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Blogging Is Learning

This is a slideshow prepared to introduce teachers to blogging with a focus on David Warlick's Blogmeister, an online blogging tool..

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Blogging Is Learning

  1. 1. Blog2Learn
  2. 2. Blog2Learn Blogmeister is a good place to start for teachers who are new to blogging. It was founded by David Warlick of the Landmark Project. It was created to give teachers a significant amount of control over the web publishing activities of the students. Image Citation Astaroth_the piper’s photostream. Go forward . 05 May 2005. 27 May 2007 <>
  3. 3. Blogmeister “ A blogging tool developed for teachers as an authentic publishing environment to promote the development of effective communication skills in students.” Quote Citation: David Warlick: Author of Blogmeister tool and “Blogmeister Instructions” , <> Blog2Learn
  4. 4. Name for your classroom General information and description. Blog Article Title Student Blogs on Right Sidebar Student Entries on Left Sidebar Teacher Entries on Left Sidebar Blog2Learn Date Stamp Links Class Blog Blog Title
  5. 5. Blog2Learn A comment that has been posted by a reader. Date Stamp Student Blog
  6. 6. Blog2Learn <ul><li>Blog Title </li></ul><ul><li>Date Stamp, Time Stamp </li></ul><ul><li>Article Title (Blog Posts) </li></ul><ul><li>Article’s Main Body </li></ul><ul><li>Blog Author </li></ul><ul><li>Comments </li></ul><ul><li>Permalinks </li></ul><ul><li>Calendar </li></ul><ul><li>Archives </li></ul><ul><li>Links or Blogrolls </li></ul>Blog Components On the slides that follow we will highlight a few of these components to foster understandings. First learn the blogging vocabulary. All of these may not be on Blogmeister but you need the terms for reading all blogs.
  7. 7. Blog2Learn The last item written or posted is at the top of the blog. So it can be helpful to see beginning posts to understand the purpose. Image Citation Green at beginning and end. Our Enchanted Garden’s photos . 27 Feb 2007. 24 May 2007 <http:// flickr .com/ photos /enchantedgarden/193310277/>.
  8. 8. Blog2Learn Look for an “About” link to determine who is writing the blog. If that fails go back to the first post to see if there is an introduction. Image Citation oberazzi’s photostream. 02 April 2007. 26 May 2007 <>
  9. 9. Blog2Learn Permalinks Click this link to see the permalink.
  10. 10. Blog2Learn Archives Archives are usually in month form listed on the sidebar. These are links to previous blog entries.
  11. 11. Blog2Learn Calendar This is an optional blog feature which usually shows the current month’s calendar dates.
  12. 12. Blog2Learn Comments allow readers to reply to a particular blog entry. They make the blog interactive and are very motivating to students.
  13. 13. Blog2Learn Now we are off to look at some good examples of educational blogs. Then we will create our own!! Remember………..
  14. 14. Blog2Learn Blogmeister blogs First we will take a look at a few blogmeister blogs. Then we will look at blogs from other publishers so you can gain more ideas for content Elementary Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog Grade 1 and 2, Kathy Cassidy – teacher Mighty Writers 2006-07 Grade 3, Mark Ahlness - teacher [email_address] Mamaroneck (NY) Avenue School Grade 5 , Gordon Brune - teacher Continue on for other levels
  15. 15. Blog2Learn Blogmeister blogs Middle English Corner Grade 6 Language Arts, Julia Osteen - teacher Excellence and Imagination Grade 7 & 8, Clarence Fisher - teacher Cool Cat Teacher’s Student Blog Middle & High, Vicki Davis – teacher High Bishop Dunne # 21053 Freshman Pre-AP English class, Kyle Stevens - teacher B.D.C.S. Room 406 English III, English Language AP, English 4 - Daniel Wilson - teacher Science by Davis Ecology & Biology, S. Davis – teacher
  16. 16. Blog2Learn Improving Instruction Through the Use of Weblogs Click on the graphic to go to a listing of blogs. You will go to a wiki containing Blogs across many categories. Click on the word ‘sidebar’ at the top right to open the listing. Enjoy browsing! Get ideas! Share with Others! Then we will celebrate our learning by creating our own blogs!
  17. 17. Blog2Learn This slideshow was created for a blogging workshop for teachers. It was created by Anne Davis of EduBlog Insights . If you have any questions she can be contacted at [email_address] .