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Library instruction. basic


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Basic library instruction

Published in: Education
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Library instruction. basic

  1. 1. Basic Library Instruction
  2. 2. Introduction When you are doing research in college, your professors will specify that you use scholarly journals, academic journals or peer-reviewed journals when writing to support your ideas, your papers and projects. This presentation/session will assist you in identifying: 1. Scholarly and Popular Journal Articles 2. Best research practices
  3. 3. What to Look For… Taken from
  4. 4. Popular Articles Popular articles are found in Magazines.They are used to inform and entertain the general public. Examples are:Time, Essence and Ebony
  5. 5. Scholarly Articles Scholarly articles are found in Journals; sometimes referred to as Academic articles or Peer-Reviewed articles.They are written by experts and evaluated by other experts before they are published through a process called peer-review. Examples are: Journal of Folklore Research andTheYale Journal of Criticism
  6. 6. Review Scholarly Article Academic Article Peer-Review Article THREE TERMS = SAME
  7. 7. Newspapers Newspapers articles are not considered scholarly; however, some have a reputation for being more reliable than others
  8. 8. Popular, Scholarly… What’s the difference? Popular Magazine Scholarly Journal Who reads them? Who writes them? What’s in them? What do they look like? What are they good for? scholarly.JPG magazine+billboard+.jpg
  9. 9. Who ReadsThem? Popular Magazines Scholarly Journals General Public Scholars & Experts
  10. 10. Who WritesThem? Popular Magazines Scholarly Journals Reporters, Journalists, Anyone Professionals, Scholars, Experts
  11. 11. What’s inThem? Popular Magazines Scholarly Journals News, Entertainment, General interest articles In-depth Research, Bibliographies, References
  12. 12. What doThey Look Like? Popular Magazines Scholarly Journals Glossy Photos, Advertisements Dense text, Less Advertisements
  13. 13. What areThey Good For? Popular Magazines Scholarly Journals Finding General Information Current Research Findings,
  14. 14. Select Two Characteristics of a Scholarly Article • A. Written by experts/scholars in the field • B. Read by the general public • C. Has bibliographies and references • D. Reports on current events
  15. 15. Internet vs Library’s Database Internet (Google) Quick but not relevant Anyone can publish Questionable authority May take a long time to get quality information Less reliable Databases Less results but relevant Specialize in scholarly sources Quality Information Easy to search Identifiable authority
  16. 16. Evaluating Information on the Web Requires Questioning Is it Good Information? Apply the CRAAP Test! Questions to consider… When was the page last updated? Does the information answer your questions? Is the author an authority on the topic? Is the information supported by evidence? Is the information fact, opinion or propaganda?
  17. 17. Conducting Scholarly Research In some Databases, you can use search limiters to find scholarly journals Others, such as OpposingViewpoints will group results into categories by article type, including academic journals. Limiter Category
  18. 18. Finding a ScholarlyArticle in an EbscoHost Database? There are four steps: 1. Conduct your search. 2. In your results list, click on the title of the article you wish to view. 3. Click on source.The source is name of the journal. 4. Look for peer-reviewed and it should say yes. If it does not say yes, it is not scholarly
  19. 19. Steps 1-3 Step 1-conduct search Step 2-click the title of the article Step 3- click journal title
  20. 20. Final Step 4 Peer-review/ yes or no
  21. 21. Thank You!