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Original Life

  1. 1. Outline 内容• Mission 目标• Aquaponics 鱼菜• OL @Indoor @Roof @Farm纯翠生活@室内@ 屋顶@农场• The Original Life 纯翠生活• Summary 总结
  2. 2. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd,Mission 目标Through Aquaponics Original Life strives to create a deeper impact inour attitude towards food and life.纯翠通过鱼菜共生技术致力于改变人们对于食品和生活的态度和看法。Our mission is simple: We aim to deliver Clean and Affordable Foodto All - that is healthy for the body, as well for the environment.我们的目标很简单:让所有人吃上干净的食品- 对身体健康,对环境有益。3
  3. 3. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd,Aquaponics What? 鱼菜共生 是什么?• A system that combines plants, animals,microbes with air and water as nature hasintended.将植物,动物,微生物以及空气和水结合起来的符合自然的系统• An integrated ecosystem of fish andplants - replicates a living ecosystem withall the functioning biology that nature hastaken millions of years to create.鱼菜的一体生态系统- 复制自然沿用百万年的生态系统的生物功能• Allows fish and plants to grow in harmony.使鱼和菜在一起和谐生长4
  4. 4. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd,Aquaponics Why? 鱼菜共生 位什么?5Conventional Farming 传统农业 Aquaponics Farming 鱼菜共生Uses 90% lesswater少用90%的水2-3 times moreyield. No soilrequired. 高出2-3倍的产量,不需要土壤Grow plants, food& fish in closedloop system 在封闭系统中 植蔬菜和鱼
  5. 5. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd,Aquaponics Why? 鱼菜共生 位什么?6Conventional Farming 传统农业 Aquaponics Farming 鱼菜共生No pesticides*used不需要杀虫剂No emissions*No erosion无排放,无腐蚀* 40% increase in pesticides use in conventionalagriculture in last 30 years过去30年传统农业实用杀虫剂增长40%* 7% of global GHG emissions came from agricultureand soils in 20102010年7%的GHG排放来自于农业和土壤
  6. 6. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd, 7OriginalLife@Indoors@室内• Place at home in children’s room, guest room,bathroom or kitchen在卧室,儿童卧室,卫生间以及厨房摆放• Improve health and productivity改善雇员的健康和工作效率• Demonstrate ‘the power of aquaponics’ to students显示鱼菜共生的好处• Improve concentration & attendance改善注意力和出席率
  7. 7. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd, 8OriginalLife@Roofs@屋顶• reduces urban heat island impact 少都市热岛效应• improves air quality by reducing emissions of pollutants*少污染,改善空气*• reduces energy consumption/ghg emission**少能量消耗/ghg 排放**• creates leisure and recreation space for employees为雇员打造休闲娱乐空间• better employee health & productivity更高的效率,更好的雇员健康* Extensive planting within cities is recognized as a way to improve air quality. Green roofs contribute to reduction of polluting air particles** Reduction of electricity demand cuts down ghg emissions since electricity in China is produced through coal.在城市大面积 植植物是很好的改善空气的方式。所以绿色屋顶不仅仅通过植物来 少空气污染,同时也靠 植容器本身的沉积。因为在中国电力是由煤炭产生的,所以 少电力需求也会 少GHG污染
  8. 8. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd, 9OriginalLife@Farms@农场• focus on production and yield 致力于产出• massive saving of water, faster yield 大量节水,更快产出• growing of crops and fish together 作物和鱼一起种• very low intial infrastructure 初始设备要求低• scaleable and applicable for almost all food cropsand plants 对于几乎所有的作物和植物都是可升级可使用的
  9. 9. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd,The ‘Original Life’ 纯翠生活‘Original Life’ is inspired from the very simple, original life, as it was.Back to the roots. Live, Work, Play with Ease. Lead a Balanced Life.纯翠的灵感来源于简单,原始,返璞归真的生活。和谐的生命包括轻松的生活,工作和娱乐。We believe: “It’s not the years in your life that counts, but the life inyour years.”我们相信 “生命不在于长度,而在于在有限的生命中做了多少事.”We are pursuing a path to contentment through positivity and simplicity.我们通过积极,简单的方式来追求完美和满意。10
  10. 10. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd,Igniting Indigenous Innovation 点燃原始创意Our Vision: 我们的视野:• Fill-in the Resource & Talent Scarcity填补珍贵的资源和才能缺口• Encourage Cross-BorderCollaboration 鼓励跨界合作• Inspire Social Entrepreneurship激发社会创业精神We believe that for innovation to succeed it is essential to work in an open, collaborativemanner with various partners - both for local as well as global good. What’s good forChina is good for the World.我们相信,为了使创新成功,我们需要与不同的外界和作者在 放合作的气氛下工作,不仅是为了本地,也是为了全球。中国好,则对世界也好。11
  11. 11. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd,MissionThrough aquaponics Original Life strives to create a deeperimpact in our attitude towards food and life.Our mission is simple: We aim to deliver Clean and AffordableLiving for All - be it the indoor environment or food.12
  12. 12. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd,Summary 总结Why Original Life?• At Original Life, we are igniting indigenous innovation by working in an open,collaborative manner - encouraging social entrepreneurship, localizingtechnology and maximizing local talent.在纯翠 ,我们在开放合作的环境下点燃原始创意– 激发社会创业精神,科技局部化以及将本地才能最大化。• Through aquaponics, we aim to produce clean, affordable food for all.通过鱼菜共生,我们希望能与自然和谐相处,为所有人生产干净,价格大众的食品。13
  13. 13. © Copyrights Reserved. 2013 Original Life Ltd,Summary 总结Why Aquaponics? 鱼菜共生 位什么?• Gives upto 2-3 times more yield compared to conventional agriculture 与传统农业相比,多产出2-3倍• Agriculture technology of the future - uses 90% less water 未来农业技术-少用90%的水• Grows food as well as fish - close-loop ecosystem 种菜养鱼- 封闭生态系统• Simplest way to significantly improve indoor air quality and humidity 改善室内空气质量和湿度的最简单的方法• As a result, more food, better health and cleaner environment所以,产量高,更健康,环境好。14
  14. 14. www.original-life.coinfo@original-life.co@originallifeltd /OriginalLifeLtdcompany/original-life-ltd @纯翠生活OL