feel free to contact me:  Laksamee Putnam  lputnam@towson.edu  410.704.3746.  Twitter: @CookLibraryofTU Or any reference librarian:  Visit Cook Library Reference Desk  410.704.2462.  IM – tucookchat