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Research/Case studies

  1. 1. The mise-en-scene of Lady Gaga’s whacky bracelets, wig and lipstick colour reinforces Lady Gaga as a unique individual; further supplies the audience with an idea of the diverse pop music she launches. The use of the purple asterisks above the main cover line links with the colour theme of purple; the fact that the asterisks are shaped as stars associates with the fame generated from the pop genre of music Lady Gaga produces. The make-up used is dark; rich purple similar to, the colour of her hair which could be a connotation towards the colour scheme of the magazine being purple. In addition to, the signifier of the bright violet colour of the cover star’s wig lightens up the scene and prevents the image from looking too dark balancing the colour intensity. The main cover line of ‘Lady Gaga’ is embolden and written within capital initials suggesting that, Lady Gaga is the main subject within the magazine. Furthermore, the idea of the main cover line being the second largest referring to ‘Lady Gaga’ is effective because, it is relevant to the main cover image which displays a clear middle shot of the celebrity Lady gaga herself. The positioning of the masthead behind the main image indicates that, the celebrity within the image is more significant than the actual magazine itself. This method is effective because, it helps increase the sales of the magazine since a wellknown celebrity is illustrated right in front of the magazine. The mise-en-scene of the main cover star’s modern jewel set worn on her right hand side connotes a sinister theme towards the magazine specifically when the ring is worn beside a night black blazer. Lady Gaga’s exposure towards her cleavage connotes sex appeal which lures the male audience to purchase the magazine despite her unusual hair style. This additionally insinuates who the target audience may well be within the magazine (males). The framing for this magazine is direct modal address in which, the character within the main image appears to be glaring straightforwardly towards the readers. The use of the direct modal address is effective because, it captures the viewers’ attention as the celebrity within the main image seems to be ‘directly’ facing your position. The shot type towards the main image is Middle shot exposing the cover star’s upper body down to her lowest waist. In addition to, the use of the Middle shot type is extremely effective because, it draws attention to Lady Gaga’s distinctive style which differentiates her from other celebrities and defines her as an individual. The cover lines are positioned behind the main cover star so that, the audience s’ attention can be more concentrated on the celebrity advertised within the front cover instead of the text displayed.
  2. 2. The conventions of the margins and the white space is proficient to the double page spread because, it makes the layout look structured and consistent towards the audience further making it easier and clearer for the audience to read. The convention of the pull quote is effective because, it involves the publisher selecting the most important quote from the extract which makes the audience more likely to read into the contextual information. The convention of the page number is essential within the DPS because, it directs the readers into the specific context written within the contents page. The shot type of the images within the double page spread varies from middle shot types within the right side of the page towards a wide shot within the right. The use of the middle shot types displayed as 3 images is effective because, it gives the readers an insight into the diverse change of outfits worn by Lady Gaga supplying the readers’ a wider experience into the show as if the readers are presently there. Furthermore, the use of the wide shot displayed within the left side is effective because, it gives the readers a more visual imagery into the scenery in which the concert was set in. The mise-en-scene of the costumes and props use vary in colour from purple, white to silver in which, greatly attracts the readers interest. Moreover, the use of different colour props and costumes supplies a greater insight into Lady Gaga’s dress sense further reflecting on her unique personality. The framing is not consistently direct modal address suggesting that, these images of Lady Gaga were taken unexpectedly. This is effective because, it insinuates to the readers’ different scenarios and aspects towards the tour. Language: Pull quote “I used to sit right over there, way far in the back. So every second you watch me on this stage, you remember I was sitting where you are.” The language used is middle lexis suggesting that, Lady Gaga is an educated individual and the addition of the language not being too highly elaborated is convenient as Lady Gaga may well perhaps be addressing her fans. The form of the pull quote is written in declaratives supplying an earnest and honest tone from the main cover star. Hjghjhgjgh
  3. 3. Source used: ising/content/splash/BillboardMa gazine.pdf The statistics show that 68% of the readers who purchase the Billboard magazine are College graduates suggesting that, the majority of the target audience are welleducated and are more likely to be young adults ranging from 18-19 and upwards. As you can view, the Billboard Company has researched into the type of jobs Billboard readers are involved in such as, being an Artist, Concert promoter, Music distributor and Publishers. These jobs are all media-related suggesting that, the target audience are more likely to be familiar with the music industry. The audience who read the Billboard magazine the least are post graduates by only ¼ represented amongst the sample. This suggests that, the audience who read the Billboard magazine the least are mostly the highly educated university students who have stayed in education for a long duration of time. Statistics also represent that a massive 60% of readers attain Billboard magazines through the privacy of their home. The fact that a majority of 60% of readers receive Billboard magazines within their homes suggests that, the Billboard magazine distributes their magazines through Postal subscription. Postal subscription refers to a distribution method in which, regular readers have the option of subscribing to their favourite magazine brand and further attaining the magazine through post. The distribution method of Postal subscription is beneficial because, it makes it easier for readers to keep up to date with the latest news and ensures a frequent circulation of readers.
  4. 4. Some of the sponsorship opportunities within the new Billboard Ipod edition includes: a “pull over” towards advertisements, advanced media, audio and video and full page advertisements. These varieties of features indicate that, Billboard consists of a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. An image of a well-known celebrity, Alicia Keys illustrated as the cover of the IPOD to increase popularity and sells. In addition to, by adding an attractive celebrity as the main cover of the IPod attracts the male target audience further giving us a clearer insight who the intended audience may well be. Extract: ‘The new Billboard magazine Ipod edition provides brands with engaging sponsorship opportunities’ The Billboard firm made it available for its audience to download magazines via Ipod. In the contemporary period of the 21st century, the majority of young people own some form of modern technology and as a result, are less likely to physically purchase magazines in retails therefore the distribution method of Apps will be very versatile towards young people who own modern forms of technologies such as, Smart Phones and IPods as they are more likely to be familiar with them. Billboard is an extremely successful media firm owning popular charts such as, the Billboard 100 and the Billboard 200. In addition to, the Billboard was first established within the late 19th century of 1894 and is currently run by the Prometheus Global media company.
  5. 5. Regardless of all the other popular artists mentioned in the cover line, Drake’s name is written in capital initials to show that he is more superior and significant than these other artists. Similar to the Lady gaga Billboard magazine, the main cover image is positioned in front of the masthead to reinforce Drake’s superiority and to further suggest that, Drake is also more important than the whole magazine itself. The shot type of the main image is middle shot to expose the black and white effect of the main cover star further linking to the target audience being maleorientated. The use of the black and white colours creates a serious and deviant impression further fitting in with the aspects of ‘masculinity’. Very few cover lines are used to prevent the audience from being detracted and less centred on the main cover star within the image. The convention of a bar code is used to represent the date and the price of the magazine. Colours used such as, black, white, gold and grey are very masculine colours connoting that, the target audience may well be aimed towards the gender of males. The use of the large main cover line of ‘Drake watch the throne’ takes up almost ¼ of the page; this is effective because, it excites as well as engages Drake’s fans to read into the publication more to figure out its relation. In addition to, the signifier of the colour gold used as the main cover line connotes the idea that, the celebrity refers to himself as regal and of high importance alike a king further reinforcing Drake’s arrogance. Moreover, this concept correlates with the reference to the ‘throne’ stated within the main cover line. The celebrity within the main image is not in direct modal address with its viewers creating an unorthodox and cool outlook. In addition to, the idea of the main cover star not smiling and not facing the audience straightforwardly indicates that, the main cover star is going against the conventional aspects of a magazine further showing a rebellious and conceited persona towards the celebrity. This additionally appeals to the male audience who are more likely to be influenced by these traits than females.
  6. 6. Contents page I am very sorry to say that I could not find any contents page nor DPS online therefore, I took an image of my printed work I have already annotated. The alignments of images are arranged in tiles; are replicates of the celebrity Drake to show that this page mainly links to him. (I had to write it again because the text was not clear) Alleys are used in between the tiles and around the text which makes the text look structured and spacious. Margins used to separate each text so that, readers do not get confused with certain texts. The use of margins further helps maintain structure and organisation. The convention of page numbers used to show where each section of context is located. The convention of page numbers also makes it easier for the readers to identify particular information which suits their interest. The use of the contents and splitting: ‘The A-side...The b-side’ relates to a vintage vinyl record because, within the front side of a Vinyl record it is named the A side and within the back side of the CD it is named the B side. (Not clear so re-did) The use of the phrase of ‘Everything I am’ indicates how Drake’s album defines who he is as a person rather than a celebrity similar to, the Billboard magazine displaying Lady Gaga. “That undeniable Drake formula’ uses of flattery or puff to describe the celebrity of Drake. The effect of this is to make Drake’s fans admire him even more as if his status really is alike to a ‘king’. ‘Eye candy’, ‘twerking sensation’ uses seductive language to allure the male target audience alike to Lady Gaga using sex appeal to attract the male target audience. This is further reinforced by the provocative clothing the model within the image is wearing.
  7. 7. Direct modal address of celebrity used to alert and intrigue readers. Shot type of long shot used to portray a clear picture of the celebrity’s upper and lower body. Shot type of middle shot (right picture) showing upper body down to lower waist however, without showing the full body. Low contrast used in contrast to a black background and black clothing used to, magnitude French Montana’s face more. This is further emphasized by the lack of props within the background. Margins used to separate the image from the text sustaining arrangement. Signature used to prove that the text is authorised by the artist French Montana himself. This is effective because, it enables the readers to be more assured about the validity of the text. The use of dark colours such as, black and red imply that the target audience is mainly aimed towards males. The mise-en-scene of clothing is very urban and modern suited to the genre of music the rapper French Montana produces. The structure of the text is arranged in paragraphs correlating with the biographical theme. Use of the inclusive phrase of ‘you’ appoints to the readers; engages them within the magazine. “I can’t believe XXL” is written in a bold font to interest the readers; to alarm the fans to read more to find out what French Montana is so excited about.
  8. 8. The demographics show that the median age of XXL’s target audience is 27 suggesting that, XXL targets older readers within the middle age than Billboard. Dissimilar to the Billboard institution, less than half of the audience are college educated in comparison to, 68% of Billboard’s target audience being college graduates. This suggests that, the majority of the target audience may well not be highly educated. The majority of the audience who read XXL magazines are males (78%) hence the reason why XXL often promotes male artists and why such dark colour schemes such as, red and black are used within the magazine. The statistics show that the ethnicity of XXL’s audience is commonly approached by African Americans by 67% hence the reason why, AfroCarribeans such as, Drake, Nas and Kendrick Lamar are frequently featured in the magazines. This suggests that, the ethnicity of XXL’s audience is aimed towards the black minority.