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DeMarle - The Emergent Media Center at Champlain College - 2013


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An overview of the work of the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College and the success of its students.

Published in: Education, Technology
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DeMarle - The Emergent Media Center at Champlain College - 2013

  1. 1. Ann DeMarleDirector Emergent Media Center,Champlain Collegeemail: demarle@champlain.edutwitter: @anndemarle
  2. 2. A studio-based academic center whose mission is to educate andinspire next generation media creators and leaders by addressingand creating solutions to the “wicked problems” facing ourcollective future.Through a collaborative, exploratory design cycle, the EMCtransforms education, processes, and media while enlighteningour college community, our partners, our global communities,and ourselves.
  3. 3. Process
  4. 4. • Brainstorming
  5. 5. • Prototyping & Proposal
  6. 6. • Iterative Design
  7. 7. • Production
  8. 8. • User Testing
  9. 9. • Refinement
  10. 10. • Release
  11. 11. Conceptualization &Prototyping
  12. 12. Demonstrations:• Center for Integration of Medical & Innovative Technology• Digital Now,• Kingbridge Summit
  13. 13. Brainstorming:• Archer Mayor• Echo Lake Center• Money Magazine• Rice for Life• Xerox
  14. 14. Prototyping Jams:• Learning 2007-2010• Meeting Professional International
  15. 15. MPI and Masie Learning Summits:Game Simulations
  16. 16. Masie Learning Summits:Learning Apps
  17. 17. Development &Release
  18. 18. City of Burlington,VT:Sketch-up/Google Earth
  19. 19. State ofVermont:Virtual Archeology Museum
  20. 20. ViewBoost Tourism App
  21. 21. Center for Integration of Medical & Innovative Technology:Emergency Response Simulator
  22. 22. IBM:Game Tomorrow
  23. 23. IBM:Open Sims Business Solutions
  24. 24. Planned Parenthood: Mobile Patient Intake Form
  25. 25. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Innovation Grant:University ofVermontCystic Fibrosis Breath Biofeedback Games
  26. 26. Ford Foundation:Rural Economic Equity Game
  27. 27. “It has shown me that it is not about how good your soccer skills are. It isabout attitude, teamwork and determination.What you do when you arenot on the pitch is important as well.”—Foluso, age 13, EnglandUnited Nations
  28. 28. Top 20 Countries:USUKCanadaAmerican SamoaAlbania & India (tied)AlgeriaBrazilAustralia, France & Pakistan (tied)MalaysiaSpainPhilippinesMorocco & South Africa (tied)IranJapanMexicoIndonesia
  29. 29. Challenges: a World Audience•Technology—delivery system•Universal story—theme•Setting—could this be every boy’s home turf?•Ethnicity — stereotypes•Clothing — religion—cool factor•No romantic or sexual implications•Portrayal of girls•No portrayal of violent actions•Language & localization•No PR partner•Funding gaps
  30. 30. What’s Next?
  31. 31. The Emergent Media Horizon1. Visualization will help solve challenges of bigdata,2. Mobile computing will meet the cloud,3. The need will grow for next-gen mobilecomputing,4. The Internet of Things will change howconsumers and enterprises use technology,5. Public interactive displays will become morecommon,6. New multimedia applications will emerge for 3Dprinting,7. Haptics will become more useful for rehabilitation.
  32. 32. Examples of StudentContent
  33. 33. Coby Brownell, mobile virtual history
  34. 34. Tara Gordon, Interactive childrens’ books
  35. 35. Jacob Neville, physical computing meets interactivity
  36. 36. Game Studio at Champlain College
  37. 37. Ann DeMarleDirector Emergent Media Center,Champlain Collegeemail: demarle@champlain.edutwitter: @anndemarle