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Connecting Schools to Remote Science Labs


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Connecting Schools to Remote Science Labs

  1. 1. Connecting Schools to Remote Science LabsAnne-Christin TannhäuserScienterNetsEU conference, Oct 2011
  2. 2. It’s Lab Time!UniSchooLabS aims atimproving quality in science education inEurope, by promoting collaborationbetween universities and schools in theprovision of remote access to sciencelaboratories for primary and secondaryschools through internet-based services.
  3. 3. It’s Lab Time!Why?Schools fragmented access to science in rural areas lack of proper equipment and limited range of possible experimentsTeaching “Chalk and talk” approach Difficulties to engage learners in science BUT young people’s interest in science is essential to our future prosperity
  4. 4. It’s Lab Time!Goals quality of science educationTeachers StudentsUse of Interest intechnologies in science alsothe classroom Increase among girlsProblem- Motivation,solving and analyticalinquiry-based thinking,approaches creativity
  5. 5. It’s Lab Time! How do we get there? Good Practice Reporto Pedagogical scenarios of inquiry-based learning, problem solving, learning practiceso Organizational settingso Collaboration between schools and science labso Human and technical infrastructure required schools versus universitieso Usability issues
  6. 6. It’s Lab Time! How do we get there? Lab catalogue 9 remote labsLab activity editorTeacher create and share onlineactivities for students Lab notebook Students „publish“ results of experiments and discussions
  7. 7. It’s Lab Time! How do we get there? Pilot studieso 10 teachers, 200 students use the toolkit in the classroomo Interviews with lab owners Improve
  8. 8. It’s Lab Time!How do we get there?Building acoordination structure Workshops For teachers &Connecting schools and Policy makers,university labs - sustainably Lab owners, and researchers
  9. 9. It’s Lab Time!PartnershipCoordination
  10. 10. It’s Lab Time!Your are a teacher and interested in remote labsSign up for our toolkithttp://unischoolabs.eun.orgDo not hesitate to ask further questions!Contact