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Handout of basic [i.e., free] Skype features for Hopewell Valley Seniors Connect series

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  1. 1. Skype: Video Phone Conferencing The Next Best Thing to Being There Anna M. Van Scoyoc Hopewell Valley Seniors Connect 2011 May 3 avanscoy@mcl.orgWhat is Skype?Skype a software application which turns your computer into telephone (i.e., it is a Voiceover Internet Protocol(VoIP) service)What can you do with Skype (the free version)?  Skype-to-Skype calls  1-to-1 video calls  Screen sharing  Send files  Conference calls  Instant Messaging  Connect to Facebook News FeedWhat do you need?  Skype software o Free download at  Computer  Internet Connection  Microphone – Internal or plug in  Web Camera – Internal or plug in o For video calls  Speakers – Internal or plug in o Speakers, headphones, or headsetDownloading the Software/Creating an Account 1. Go to 2. Click on “Get Skype” at top of the computer – don’t just hover with your mouse, CLICK it 3. Your browser should automatically interpret which Operating System your using (e.g., Windows, Macintosh, etc.) 4. Click on “Get Skype for [Operating System] – on the right hand side of the screen 5. Click on “Download Skype” 6. If you don’t have an account, you’ll have to create one; Skype accounts require: a. First and last name b. Email address c. Country d. Language e. Skype name f. Skype password 7. Save the SkypeSetup.exe file to your computer 8. Open/Launch the SkypeSetup.exe file from your compute 9. Follow the instructions to install Skype on your computer 10. Skype will be available in your program/applications (e.g., from your “Start Menu” in Windows)
  2. 2. Adding Contacts 1. Log onto the new Skype account. Click on “Contacts” at the very top of the screen (in Skype’s menu bar). Select “Import Contacts” from the dropdown menu. 2. Select an address book (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and type in the user name and password. Skype promises not to hold onto these details. Skype will start looking for contacts automatically in the account you mentioned. 3. Click "Import" Skype will populate a list of all the matching results. Select the those that you would like to connect with using Skype – click "Add Contact.” 4. Type in a quick message to remind your contact of how they know you. Click "Send." Before you can start communicating with anyone, they have to authorize you as a contact. 5. If you want to add an individual user, from the “Contacts” menu, select “Add a Contact,” and enter a Skype name, an email OR the full name of the person for which you’re searching. Checking Your Sound and Video 1. Click on the "Help" menu from the Skype menu across the top of the screen, choose "Welcome Screen,” and click on "Check Sound Works." 2. Click "Speakers" and click the big round green button. If you hear a jingle, your speakers are working with Skype. If not, check your computers audio settings. 3. Click the "Test Microphone" button and say something in the microphone. If the green bar on the testing screen moves, your microphone is working. If not, choose an appropriate microphone from the drop-down menu next to the sound bar. 4. Click on the "Test Video" button, if you have a webcam connected. You should see a live video feed instantaneously; if not, check your video settings. The Call Screen Adjust your volume Mute your sound Turn on/off video Share your screen Access your Open Dial Pad contactsEnd the call Show/Hide Texting Call Duration Add people to your call Text Messages Call Quality Send a File