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Dove Real Beauty Sketches Case Study


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Dove Real Beauty Sketches

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Dove Real Beauty Sketches Case Study

  2. 2. DOVE: BACKGROUND • Started in 1957 in the US • Presented as the “revolutionary new beauty cleansing bar” • A blend of mild cleansers with ¼ moisturizing cream • #1 Dermatologist recommended soap in US, Canada and France • Strongly endorsed by dermatologists all over the world
  3. 3. ISSUE Women’s low self-esteem and anxiety about looks
  4. 4. MISSION • Ensure that the next generation will grow up to enjoy a positive relationship with themselves and how they look • Help the next generation reach their full potential in life • Build body confidence • Strengthen self-worth • Empower women all over the world
  5. 5. STRATEGY • Conduct an experiment that explores how a woman sees her self and her own beauty, in comparison to what other people see • Dove picked out women who have a hard time accepting herself and her real beauty • Asked these women to get close with another person • The chosen woman will have to describe her self to a professional forensic artist (describe her looks) • The other person will be asked to describe what the woman looked like as well • The different sketches were then put together and shown to the women
  6. 6. EXAMPLES
  7. 7. EXAMPLES
  8. 8. RESULT • As seen in the video, all of the women were speechless • “the stranger’s[description/sketch] was more gentle” • “its really different” • “the second one[stranger’s sketch] is more beautiful; she looks more open, and friendly, and happy ” • “I have some work to do on myself” • “we should spend more time appreciating the things that we do like[about ourselves]” • “I SHOULD BE MORE GRATEFUL OF MY NATURAL BEAUTY – IT IMPACTS EVERYTHING”
  9. 9. LESSONS LEARNED • Acceptance • As women, we should not be too harsh on ourselves. We should accept what we have and make the most out of it. We should not be ashamed of who and what we are, but rather, be proud. • Self-love • We should always love ourselves because it will affect every aspect of our lives. We should learn to accept and love our natural beauty – the real us. And if we learn to love ourselves and see how beautiful we really are, then we are going to see the world in a different and better perspective.
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