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  • IDEAS about laptop usage boundaries. Time limits: Extra time if they finish ahead of time. Can check powerschool to see how they did. Online in parents’ presence: kitchen or living room not bedroom
  • Time management Compromise Phone call on Friday night example – all families are different. Only take on what you can enforce.
  • Ideas: -start with full privileges until trust is broken -increase time on laptop incrementally - as trust is established increase time
  • 9 th grade should be different than 12 th grade
  • 3 major online safety tips at school. What does public mean? Digital footprint! Anything published online will be there for a very very long time (even if removed). Internet is archiving.
  • Downside of social networking is cyberbullying like… Examples of Cyberbullying: The communication uses lewd language The communication insults your child directly (“You are stupid!”) The communication threatens your child vaguely (“I’m going to get you!”) The communication threatens your child with bodily harm. (“I’m going to beat you up!”) There is a general serious threat. (“There is a bomb in the school!” or “Don’t take the school bus today!”) The communication threatens your child with serious bodily harm or death (“I am going to break your legs!” or “I am going to kill you!”)
  • Proxy: we don’t block websites. We filter them. Difference b/t blocking and filtering. Unlike other schools, we don’t block social networking sites b/c here we teach responsibility and accountability . Blocking – complete prevent access to websites. Filtering – the content of the website is being filtered. If certain number of inappropriate terms on a website or pictures or videos), blocks specific part of that website however if threshold is reached, it will block the whole site. We want our students to have access to as much information as possible. Remote desktop: allows us to keep students in check when at school but there is not someone who constantly monitors.
  • Benefit – not downloaded to computer (other software like K9 downloads on computer and is not compatible with our firewall so computer doesn’t work at school. Opendns installs on router – it’s free. can monitor what sites users on your network on frequenting. However there are filtering options from which to choose.
  • How to install on variety of routers. If any issues, contact OpenDNS
  • You could be held responsible for what your student is doing on your network b/c it doesn’t track the computer, it tracks the general network. Recording Industry Association of America has been sending out warnings.
  • SHARING EVERYTHING: Movies, music, pictures (unfiltered)
  • The Prey Project – tells IP address and takes picture. Every freshman has this on their computer. And they have un and pw.
  • Digital Parenting Presentation

    1. 1. Parenting in the Digital Age Susan Geiger and Anne Arriaga, Librarians Mike Aquino, Assistant Principal of Instruction
    2. 2. Parenting : There’s NO app for that!
    3. 3. 1 : the raising of a child by its parents 2 : the taking care of someone in the manner of a parent From Merriam-Webster Online
    4. 8. Studying
    5. 12. Setting Boundaries Boundaries are about setting the bottom line or making agreements about what is acceptable and what is not.
    6. 13. Explain why it’s important Mutually negotiated Tips for Setting Boundaries
    7. 14. Communicate your family beliefs and values
    8. 15. Boundaries may change as students grow and mature
    9. 16. Online Safety 101 Understand the Internet is Public Do not give out personal information Never meet offline
    10. 17. Cyberbullying Intentional harm from one minor to another using electronic devices
    11. 18. Can happen 24/7 Cell phones or computers Listen Ask before accusing
    12. 20. What we do at Moreau <ul><li>Proxy (we filter, we don’t block) </li></ul><ul><li>Remote Desktop </li></ul><ul><li>Tech Camp </li></ul>
    13. 21.
    14. 23. Join your child online
    15. 24. Talk to your student about illegal downloading
    16. 26. A healthy laptop
    17. 28. Is a protected laptop
    18. 30.
    19. 31.
    20. 32.
    21. 33.
    22. 34.
    23. 36. Anne Arriaga: [email_address] 510-881-4349 Mike Aquino: [email_address] 510-881-4316