China work 2010 2013


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China work 2010 2013

  1. 1. BETTER COMMUNITYBETTER LIFE!SURREYAt George Abbot School 2010-2013
  2. 2. Year 10 art project - visual research and development of ideas andthinking about the community we live in and how we see it….
  3. 3. Developing final pieces in class
  4. 4. Workshop with artist Mary Branson
  5. 5. Students are making lamps using porcelain. They designed their ownimages and learnt how to write their names in Mandarin to put ontotheir lamps are decoration.
  6. 6. Mary Branson’s final showLanterns made by students at Surrey schools
  7. 7. Lanterns displayed on a theme of YIN and YANG
  8. 8. BETTER COMMUNITYBETTER LIFE!SHANGHAIJinyuan Senior High School – April 2011
  9. 9. ‘Impressions of Shanghai’Students designed T Shirts as part of the Community Day, there was an ‘Environment’ theme. This was one of manyactivities that took place as part of Better Community Better Life which bought people together to think about someimportant issues. The event took place in an area in Putuo near Jinyuan School. It bought together the older andyounger members of the community as well as staff and students at Jinyuan and George Abbot. In addition, MrLi, former Principal of Changzheng Middle School and Mr Tang, Principal of Cao Yang Middle School were present at theBCBL day.Everyone had an active part to play and the day was designed to bring everyone, from different ages andcultures, together through activities and common goals!
  10. 10. George Abbot students made costumes and performed at the BCBL event. There was a quite a spontaneous feel tosome of the improvisations that were performed but that all added to the atmosphere!
  11. 11. Dancing rehearsal beforegoing on the main stage –inviting members of theaudience to join in.There was a friendlyinformal atmosphere andeveryone was prepared tojoin in and try somethingnew!
  12. 12. There was a real ‘community’ feel to the dancing, this was a day for everyone to come together and cultures met!
  13. 13. Tree planting – campaigning for money to improve the environment, and to discuss why itwas important to be involved in this ecological campaign
  14. 14. Old and young people made music together! These two George Abbot students played Ukeleles, and the Jinyuan band alsoperformed for the community. Young people and older members of the community shared their music and their cultures.
  15. 15. Older members of the community taught calligraphy to some ofthe younger members of the community, and to the GeorgeAbbot Students.
  16. 16. Shanghai ‘home’ visits
  17. 17. George Abbot students were made to feel very welcome by their Jinyuan hosts, the‘Home visit’ day was particularly special!
  18. 18. This is an excerpt from one ofseveral articles written byJinyuan students who hostedGeorge Abbot students. Thearticle appeared on the schoolwebsite!
  19. 19. Jinyuan visit to George Abbot2010
  20. 20. Students spent time in school…
  21. 21. Working and relaxing!
  22. 22. And teaching George Abbot students the ‘Fan Dance’
  23. 23. And finally, some sightseeing and relaxing!
  25. 25. Chinese Lantern workshop at Boxgrove Primary School
  26. 26. And Bushy Hill Primary School
  27. 27. Jin Yuan visit byMiss Bennett(2013)Yin Yuan Senior High School School Museum